7 rules of war

Spanish version!
by the way fuck that virus, this guy from my hometown of MIT….. I think he was there,
maybe he lied, anyways fuck the virus just gonnna type.

7 rules war.

1-strong>1- Young soldiers die
2- You can’t change rule number one
3- Someone must die first
4- You are dying hororably, and I do believe that in some sense,
after all you did volunteer and did it for the others around you.
5- Is not easy
6-Fuck it, we wanted that, not the outcome but the experience.

7- you don’t love each other,at least not all, but you have respect and a bond like never

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Dogs of war

So yes, you got me here, since I discovered this YouTube thing, is quite nice really,
I can watch all kinds of things, also literature videos too.
So yes, you got me, I was watching a documentary called ” glory hounds”
wich was quite interesting how these guys treat their dogs, didn’t happen in
the Spanish army I can guarantee that.

The dog of my mother….well she is a pain in the neck,
and she actually eats your toes and guess what, the walls!

So she is not a dog of war, but when I’m around her I actually feel good.

The saying goes Dogs never lie about love

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Sir! we are surrounded

Sir we are surrounded the scared soldier said. The General looked deep in the kids eyes and said
” good, then we don’t have to look for them”

So I wrote a post before, that I was actually talking about me.

worrying won’t stop the bad things from happening,
it will only prevent you from enjoying the good stuff

Just two sentences. That post, and that is true to all aspects of life really.

So getting to the point to not bore people, I live in a very small town full
of MUSLIM marrocans, and they just sell drugs and steal and the rest that comes
from being a petty criminal.
They know where I live, they actually through some
little rocks into my window so they basically are harassing. I find it quite funny in the
sense that specially one of these fucking idiots he thinks he’ s the KING, the king of shit
that fucking punk, by age 19 I was killing these idiots, legally that is. Sanctioned by the State,
so I don’t really worry if they know where I live and talk about kicking my door down to steal, the
only thing they are going to find is a very pissed off SPANIARD with a knife.

Yet again, I dont look at my knife,I know it is in a certain place for me to grab it quickly and use
it if necessary, but I don’t stress about it.

Almost forgot, the title, that was some American who said it, who else would it be?
Definately no the Spanish army that took the headlines, thank goodness, we just snorted some lines
and rhymes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Forgot that is me believe it or not
So no, they don’t scare me and these guys will get the knife or pistol and shoot you wich has already happen in this town.
Yet again, why stress yourself for it. Forgot to say that I did kick one of them guys ass not too long ago, so
they are on the hunt, lets pray for them they have two balls and want.

Peace and love

See? I’m peaceful and full of love with my dog.
And here it is 3 27 a.m when I finish this shit,
I love peace trust me, or forgive me, but I do recognize
the situations where I just got worn, off, and ups there goes gravity
and my mentality and I will fuck you up. Muslim crazy’s pieces of shit.
So the video is a Jew with the Muslims.

And do not give me shit since I have served in the army and fought these
type of nut cases. Actually what is funny is to see these Americans kids
who are in a great university meaning they have much more money than me
since I’m fucked up, with money.
So me army and me no money honey….. I love to fuck these fuck ups I
I will admit that the university out the window it went because of my choices
as well as the money issue.
Just another smart Jew, never heard a dumb one by the way, and listen to these
fucking Muslims terrorist students. Point being, If I was this
Jew guy I wouold probably end up in an American jail, I just go off.
He is just smarter, that is why I was in the infantry willing to kill thesse
type of fuck nut jobs…I did say that outloud did I?

Watch it if you want, quite intense really.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses….fuck me is 3 33 a.m now, and I still can’t sleep.


I have no memory of me getting up close and shooting the guy in the face
I was going to make this rhyme but not,
we did have a little scope mounted in the rifle,
so I do know i hit 5, but did I kill them?
I have no clue if it was my bullet that killed the men
or was all the other bullets pouring into their position.

Funny story, if you have a dark sense of humour that is,
we get into a firefight and we have 3 muslim nut jobs killed,
there they are the lieutenant and two sergeants the greatest mind
in the world talking about where the fuck we put the bodies….fuck this idiots
I actually ended the patrol with a dead body in my spanish version of a Humvee,
except our was not armoured, you can throw a rock and it will go through and through,
so there I am scanning my sector with a fucking nutjob muslim that I have killed or
we have killed riding with me in the back of the stupid car.

Not very good idea this idiots came up with, the idiots were my superiors.
The bodies do stink, actually to me when I looked at this
idiot, wich by the way was shooting at me, I jus saw a manikin, it was a bit surreal,
so here we go bouncing in the car and the idiot is pushing me through the window,
the idiot the dead body, kind of freaky really. So there I am covering my sector
at the same time pushing the dead body to my right.

And guess what was the joke…me, I was the one calling on the radio telling my
superiors what we had, and the fucking idiots just laughed. And the three other idiots
that took this great decision, well… these guys should run for
president of the universe.

So picture the scene, the three greatest minds on earth trying to figure
out what to do with dead people, my opinion just leave the fucking bodies there
but no, we had to show it to the idiot of the coronel, so fuck that, I’m hitching
my cool ride with a dead person falling on top of me, but MY guys did have a laugh,
is just stress reliever in those fucked up situations, so that was me….
I was the guy holding a dead body. Not cool after so many years of that, actually it is funny,
and I will tell you why, because of MYy nutjobs, they smiled, some jokes around and the spirit
was up.
The End.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.