Message-no to war

It seems an easy message,
NO TO WAR, who is going to say yes?
Not going much into this so not to bore you, but
if you control the message it will be mostly your outcome that come.

See? That was throughly thought in my mind.
You control the message, the words obviously are the key,
yooooo – be
you are on top Charly….I´m the narly

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


The route

I´m watching too much military shit,
the video it says it was done in 2012,
I was there in 2005, but no reporters it was ” hush hush”,
very much so. We weren´t able to call home and our living quarters…
Jesus, these guys have the Trump hotel. 4.46 a.m, In Spain,
hot as shit here, worst in Afghanishit, but I was young then, had more hair,
in the head and balls. Funny I stubled upon this video. The exact same road….
and they are still working on it. That is progress….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Prompt by

I´m good at stream of consciousness, I just mind scream and let me begin,
Hero? I make fun of the army days if not I would be walking in some kind of dissmase,
where the fuck WordPress put the prooffread,prooff!! Kind of weird, I have to put more time
on this writing thing.
Hey!Army days, look at that photo of a hero so you are a zero.
I think I wrote it yesterday, but it is today another day.
I was a soldier first class, they upgraded me to Corporal in Afghanistan,
that place is a chant.
So in charge of 4 other guys, my guys. Love them.

I shot 3 guys, don´t know if I killed them or the other crazy´s under me finished them, I like that, Under, Under,
quite a responsibility really,taking care of my 4 crazies, and they for me, so we killed 3 idiots,
we had no body bags so the great military imagination of my lieutenant, which never went with us in a patrol,
he said put them in the car, we had a convoy of 5 VAMTACS( a shitty Spanish car trying to be a HUMBVEE)
So now I got 4 people in my car, my soldiers, plus two dead guests, the idiots we shot, so there we are,
staring at each other, staring at the dead idiots,pissed off, the heat is tremendous, the smell is great,
and we just started laughing, if you can´t find humour in those dramatic situations you are static, fucking
dead idiot I think he was still laughing, quite creepy really, but not un-really The liutenant,this guy…
You put two dead terrorist in my car, it was my car, and where did the other one go?
I wasn´t in good terms with him so he perpoussly put two fucking dead bodies, with their faces contorted,
smelling shit, he did that on purpose is my believe. But we had a laugh, sounds weird?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

stupid son of a bitch

Here it goes, army days
not for you that is sure,
3 I killed that afternoon,
where we put them? My grand liutenat thought….
just in the car, I´m looking at these dead bodies, was great.
Who was the superior, in effect inferior,
to put the 2 dead bodies in my command veihcle, great idea.
Now I´m able to buy in Ikea.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Proud to be spanish

I promise I´ll catch up with you guys hopefully tomorrow when I can use my
own computer. Plus write some poetry for everybody to be amazed, with haze….
Long story short about the video, we have in Spain one región which is catalonia,
were half of the population wants Independence and made an ilegal referéndum to accomplish it
and the other half of the catalonians live in fear
of the independist except when we show up in some kind of forcé there, this was catalonia, look at all the people now that feel safe. We didn´t sen´t the military, imagine if in the U.S one State
would say, ¨ I´m ouutta here¨ we only send the National pólice and the Civil Guard,
which basically started as a paramilitary forcé, they are now a pólice forcé.

d day

I usually write crazy dummy things.
I can´t now, it is not only for americans but for all the world,
if those kids, now that I´m 36 I consider them kids. I served, been in
two counries in vacation paid from the Spanish State, I know something.
I also know that if those kids didn´t do their job, I would probably
be speaking German with a bad accent and saluting to some nazi.
Not kidding, God bless the U.S.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

battle of the minds(100000,sorry. 1,oo! 8 two words)

I did in my early years study in San Francisco, which we Spaniards conquered.
Anyways the point is, philoshophy, I did argue in
that class after studying 3 philosophers with their 3 great philosphies
(no proofread so my guess there´s just one grammatical error), that war was
good and killing civilians was necessary. Did I believe that at that time?
Up to you, you yes you and you,no ……. Obviously all the students said it was terrible,
to me it was boring to argue that, so with this 3 great phylosopehers and 3 great phylosphies,
I argued war was good and killing civilians was not good but necessary. Complex argument, so
not to bore you…..debate me! I´m fucking bored, today I read, wrote the novel that not even my mother
is going to read, so debate me!!!!! Get some adrenaline out of me or I´ll just punch one of this idiot
selling drugs marrocans I have right now outside my window.
Just a weird thought that came to mind, and of course I had to share it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.