Don´t drink and…write on the computer!!


They say don´t drink and drive
You could end up in a strange position like the swan dive
I say don´t drink and write on the computer
You´ll end up as a disgrace commuter, or me at least
going from place to place in disgrace to use the computer
of someone else, they scream at me “how the fuck did you brake it again?!”
I respond, “Is not that I broke it, it broke itself”, and it ends up
in the “dead shelf”. Technically I didn´t brake it though, so I´m not lying to them,
I just spilled a glass of whiskey on the computer, and it seems it wasn´t of her taste,
she did eventually went to waste, so here I am, broke, not able to buy another one,maybe
next month Santa rides a long, gives me a bong, and a sweet computer, that would be
quite a good song. So do not drink and write on the computer, or at least don´t drink to
the point that you see double and are trying to write some crazy thing-the bling bling
can stop and no more sing, only me left hitting my head against the wall in my downward fall.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.