us marines

Military people

Stat Frosty I end my great writing. This turned out a ….shit.
Stay Frosty in minute 7,35 of the video you can know why,
not even my mothers accepts that. I guess is normal from her perspective.
I did not get those words from this guy, it was another U.S Marine. They did
attach us to these guys and then I said ” I´m fluent in English…literature”
So got the wording from my superiors and from those, it was recon.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Marine corps body bearers

Kind of weird being myself a infantry guy in the Spanish Legión and not having
any tributes which was fine with us. Body bearers? What a name they came out with.
Yet I did live my early life in the U.S I know the wonderfull tribute they pay for
the U.S. More important to the fallen and their families.
(Sorry I bombard with posts, I just don´t know when they will pull out internet and I
thought this was a important reminder for you…all)

Spanish soldiers?

I can distinguish them on the video, not only after the end THAT they speak spanish but just
their attitudeland uniform, body armer, and arms(more). You got the Blackwater there.
The Americans alway have their tribute, I was in that country and the other cool Afghanist,
This is the U.S some kind of compound. U.S everywhere, we….Spanish? Literally according to
my government I was nowhere(and my mother also but that´s fine).
I can go on for more but not to bore, hit it! How in the world did I come up with
the, famous! Ending phrase on my blog posts… “Stay Frosty gents”, now a days I woman
told me to add “gentesses”, I was a translator for the U.S Recon Marines, and with their cool
transmissions, or walky the talky, they monitored enemy activity and will tell you when
and were they at, Talibany! That seargent said it to his guys, so it stuck in my head
apart from other things. Happy New Year, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Profesional U.S marines

I can pull it off…or not, profesional they are, I was, and the “gents” came out
of one of these guys. I exposed myself to be their translator bieng with the Spanish Legión
that most of us spaniards didn´t even know the Spanish language, damn I´m good. So have to
publush and publish I don´t think is rubish. Forgot, the “stay frosty” is because
we were patrolling with these ones, the guy actually said to his other 4 U.S marines
Stay Frosty.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

us not tipical marines-video

I´m done with these videos. I, having been in the Spanish Legión,
having two friend in the US Marines.This is normal for us.

I have plus, my military Friends pissed on me, I was not happy,
so I went to the first one I saw hit him. Guess what? The idiot saved my life
I don´t know how many times. Me, You….you really, we are crazy! In some sorts of way
that is. It is really a part of the brotherhood. I could go on but this one is it
about my and those who experience it, seeee ya later with a cool poem innovater.
And yes, I´m fucking drunk like bitch punk writing and not so much forgetting.
And now they call a kid a bully for whatever….fuck that.

Medal of honour

I did say in one post that if I got bored of me writing the novella,
going to bombard you with posts. Didn´t sound to you like a narcist?
8 a.m watching this guy. I do purpesely do it though,
I served in the Spanish Legión, did two deployments and the rest….
Point I want to make for specially the people in the U.S, we are not
héroes as you call them, we are normal people that talk and walk like you.
We may have some different type of life experiences but we are you
and glad to serve you. I was in the Spanish Legión, two deployments to
“beautiful countries” but these guys took the heavy shit. I did work with them
quite often, and they did safe my life.
Viiiiideo! He´s a fun guy this US Marine with the Medal of Honour,
watch it, now!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.