what the fuck?

We´ll be alright

Holy shit, this woman came out with her…switch.
I don´t know if it working good for her, maybe or maybey, yes.
She eventually kicked out two ot the other roomates, but not me so figure that.
Now with this great person that happens to be a woman, yet she has his her boy,
out out, I could care less, but no wonder they wake me up at 2.a.m to say the
least, now is 10 p.m here in Spain, next time would be 2 a.m and then…
go figure. So no wonder I keep a little journal of this fuckers.
Don´t worry sirs and seeeerisses, I can handle myself that is why I still live here, idiots.
I just called you idiots by the way, Iiiiii bored.
( I should have to specife more with who is who but I think you know, so go the so)
Quite interesting, hope you don´t live it, I take it as a joke as you might read. hey read!!!
What is the is. Is….. Period, you and you do death, quite leterally but I´m funny.
What a fucked up situation I in, cry me a riveeeeeeeer.