antifa video-comment

Here in Spain is normal for us to see not only the communinst but terrorist….where?
In the Spanish congress.
These are the love hearted people. Forgot, we also have in a congress a women that
was voted in there for their platform of ” not killing pigs”….got figure that one out,
so I´m sure she´s a vegetarian. I will throw this out, have any one of those idiots
have been to war and suffered and really suffered? NO. Have one of those idots been homeless?
NO. I have. They are sleeping in their parents house or university bedrooms paid by their parents.
What the fuck are they protesting about?
And with a great deal of anger I should add and unless your completely blind you can see it.
Bunch of rich kid punks for me. Come to my town bitches lets see how you survive here.
There also qute dangerous. I would shoot them, I don´t know how the police show so much restrain.
I did had restrain in the army,but in civilian life…no.
Another one, all these guys from the US to Spain, they have their great chants that… rhyme!
I should go talk to them about poetry rhyming. Or maybe just smack the shit out of how many I
can take.
And obviously they are always morally right, maybe in my eyes I¨m the weird one, when they
chant racist and all their bullshit, they go and hit phisically an Asian dude, the guy holding
the camera.
This was cathartic to say. Video of these nutcases, very well organized I can tell you that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Jeeeesus F….king christ

Out we go with……well, now for me it seems like a bang. Out off here, see how mommy is doing,
better be alright, na, she is the one who tells me ¨no crying, no bullshit, be a man!¨.
Go figure in todays politically correctness, fuck… I have to sue for millions my evil mother.
Just fucking do your duty as a man.
It ended up with a nice song,….hummm, fucking song, but it suit the theme…not really sure.
If someone reads this shit and hears the cool over cool song, yep, I did serve in the Spanish Infantry.
But I´m half American though.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Will smith

I know they are these corny videos I watch, but it does give me some ideas
to write, and also it’s just knowledge. Other people
may not need it, and actually I myself really don’t need it since I have
been in certain situations that I had no internet to get myself up…..
Which is kind of weird if you need internet to get your self up.
But now that I have internet…….I hear this things, I do know is
a bit too long like this comment, but one can learn one or two things out
of it. At least me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Holy shit with the jew

I just think, but do not say it out loud what this man says,
by the way I was talking with fellow blogger that happens to be a Jew
and I said to him… yo dumb?…. I have never seen or heard a dumb Jew, and if they are their
population will probably throw them in some kind of nutjob prison so they will
never are revealed…..that is a joke in my family.

Ayways this nut job, that is me, did have a scholarship to go on a brief sting into
the university, so I was not all that dumb,
specially after arguing 3 philosophers and three of their methods why was
killing civilians in a war environment the right thing to do. The easy thing, as
all the other 20 plus students was that it was not O.K, so my argument based on those
three philosophers and their methods was it was O.K, you had to see the faces in the class…
But the guy, teacher, was a good one, good guy, not really,
but a person that is willing to show a solid argument even if it was not the popular one but this man had the guts
to give me his take on it. An A minus.
So as this Jew says in the video….emotions are, and i don’t give a shit about emotions, I like facts.
Anyways, if you have the time listen to this Jew he is quite one of the smartes guys in the room.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Trump is from the…hood.

These guys are no idiots,nor came from riches, if you get to were they at, you
have to be doing something right. They actually say what quite a lot of people
say in their living rooms when they are not in public. And it takes guts to do
so. So is….. gangsta Trump!
By the way all comments, since I know it’s a touchy subject, will be answered.
So please comment….or not.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.