us military

Military video

The guy with the camera on the helmet…. (generations improve with cameras, or at least
gives you what is, is for good and worse)
This guy, just hearing him talk so calm under intense
firefight even made me calm. You can hear him making his breath down and talking like it was having
coffe with a friend. Staying Frosty- calm cool collected.
Wished we had guys when I served, not even me was that collected and calm.
Another military video me watching is my catching( Had to rhyme, make it short the commentary)

Military rhyming

A lot of pieces goes into this puzzle, so I won´t go there.
Go to minute 16:24, it is not normal for us soldiers to write, our job is to fight.
This kid remembered me of me. I should stop watching this military videos.
But the man is good at writing. Damn, they are young now me being 37 I find these guys young,
I was once a soldier and young. Minute 16.24 if you miss his writting bad on you.

Hear the devil is colling

I hear the devil colling,
I can´t stop the dogs of war
I hear my mother colling
I can´t stop her moulling
I can´t… be 18 and you see this
happened to me, and I´m drunk and stuck in one house,
better to be outside for sure, point
The devil is calling… and tell that(video) to a young por-marine,
I felt for it but in the Spanish way,,,,,, point. Not really I just went for it.
What age am I now? Still got that adrenaline

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

military-medal of honour

If I´m watching these videos you can tell I got money and got a bit drunky.
Have my cigarettes smokey for my head donkey.
And food too, thanks…to father.(That can tell you something about me)

But I can relate to this man, and men he talks about. Not in all senses but
in one sense the essence of being human is to give your life for others
That is the only thing I do know I´m able to do,
It is a group mentality with gravity and with the bad and good,
Now I´m going to eat my food! Actually is not all that of a group mentality, it is part
of it, I think you are born with it. I have to be nuts, justs.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Marine corps body bearers

Kind of weird being myself a infantry guy in the Spanish Legión and not having
any tributes which was fine with us. Body bearers? What a name they came out with.
Yet I did live my early life in the U.S I know the wonderfull tribute they pay for
the U.S. More important to the fallen and their families.
(Sorry I bombard with posts, I just don´t know when they will pull out internet and I
thought this was a important reminder for you…all)

Abort mission!

Always have to keep mome in the head if not I can go this afterwayor do do a dismay….

3.a.m coldn´t sleep
not because of this house situation shit
always after army days
it has been my ways
and by the way I can´t find the great picture of me in army in “add media”
what the fuck are they adding then?
I did put ittle note under the”landlords” door( I actually know who is the true landlord and his son,
crazy Joe I call the son)
It was way before,
just told her the truth:
I´m not going to pay the bills of those who enter “without a key” a.k.a exgirlfriend for the most part,
Never in his Brazilian life (my new cool roomate) is he going to threaten my familly
since I will kill the guy
and hapilly say good by.
See? It even rhymed… woke up to this thought, what have you brought!
Kidding withe the last rhyme 😉
So I said to myself ABORT MISSION is my decisión not only for me…yo be!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,
(Stay Frosty definition- got it from a seargent while serving with him in some place,
we became brothers, with their radios they could monitor enemy activity and my four guys attached
as me the interpreter, this US. Marine Corps seargent had his guy to tell him when we where
going to be attacked, quite scary to say the least knowing a proximity as when you are going
to be shot……Point being! The STAY FROSTY so stay cool, calm and collected and be obviously
prepared to put your skills on the table if necessary)
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

navy seal congressman

I´m just a dummy that probably spelled congressman wrong,
I will throw out that I was in the Spanish Legión, just infantry,
so I can´t nor I want to compare myself to these guys. They scare the shit out of me.
But here goes a little bitty video that I believe I can rationalize.
I did saw quite some videos about these navy seals and one phrase that stuck with me
” I might not know the answer right now, but tomorrow morning I´ll give it to you”.
There is much to the story but lets keep it short. ( No punt intended…. for some)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Going home to see mommy! Help her with her new house,
I´m a child slaver!!

one man army


I’m or was… Rambo, people tell me that I don’t look like me in that picure,
fuck you all, no wonder now I’m 35, I was just a 19 year old in that pic,
handome, I had hair back then, and was build like a brick wall, now I’m
brick wall falling.

So here is my point, I have a strange mental condition, when everything
seems to be fine I fuck up, I actually get mad when I cook and something falls
or is not the right recipe, or stupid shit like that, I go nuts.

The psychologist told me to stop or remembering my time in the army and deployed,
wich fuck her, I want to remember that guy that is now in the sky.
All those three were under my command (won’t say much about how we worked
since it can last like a theses.)

I told the sergeant not to go to the same route that we went in, he, said…..yallow yallow
fucking idiot. So I told these men what the sergeant told me to do, nobody was happy obviously,
and you notice as the air sucked out of your longs, the ringing of the ears, so there I am semi conscious,
trying to work what the fuck I have to do, so got 3 of them out of the VAMTAC wich is basically
the Spanish version of the US army HUmvee, except we had no armored.

And then the firefight started, so I got three guys out in the middle, couldn’t help the other one,
so those three guys fucked up I had to make a radio call for others to assist me. They did.

So here are two things, one that in the civilian life you call them “friends”, really?
have you ever been in fucked up situation and see the so call “friend” stand still or run
off away? I didn’t even like these 4 guys under my command, but hence comes something
different wich is true, “brotherhood”, it’ s our job to accomplish whatever mission that they
tell us and in order to do so you have, you have to depend on the guys around you

Fuck it

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Being in the moment

There is a video below…fuck I just saw some snow, weird.
He couldn’t express as most of people who been there feel.
Except, guess who? ME.
I never felt fear, I went into that thing already thinking I was going to die,
but not my buddies, just me, that gave me strenghth, a bit of a nut case
that the nutcase was in charge of 4 others, my hand never trembled, my
heart was punding for sure, he is right when he says the adrenaline is
quite something can’t even describe it. And I’ll just shut the fuck up,
more because I was going on a date with a nice girl and she cancelled it
and I’m watching this fucked up shit.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.