From Spain with love (pic´s)

My countryimages-9 does look kind like a face doesn´t it? If you add Portugal into us that is. We should invade Portugal and make it Spanish just so the face is complete. And we would be remembered in history as doing something great, invading another country just so our country has a nice look from the sky.

The land of the wild bulls, right now the festivities are coming up, and my town is one of the first that has the bullfights. And what they call “encierros” which is when they let the bulls loose at 9.a .m and they run through the streets and ofcourse if my body lets me I´ll be in the mix. I´ve been seeing this and doing it since a young kid so I know bulls and they know me…..I should stop actually in the middle of the run and have conversation with one of them. So I´ll probably be one of these dudes this monthimages-10 and after the early morning running of the bulls we´ll have some great “paella” to recuperate our mangled legs and bodies and minds, that´s itimages-11 how in the world can people not like this type of food? Bunch of weirdos.  After the paella which we eat here between 2-3 p.m ofcourse it´s the traditional cigaretteFoto 286 Now that I´m looking at the picture I do have a boyish face, and I´m going to be 32, always get mix that I´m turning 33 and it probably has to do because 33 was when Jesus died, so since my life expectancy I´m not too sure about it ,I might as well check out at 33. Same age as Jesus that might help to get a ticket into heaven. Fuck, what a stupid face. I actually don´t look at myself a lot in the mirror. This is weird. I look at my teeth when brushing, at my face when shaving(not in this instance though) but not really really look. Freaking strange again. I´m actually promoting smoking, there´s already a bunch of ads anti tabacco so it just seems fair to be pro tabacco. Have to have variety in a democracy. And after by glorious cigarette a well Spanish person goes to the “siesta” or nap time so light out for an hourimages-12. That´s the Spanish way, no hurries no worries. And you should see the southern part of Spain, Andalucia, it takes out about one quarter of the map up over there, I know this place since I bounced quite a lot during these daysDownloadedFile the 24 year old version of me of I´m too cool to go to school and I´m a mean tough bastard. Well I was posted in Viator to the south east of Spain over hereimages-13 so I did spend some  time around there, or here images-14 in the Spanish Legion and not a lot to see to tell you the truth, it´s hot but the Southern girls of Spain are also very hot. And Andalucia, this southern region of Spain is the poorest one that´s probably why most of  the guys in the Legion came from there, not probably that´s just a fact really. So hot days, surrounded by men almost 24/7 and that´s not counting the deployments. So you can imagine the conversations what was the most talk about topic….pussy. We actually had some quite interesting philsophical debates about what type of vaginas where out there like  taste, colour, dimensions, the flaps of them, we covered everything. It´s all part of breaking a routine and the conversations got even worst if deployed. They should have gave us the Nobel Philosophy price for our understandings and findings. Good old soldiering humour when violence is the norm and death is real possibility. So what if the casket didn´t fit you, did they brake a leg, or cut it? There was actually a guy who said that if his legs where blown up, this conversations happened usually after some days passed after on attack that took half of the leg of one of my guys, which I still see once in a while and he´ll tell you that no regrets but we don´t talk about that, now he´s married and going on with his life working in the shop of his father. Anyways this dude, funny bastard, well he very seriously said that if his legs where blown off and he died he wanted the casket to be a small one in order to save money. Money? For what you idiot is the government who´s going to pay for your funeral not your family, but it seems we didn´t convince him. So bunch of dudes, put in a bunch of strange situations to say the least you might as well have fun with it, keep morale up. And sex, girls, the southern girls of Andaluciaimages-15yep, beautiful women down there. It is true that most of them are dark hair and skin, probably since the Marrocans invaded us some centuries ago they left a mark in the genes that has passed down. Plus at first when I got there I had no clue what the hell they where talking about, just the accent. It would be like a guy from New York to go to the deep South and try to understand every word of a tick southern accent. But there they are with the traditional flower on the head, it´s the traditional customimages-16 there you go, now as we say here you have to say….Ole! Although you don´t have to put your palms up like her if you don´t want to but the Ole! shouting it is mandatory. So from Spain with love I leave you with a little bitty of my country.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m Himerus so screw Cupid.(pic´s)

