war against woman

4 a.m thought

It´s almost four in the m and just woke up, happens to me, can´t sleep
so for those women out there my recomendation is to not take me as another sheep,
and akafdjkfajkd, bleep.
So obviously I woke up saw the computer that still works, quite the miracle, and these
different thoughts bombard my brain. Of course I felt the need to share it. Human nature.
I can go into the psychology of it….na.
The Priest and the Psychologist, that´s the name of my novel, you heard!!!! But, I don´t
know to put first the Psychologist and then the Priest…
The othehr is that I live with two very beautiful women, I can handle it though,
but it is a pain in the ass….. not really for me, that is the weird thing, it should be
weird with women right? Hey guys, wake up and give a shout or just round about.
I know them ( yes YOU monster women), not everything I´m certainly not the smartest guy in the room,
but I do know what I am not, hence I know what I am, I can do e.t.c. So I just figured to be myself
with these two hotties, no flirting and that pisses them off, just me-read-write-once in a while I´ll
talk with one of these two laaaaadies! and back to my thing. Just be me, it seems it pisses them off
though. Yes, you are hot and I should be flirting with you no? Not in this case, which for me is rare..
but i do know one thing, I´m living with them day in day out and even though I did fuck one, the better
thing is to keep to myself and appear when I think is necessary.

4. 17 finished thought. Hey men! Wake up.

Just a weird thought……. Hey men! Fucking wake up. It´s already 4 a.m.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The time I held you in my arms

The sunset above
birds singing
you smiling
and me holding you in my arms
looking, at your truthful eyes…
i felt the pain in my heart
looking down
i saw the knife
stuck in my heart
and suddenly everything went black
when i came to
you where burning me alive
i asked you, why?
and you just waved good by
and walked away with my insurance and my best friend Sly.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Anti-feminism + anti-Communism

Feminism in two thousand sixteen
is the new found word for undercover terrorism
by hijacking individual woman
not letting them be their own spokeswoman
is much better to be protected by this self proclaimed policewoman…
hijacking the word equality
for their distorted reality-
equality amongst men?
i can´t see that wild hen
equality amongst women?
i don´t trust a communist cuban

so here it goes as it flows

Cuba, socialist communist
have something of a feminist,
were people are all bunch up
in a group
for a “greater” good
grouping individuals
making them robotic residuals
not letting them exploit their full potentials

Terrorism feminism
wanting women all in the same group
making me get a napkin and scoop
their holy war against evil men driven society
for their own decomposed reality

Each individual
brings something to the table
regardless of gender
if they can´t do it they should surrender
some can brin a Clark Gable
others a jumper cable

The true treasure
that we should measure
is individuality
which truly is the ultimate form of fair share equality.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.