us marines

I am Charly the great

Damn, it is 7 a.m, I can can can not sleep
so I’m going to kill a sheep
counting sheeps while I sleep
is quite a relief,
what the fuck am I talking about?
Have no idea, no message to send, nothing, just bored out of my fucking mind

I am Einstein!!!… That was a cool quote.

Take a look you bunch of neanderthals type of crook
This is what I was watching, fuck me, and I can relate to that,
but I was never in a position to speak outloud…..military is a dictatorship
you can’t talk even if I had a grand idea as to how we could f them up, nope
dope, mouth shut ass tingly tingly….by the way I am not drunk, and I think
since I’m stopping the drinking the body just does not let me sleep, so here I am
listen to it if you want…. why the hell do I watch this things? Maybe is some
kind of masochism that I like or something, yaaaaaa know! Kind of weirdo!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses…..can somebody tell me joke?

The us marines fight club

I was in the army, and I like to portray these type of people as they are
and make the viewer uncomfortable. Heroes they say, well humans I say,
plus a to tell the truth,who the fuck wants to go into combat?
Maybe you know somebody, but is not natural to want that, yet there are
a small percentage of people that we do want to go. I have no clue why
I watch this videos. I was one of them, you got hit and you hit back
to show that you are not a pussy. Plus at my age I have become a pacifist,
I think…..booo! By the way this is what does happend when you got a bunch of guys
that have been deployed, or not even that, just have a bunch of crazy’s with adrenaline flowing
add some alcohol and you get this, plus no girls as the title was saying.
Hit it.
I might say, that these type of people are the ones that you want next to you when the shit
hits the fan.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The US Marines

And that is the truth, by the way for those who haven´t read me
or see me….you should see me (girls, blond or brunette and be a super model).
I was in the army, Spanish one,
long story why I see this things, a girl once called me a hero
had to put it like that,
so here is the heroes.It´s like all the armies
the guy speaking just told you everything about “heroes”,
what a word.

If you want to see it go to minute 14:28 until 16:29
to see heroes.
By the way it seems today I have internet, comes and goes.
So watch it and give me your comments…aaaaaaaaaa!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

No wonder…(be advised)

I actually bet this guy,not the black
guy but the white Anglo soxaaaaaane,
or just White,
this guy is a U.S Marine, just for
the fact that I do know the terminology
and when the white guy say “fall back”, he
forgot he was in civilian ife. Yet no wonder
I got into fights…
as many as I did, I do know this is not good
for me, cause I would not do that crazy thing
of putting the arms up.
I just reacted in antoher
way and quite violent if someone would piss me
off or thought he was “the man”, like that black
idiot ( I can also call white idiots), actually me
included, so here you go, but it is my “friend” a
U.S Marine kicking this punck ass.
But we are héroes remember?,
Or also human beings.
P.S I´m not drunk……heeeeeha! Just saw a skunk
Stay Frosty gents and gentes.

Holy shit Marine.

This is what happens when you have a yahoo account. I was logging off my email ready to leave the computer a lone to have dinner and suddenly saw this article. Talk about heroes. What most surprised me is that they would actually drill into the Marines what this guy did. And what he said about anybody of the others would do the same, my ass, I was in the military and had two friend in the Marines before I joined the Spanish army. I´ve been where he has been certainly not in that tough area,which is the worst of that fucked up country, and seen what he has seen coming at him but never in my life would a drilled instinct,because it is true you do operate on instinct since you do practice over and over the same things, would kick in. I just run away, jump, and lay down. Talk about self sacrifice for this dude. This is really over the edge, bordering in suicide really. But holy shit Marine.