vietnam veterans-sad

There is a video but too long,take a look at it if you wish.
43 minutes bellow after my statement.

I as a former combat infantry guy can relate to some things of these
people, some things. Bottom line is that mentally they are fucked up.
Obviously not all the people who served in that war.

I even had the mindset of killing me crossed my mind. Also crossed my mind later to go and live like a hermit.

Luckly for me there was one person that I could not let down, but I did,
and it was not all those girls I have been with, not saying that as a
badge of honour, but true.

Point being, I could not kill myself or go into hermit life in the woods and disappear because of why who? Mother.
She is the ¨MAN¨.

It is just sad with these guys.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Glory hounds

I was in the infantry, say combat and did what I had to do-
Point being, the psychologist told me not to see this things,
but apart from the human tragedy I lured that is also the freaking
dogs that sniff that shit My only dog, she is something, and
ever time I see her is relaxing. So maybe this idiots (psychologist)
have a point.
So this is what I´m seeing right now at 12 a.m in the night

And this is what I see tomorrow, which to tell the truth I can´t wait..
and her
All the other veterans out there, this things do work. At least for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

There you go

I have too much time in my hands I think, I can write for
2-4 hours, and the rest of the day…I could do other
things wich really wouldn´t be good ones, I have my issues,
so I stay at home and eventually wind up seeing this.
3 quick things, I love how the idiot hippies are recording
this guy while they are not showing their face, second
I like how the old man tries to make him look good and all
sympathetic and asks the guy wich batallion he was in,
and have to love the response of the other one, wich is basically
I don´t give a shit where you were I was here in “X” batallion
or whatever you Americans call the specific units, and third
I hate these fuckers, being from Spain these hippies communist
I can´t tell you the times we got in fights with these idiots
just because of wearing the Spanish uniform, wich didnt
end up too good for them I should add. Fuck them,
Any comments plese call 911.

Veterans day my way

Do the Americans say “happy veterans day”. I think I remember it from when I was back in the U.S some quite a long time ago now. What´s happy about it I don´t know. Anyways, there is American saying that stuck with me( not really I wrote it down in my cool little note bo0k)  that I´m going to completely modify ” Mourn the dead,  remember them thank God that they once lived and move on”. There is already quite a few thousands and thousands of direct or indirect family members who mourn every single day, just not only one day of the year. Is that what people do mourn….I thought they made it a vacation most of the time most of the people.

So I went to youtube, forgot, I also was in the army except my army had a slightly different uniform and had a Spanish flag on the left arm. Hard to believe coming from me I know, when and if, people find out I was in the Legion and deployed they actually look at me amazed. But that was my reality at a younger version of myself, quite different by the way, been to combat seen it done it, smelled it, felt it, and not going on to describe those things since I found it pointless to do so to people that never experience it.

This youtube video, hell, you can find anything on youtube, probably type out my name or yours and find me. I don´t really watch combat videos or firefight videos, I know the terminology now to find them, don´t watch them because they bore me.  Yesterday I started seeing one then I stopped. And read the comments. Couldn´t believe the people, people with no idea of what it is like  they have now become Generals saying this guys should have not fired so much or this guy should be here and not there….what the F…ck?

So for me, since I´m tired of mourning(lost 3 of my guys there) i found a funny video of the  British soldiers.Not all veterans are Americans, they actually have it quite better than the rest of us, and I´m glad they do.  Won´t go bore you why. And yes those type of strange conversation specially I like the one at minute 2.14 do happen when there is a lull in the firefight. I can go on forever at the screwed up things we would say in the lull of a firefight or after or during. Completely absurd now that I think back, yet again when your surrounded my so much shit around you, you better have a sense of humour, tends to keep morale up. So here it goes the video, actually had to chuckle at some of the guys, good memories they brought. Because it was all about that, the guys next to you. And remember the quote…… if you want.


British Soldiers and Royal Marines in Afghanistan – Funny – YouTube

Happy 238 birthday America!

” The second of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games,sports,guns,bells,bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” John Adams to his wife Abigal.


