I´m going serious(violence against women)

My great “ex-girfirend”, according to her words in my fathers Facebook,
she did proclaim it pretty outloud being my ·girlfriend”, plus trying to screw me in social media,
it is out there. I have nothing to hide for better or worst.
She is not the only one.
I do take it serious, yet again might laugh at it.

Simple reason to take it as a joke is because I know who I am and have done the right things.
(Not always obviously but certainly nothing of what she accuses me)

Now she sends me messages to the phone telling me that this post or that other post
or whatever other social media plus the phone… she seems like a hacker really,
the last messages was about, let me remind me… “I will fuck you up”, her words.

Spain is the only country in the E.U that built courts for “Violencia Machista”.
In English it is “violence against women”, I think is great actually, but some
women will use it to hurt you.

I am not the only one by the way.

If this person thinks that my posts in wordpress is about her, NO is the answer.
I just write crazy things in my creative mind.
She and more, will read this…. so what did I do wrong then?
Fuck you pieces of shit, I´m doing what I´m doing, you do what you do.
Not productive in my mind to wake up and think how in her or others world could add into yourself,
screw people up.

It is not in my brain, I prefer to wake up and see how I can improve myself
and that is my creativity in writing.

That is my testimony in public and the truth.

Now, she seems she wants to scare me so fuck that. Bring on the justice if there left some here in Spain.
But knowing a little, might as well put it in public just in case.

— Eagle Canyon Flyer

Had me laughing and it is true. What a pussy societry we have become. (did I say that outloud?)

My Cousin Elmo says, “Parents are afraid to discipline their kids anymore, meanwhile I can still recall my mom slapping the ‘factory reset’ outta me for acting up.”

via — Eagle Canyon Flyer

the real marines

I did buy the book ” Generation Kill”, maybe i felt related somewhat
my job was tough but no jumping out of airplaines, deep reconnaisaince
and these crazt things
these guys do, we do have soething in common though, you do know what it feels war
and specially a firefight, but these guys are really on top.

Yep, you know if I put this shit is caaaaasue of drunkness…. going know to hit it.
A guy that is, just smack the shit out of him.


Peace is the only way for the understanding of man kind,
it’s a mutual accord if humanity can afford….but no,
is not how this life go,in my country Spain there is a lot
of turmoil now wich the Catalans, people showing pictures
of the police charging the violent manifestators wich they
are the puppets of their creators, liers and manipulators Peace…..
there was half of the other part of Catalonia that finally
manifested themselves in huge numbers in favour of keep
being part of Spain, “silent minority”, why so late did they
go to the streets in favour of staying as part of Spain, because
of their pain, and fear, they live there in fear,there was numerous
incidents after the manifestation that people wearing the Spanish flag
got attacked, neighbours pointing fingers at other neighbours, they
are the majority but are silence by a violent minority the Catalans are
divided, but you can’t talk peace with those who violate
a countries laws and are violent themselves, you talk peace through
strength get the army out and put them in their dumb shelf’s.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Just a Street fight

So, yo
after staying all day in the house
i thought to take a stroll
but here it goes, and i am sober
just taking a stroll with no doll
so i should change that,with a little swat
so walking around and is a small town
so here you have the “latin kings” and a
bunch of fucking Moroccans, so here is the
story and it was scary? No.
I went down the house to see a bunch of
fucking latins shit faces and the guy did say
something “good” about my mother, so there goes
my punch, fuck the little bitch, he deserved more
i could score with something else but that is the town
i walk and own. Why i own, i don´t own nothing
just pointing, that nobody is going to tell me where to walk
they do, they the fucking south americans wich here in
a degraded matter we just call them “Sudacas” fuck the bithches,
not going to tell me in my country where i can walk
so he did spill a bit of snot, am i proud of it? Not really
is just another one, but did he deserve it, you bet plus i
was outnumbered by 8 at least, seems one guy knew me and pulled me
off, so now i just write it out to scout, just rhymed, so fuck
the southamericans, do not come to my country and be King
i am no bitch to fool around, i have been shot,stabbed and neglected
so fuck them the fucking bithches live better than us the Spanish.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Another good prompt by

There was a loud knock on the door which jolted Billy from his bed. It had been a long and frightening
four day horse back ride acroos the wide open pastures of Wyoming until he had
reach the shack. Green pasture that now were drenched in blood.
He was the only only one of his gang to be alive.

