I did put myself inesane situation,
fucking brazilian, my cool inmate….
he is pretty good at the bullshit at the end of the day he knows me,
my family… I did send him a note
that if he threatens my father and mother I will kill him.
Apart that the familly has their personal protection. But he does
`pisses me off. And I will react specially with these psychopath. Just to keep
the story short, if the guy sleeps like a baby after saying and doing,killing..
just fine lets go to sleep is the most normal thing
Yet I can react, not writing bullshit, I already done it with people worst than him.

Sorry to board you

You need fun

So almost 3 a.m and I´m looking at these videos,
funny though, we never pulled a prank like that,
there were others wich I don´t know if…..leave at that.
Crazy thing when I got in to the army, was that you basically
stayed on two legs, no sitting around so no wonder I
have my joints screwed up ( did I jus say that? Just being a wussy)
But yes, whoever went to the military they do know there is a lot
and I say again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot of waiting around, boring things,
since what you do is repetition repetition repeti…tion, of the same
things, wich is normal becomes second nature to most of
the people when they put it to practice.
So, yo my bro I just…..bored
Point being if I remember correctly, you better have some of this
crazy thing on because if not your moral will go down, plus I thought
this one was great-

Army boy

Cool, I wasn´t in school with 19 years old
i was too awesome and did glow, fortunately
and also unfortunately, but this is the only photo booth
i have in that fucked up country, never liked cameras
but the idiot did take a shot of me and the other three
in the spanish version of the american Humvee.

So that was long time ago, hit it,

Army boy,
brought pain and gain
as well as joy,
with my bastards
who eventually more some than the others got their own scars
is hard to comprehend for civilians that mentality
of those who chose to get into a world of insanity.
Young adults, who don´t put up with insults
and which the mission it truly is number one division.
cushy cushy, fashion pussy
you might not like us
but as americans say “fight or flight”
you do ask us to be prepared to not sleep at night.

Point being,it was a job as my chaplain told us,
no King and country, we were just bound by our circumstances
those who sought adrenaline, money, strange weird love for each other
even those who you didn´t like, you would hit the word LIKE´D in
wordpress,cause they were and still are the bastards
who did their little part of the job,
so you won´t even notice those flashcards

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses