A game on inches

No ladies no! Not talking about penis inches
in miltary you can train for war for months, years,the best at a specific job
yet get killed, that bullet will get you in the wrong form
that is the norm
i actually call it an efficent syringe, yes.
Game of inches.

Combat is creativity

Never thought it in that way, until
listening this podcast of a Navy Seal (Jocko Willink is his name),
The prhase that stook with me is the title “combat is creativity”
a lot of gravity,
thinking it now, before I would not think about nothing, some things once in a while, but
mostly this is your job you have to perform you trained months and even for others years
to put all that training into real life situations, and guess what, yes you do have to
improvise as the situations unfold, so combat is creativity. No wonder I found writing my new reality.

Smell of fresh blood

This is how I motivitate myself….
I do remember once talking in wordpress to fellow woman in the military,
I told her that I remembered the smell of blood,
She said the smell of rotten bodies she remembered,
yes, but first came to my mind was that weird sense of blood
Point being, cut your hand and smell it. Just kidding.
I did have a call from some of the army days friends,
so I´m not the only crazy that remembers that, specially
if you fall flat and keep it on you for days. No time to wash it off,
just keep going. Plus there where no supplies.

End Story, Corona Corona lock duwn, but still a lot to do.
Like cleaning my fucking room, this looks like a dumspster.
Get my act together here, good news mother good to go for today,
got a call from these army guys, and what else…. read ya´ll later you innovator-s.

Carl von Clausewitz

Paraphrasing here as the great philosopher I am,
“You can talk anybody to march into war, but once you see the bodies
torned to pieces or get shot, the true answer to the question of
lets go back? Individuals have to dig deep inside them”

Forget about my army days, or yours, it does apply to anything in life.

I should get paid for this shit, I´ll monetize it one way or another to
my advantage obviously. Or die trying for sure.

Military video

The guy with the camera on the helmet…. (generations improve with cameras, or at least
gives you what is, is for good and worse)
This guy, just hearing him talk so calm under intense
firefight even made me calm. You can hear him making his breath down and talking like it was having
coffe with a friend. Staying Frosty- calm cool collected.
Wished we had guys when I served, not even me was that collected and calm.
Another military video me watching is my catching( Had to rhyme, make it short the commentary)

Military rhyming

A lot of pieces goes into this puzzle, so I won´t go there.
Go to minute 16:24, it is not normal for us soldiers to write, our job is to fight.
This kid remembered me of me. I should stop watching this military videos.
But the man is good at writing. Damn, they are young now me being 37 I find these guys young,
I was once a soldier and young. Minute 16.24 if you miss his writting bad on you.

Being a soldier

Before the internet goes out, by some sort of magically,
I will be silly.

How many stories are there to count?
Quite the amount.

Firs, basic training and if it was not for this Nazy guy, literally a nazy,
but he did give this speach to our platoon and my guess it was designed for me.

Once you aee that they have it, plus people help you, in this case was a Nazi, good guy,
he saw in me some potential, so there we go. Although with hime or otthers that posted
in the “room” teh Cheke Vara vlag, I won´t go out and have a beer with them,
but if they were doing the job, it is what is counts. Quite a job by the way, and I was old.
I was 19, these guys where 18, and older guys that is 25 or something they where old.