Walter Whitman

Appreciation for writing

Damn, this free Edex Unviersity online said that for each class it would only take 3 hours a week….I spend the whole afternoon that is 5 hours learning what is enjambment, rhythm, repetition, apostrophe, alliteration,imagery, sound, metaphor, anaphora and all to learn about the writings of the great poet Walter Whitman which is what the course is about, about that guy and he uses those techniques so first I had to learn what the hell was those words.  And I´m freaking exhausted, so much technical things. But guess what, I´m the black sheep of poetry(ha, that should be a metaphor since one I´m not black and then I´m not a sheep). No, I was going to say that  the 5 hours have passed too quickly but I had to take a rest, it was exhausting. First to know what all those terms meant and then dissecting the poems pointing out where was each term or what he meant by this or that. Anyways, gaining even much more respect not only for poetry but for all the writers out there that have mastered these basic things that for me are something out of Mars. And damn cool it was to be back studying, although from home but back at school. By the way the class is taught by a professor from Harvard, so now I can say I have been in Harvard. It´s not a complete lie so it should fly.

Anyways, quite an exciting first day of class and I don´t even have classmates to argue with!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.