The reason he said second day was that it was on that day that congress passed the resolution and finally approving it on the fourth. It was also John Adams who pushed for the declaration of independence adopted by congress on the 4th of July making the 13 colonies still at war with the Brit´s, making them sovereign States part of a United States of America. And in it saying ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

Where do you get these people with so much foresight at that time? Quite incredible.

I do know American history and politics and  for those out there, specially Americans who aren´t proud of their country you people are nuts. I know the men who wrote this had slaves, and all the history. But I´m not going to get into that. These people having laid those foundations at the same time without knowing it made desegregation possible without them even knowing it. The U.S is not perfect, but look, we Spaniards had our little Inquisition when we wiped out half of the earths population trying to convert them to Christainity. Then up to 1975 Spain was under a dictatorship, and after that nut job died in came the socialist nut jobs which have let us completely ruined. Each country has it´s history, history is mad up of humans and humans are imperfect.  Having said this, and having been myself in France, Germany, Sweeden, Italy, and two screwed up countries in the middle east, but that was not part of a vacation though. Anyways, having seen how other countries operate first hand and then having lived myself in the U.S for half of my life after every school in Spain had banned me from entering, I was quite a rebel, still am. I got to the U.S, worked my tail off and got a scholarship for Literature. Go figure a Spanish guy studying English Literature. And then in college working two jobs while studying. I did screwed up at the end of 1 and a half years of university by my poor judgement but if I had been consistent, focus and hardworking probably I would still be in the U.S and then who know what my life would have been. But only, only in the U.S was I able to first realise my full potential and second have the tools to achieve it. Hard work as hell, two jobs and maintaining a GDP of 3.5 in 6-8 classes, can´t remember now exactly. And I might add it was quite a prestigious university in the “Communist Republic of California” (haha, I´m giggling, I coined that name, even my lefty friends got pissed off, but they forgot about that when we went partying though, they actually forgot a lot of things when we went partying….).

By the way, anyone want´s to argue why the U.S  is not the best country in the world with me? Good. I´m a damn good debater. Try to make the case in a philosophy class why going to war is morally correct and killing civilians in war is not wrong. Doing so by taking 3 philosophies by 3 phylosophers and arguing your case with those different philosophies as your basis and then getting an A by my lefty professor(We didn´t agree in politics but he was a damn good teacher and person and honest and kept encouraging me although I knew he didn´t agree with my politics since I came from a socialist country). It was too easy for me to argue yes war is bad and killing civilians is unjustified. I know after that class and me going into the Spanish army that war is ugly to say the least, but in a “intellectual” institution I stayed with those philosophies and turned them around. Did I believe it or not that´s another thing, but you try to argue with me and if I´m in the mood and interested chances that you come on top are slim. I sound like a dickhead, I like that.

And only, only in the U.S did an idiot like me had more chances of achieving what I did up until I was thrown out of course, but only in the U.S could somebody see my potential and gave me the tools for me and only me to grab them and use them to develop myself. I lost the tools I know, but they where there where in the other countries I lived in those tools that mindset is not there. And that is why I call some of these countries a parasite society.

And all that American achievements, it´s only due to one specific group of people. Only in that society, poets, writers, scientist, gay rights people, vegetarian people, left right extreme left and extreme right, you name any other job and any other ideology in the U.S and they are free to exercise it due to the specific group of people, a small number of them that for different reasons have joined and upheld an oath to protect the U.S from any enemies foreign or domestic. Young men and women for the most part from all walks of life,to be honest most of them are not rich, and I´ve worked with several people and from several countries that joined their own military. So there went the word, you don´t have protection or a deterrent by force by people who will  do violence in your behalf, you will not be able to have  in the way you as an individual want to have those types of professions. Meaning, to sound redundant, that whatever you think of the U.S you can enter any profession you want if you work hard and achieve success measured on your own base and still have the free speech to bash your own country. And that is only thank´s to a small percentage of the population. The Military. You should feel proud and lucky, I would go over there in the blink of an eye if I had a second chance.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.