vietnam war

vietnam veterans-sad

There is a video but too long,take a look at it if you wish.
43 minutes bellow after my statement.

I as a former combat infantry guy can relate to some things of these
people, some things. Bottom line is that mentally they are fucked up.
Obviously not all the people who served in that war.

I even had the mindset of killing me crossed my mind. Also crossed my mind later to go and live like a hermit.

Luckly for me there was one person that I could not let down, but I did,
and it was not all those girls I have been with, not saying that as a
badge of honour, but true.

Point being, I could not kill myself or go into hermit life in the woods and disappear because of why who? Mother.
She is the ¨MAN¨.

It is just sad with these guys.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The boots are made for walking

Sorry Vietnam vets I went to afghan.. something like shit.
And first Irak quick.
You certainly had it worse than me, but now we are in the age
of the internet, hell,i can look anything in internet
but do remember
this thing, you have problems…well,I also did like the rest of us,
so better get out of bed with a fucking smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.