He quickly got up from the bed and grabbed his gun and the rifle that was laying on
the wooden chair.

“Open up Billy, and come out with your hands up!” A booming voice came crushing through the

He knew that voice. His hands started to sweat, his heart was pounding hard in his ear
and his mouth was dry. But he managed to pull all his strenght and yell back, ” come and get me Wyatt!”

A barrage of gun fire is what came through the wood of the shed, later on they checked it out and
and there where fifty holes in the wood.The man ouside after a couple of minutes started to move
from behind the trees.

The next day, newspaper headlines accross the country read “Wyatt Earp kills Billy the kid.”

Justice Lady

I was going to write some fancy thing
with words that will make you think of the “bling bling”
but screw it,
just got notification
with quite the allegation
to present myself
in the justice system shelf
on March of the year 2016 at 11:20 a.m
to go and see the Justice mam
for something that happened 6 years ago
which was a failed attempted robbery of a liquor store
which seems I was so drunk I wanted to score
so 6 years later, when everything is going fine
then you have to pay your dime
probably no jail time I think but still it does stink
leaves you thinking for a year what the hell is going to happen
but to me, fuck it, I did screw up so not but, just suck it up
going now to A.A so I don´t end up homeless and in those positions of stealing
so after whatever you do in your past it will eventually come at you with feeling.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Teacher ends fight like a boss

I don´t care what colour of skin you are, but this guy and I have no clue how I ended up with that video since I was searching for teaching videos about writing, anyways this teacher makes even me want to become a teacher.

Wan´t to get cute little A holes? Be gangsta? Don´t go to his class then.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Mr. Patton…where is your head?(intelectual!!)

The great American stand up comedian, actor, writer, Patton Oswalt once said ” So when you spot violence or bigotry, or intolerance of fear or just garden variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think the good will always outnumber you, and we will always win.” Great quote, I´m going to deconstruct  it just for the sake of it.

The premise is that good will always win over “evil”.  The premise is…fucked up.

You spot violence, yes just look the other way. Tell the perpetrator who is committing an act of violence towards another person or towards you…”Hey idiot, the good will always outnumber you and we will always win!” You have to say it with energy for the violent person to stop though. What are we in the world of Alice in wonderland. In my mind that´s being a coward, you see a violent person hurting some other person,(it all depends on the situation if two gangsters are going at it, good for them or two drunks) but if I see a man hitting a woman, a man being robbed by another man, a woman being rapped, and you do not do anything….you´re a coward in my mind. Not saying that you have to get involved physically with the violent man,(I would but I´m a bit nuts) but you can scream at him, and maybe some  passerby will come to the rescue, dial 911, there are options that don´t require you to just sit put and hope that suddenly this guy will stop for the grace of God.

Next bigotry, according to Merrian-Webster(the cool dictionary online) is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, et.c. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group such as a racial or religious group….. O.K, that´s freedom of speech, may like it or not. The irony is that where it most happens is in a democracy. Yep, and my guess is that in a totalitarian country if you say something that is against the status quo you´re head is chopped off of you go to jail. Tell the Mullas in Iran, “Allah sucks I don´t like him” That would be bigotry then since I can´t tolerate that religion. Then the Mullas say “akjakjdkajfkalj chop off head!!!” And then there is no bigotry anymore, since other´s will probably think twice before opening their mouth. So in this case being able to be a bigot I will argue is not all that bad, because that means you are living in a free country. You can then respond or ignore the bigot, but at least you are free to choose. So  the word “good” is irrelevant in this case.

Intolerance of fear, this is basically the same as bigotry both have the common thread of intolerance, and when Mr.Patton says “the good will always prevail” it seems to me idiotic. Again I´ll revert myself to the argument I made for bigotry, except with the added value that this intolerance is not unlawful like in dictatorships, and like it or not, someone or better said quite a lot of someone´s will always be intolerant. So that´s not all that bad considering you can only be intolerant in a lawful way in a democracy in a free country. Or do you prefer the intolerance of some countries like for example India comes to mind, where women are treated let´s say not as good as they would be treated in the U.S, by the culture at large and with the wink wink of the government. If not they would pass serious laws giving women more protection and freedom and not having to be so submissive under the males or the gang rapes that seem to be their national sports game over there. So yet again the “good will always win” I find it stupid, if you want the good to win then you have to impose some kind of laws that are going to infringe in the freedom of speech, and in a democracy there are a lot of people with different ideas who think differently and don´t tolerate certain things from others. But at least you are free to say so. I can say “I love meat” And an extremist PETA nut job will jump at me calling me animal killer and say that I´m the worst of the worst. O.k, fine. Try to do that with another argument in some totalitarian country, seems to me is not going to go very well.

Misogyny , hatred of women or consider them less than man. Again is a belief some people have, personally I don´t know them but there they are. And again women can fight back in a democracy. And if you wan´t to argue about women making 75 cents a dollar compared to man, I can argue a good why of that. But lookDownloadedFile-4 this only happens again in democracies. Don´t think they are doing all that bad. For crying out loud most of the jobs I had, except my time in the army where women who wipped my ass every time I screwed up, they where in higher level positions. And I did like it by the way, hummmmm.

Hatred, ignorance, I guess that when he uses these two words he is reffering that ignorance tends to lead to hatred. Which I find it not to be true, there are plenty of smart educated people who are quite hateful. So one thing does not correlate with the other therefore the part of “good will always win” is completely irrelevant.

Summing it up, life is not fair, we do not live in the twilight zone nor in Alice in wonderland world. So just deal with it, and be accepting of what you got, because like it or not here I am blogging, writing about it without the threat of death as could very well happen in some other not so free countries. And I know those countries first hand I should add. Not fun living that way.

So what kind of quote did this genious said. Sounds great when you first listen to it as when they gave it to me, and after thinking for just a half a second I thought Mr.Patton, where is your head? Probably in the twilight zone.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Can they legalise murder, please.

DownloadedFile-1 Can you imagine if they legalised murder…..that would be great.

I have a theory.

People will be much more happier when they legalise murder.

You´re walking down the street and you see a woman getting robbed….just take your gun and blow the bastard away. She´ll feel much better.

You´re walking around and you see a woman being sexually violated…again take out your gun and blow the idiot away. She´ll be happy happy.

You´re next door neighbour is pissing you off with his stupid dogs barking at the wee hours of the morning, just kill the dogs and the owner. You´ll regain your sleeping habits and be a much more productive person instead of waking up all groggy and with no strength.

Your spouse is giving you a hard time….just kill her or him. Why go through the hassles of divorce when you can just get rid of them in a fast manner.

Your crazy ex girlfriend, talking about myself now, is still calling you after more than a year…..kill her. I would be making her a favour since that way she won´t have to spend so much money on  the cell phone.

You have sex with a girl and she says she got pregnant because of you….just kill her. You´d be making her a favour since she would be living latter on a miserable life with a kid she didn´t want to have with that father. And you also would be making the kid a favour. Who wants to be born as a bastard? Nobody. Win win situation.

You go to the bank to get a loan and the guy denies it, just strangle him to death in the middle of the bank. I´m sure that by doing so the other tellers in the bank will think twice when you finish killing this guy and then go ask for a loan to another guy.

Your having sex and the girl complains about your sex magic…shoot her dead. The next one will probably tell you how great you are.

Your parents are giving you a hard time because they say you don´t perform well in school….you know what to do kids. Just kill them. You´ll be rid of that annoying voice of your mother telling you that you are grounded and you can play the Xbox or whatever they play now a days for the rest of your days.

You don´t like your president…..rub him off then! They´ll put another one that does what you want.

People will feel so much better, and the families of the dead people then they will kill you and then they will heal their hearts. I just don´t know why they don´t legalise murder.

Just a random thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.