Yes, you heard me right. I´m not a real priest I´m Hiemrus the Greek God of sexual desire. I and I think cupid is doing a disservice to the world. First of all he is not this cute little boy DownloadedFile-7now you know why I hate him in part. And not only for his physique, it´s because he created this concept this elusion that usually is not true which it that one of “True love”, it´s a fake concept to confuse humanity, love is as true as you think it is….so there is no true love. So he really has made women miserableimages-9and they too hate him.Although this girl is one of the few who thinks straight. Sorry butimages-2. Anyways, I´m just warning people both male and female because it seems to me what he does it´s a bit over the edge bordering if what psychologist term as psychopathDownloadedFile-8. It´s no wonder woman have started going to the armory and there has been a increase in gun sales images.  He´s doing a disservice to humanity so I the great Himerus have to step inDownloadedFile-3 and try to correct things and really shut this idiot down so enough of him,he´s goneimages-10.


I have two forms, my godly form and my humanly form, which either way are both appealing and women get it, they even study it in the universityimages What´s happening now is that some women and men I should point out are a bit off the radar with all the gadgets we have now a days, people are constantly looking at the palm of their hand mesmerised by something that I don´t understandDownloadedFile-4. That goes for men too. And there are other men that are also a bit off to tell you the truthimages-5 come on, what are you men thinking didn´t I have teach you enough already? Once I go willy willy wink wink, you have to go back to getting smarter.

This is what happens to me when I enter the world as a GodDownloadedFile-6 I will admit it gets a bit over the top and scary, but you have to man up and keep moving forward just spreading the love. Although is nothing new to tell you the truth it´s been going on for agesimages-8and no, they where not seeing Elvis, that was me on stage giving a speech at Harvard. I thought they would be nice girls in Harvard but they seemed to go a bit nuts when I entered the stage and started speaking. I told them about Cupid and all but they just where in going for me like nuts. Then I have my other me, the human meIMG_1234 which is wonderful and the background I created that myself with a patriotic American shirt, I went “Puff” and that cover behind me and the dog house appeared and girls when the saw that you know…DownloadedFile-5they where so amazed and actually I felt a bit bad for them but it was tears of joy. Guys, I´ll tell you something you want wiky wiky bam bam and make them become a cougarimages-7that´s her, the girl I´m with right now, she´s funny, sexy,smart, and love sports because of thisDownloadedFile-3 hold on I forgot, hey nobody is perfect even the Gods of sexuality what can I say…….yep, I remember now here is tipDownloadedFile-2 you have to do it, funky chicken dance and also she has to see you healthyFoto 147 although once in a while she has to see you as a bad boyDownloadedFile-1 well maybe that´s a bit harsh, but one of these it is o.k to doFoto 46. Bad boy cigarette time. Marlboros if possible and tell her turn around you have something on your back……………..SMACK! Who´s your daddy now!! Tell me, tell meeee!!!. So know you know me Himerus and the secret to my success and the failure of that slum Cupid.

Stay Frosty gent and gentesses.



LUST (poem)


I don´t know the vocabulary
to describe your sanctuary
starting from you lips
and ending up with your hips

I wan´t to bite slowly

I like the touch so smoothly
you make me act like the cooko´s nest

dark golden body
is a miracle of nobody
silk smooth skin
that attract my lips so kin

making love to you slowly
our bodies interwined so holy

heart beating
head spinning
sweat dripping
until you reach dipping

God says it´s a sin but sorry I have to grin.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses




I´m in the know…so I´ll let you know.

You follow my advice….and your set for life.

-Make a choice, like…just decide!!

-If you are obsessed with security you can´t do nothing.

-Once I start I do not stop.

-Get up and stay up.

-Live for a reason and then there´s a reason to live.

-Breast feeding reduces women´s risk for breast cancer. You know what to do now ladies!

-The truth will set you free…..that´s stupid. The truth will make you see things much better but that other shit about setting you free I doubt. But it does make a good quote I guess.

-Limits like fears are often an illusion….that´s a screwed up quote too. For me is important to know what your limits are, everyone has his or her own limits and fear? Fuck, I know fear real well and fear kept me alive and dandy, sort of dandy but alive. Plus fear in everyday life is good if you channel it the right way, if you see fear as a challenge to overcome. Screw that quote, my rational is much better.

-Your natural talented skills will only be developed by hours and hours of pounding on your craft.

-Why the term “As greedy as a pig”? Well, it all started with an Irish gangster who would kill his enemies. That´s sort of a given really, doesn´t all gangsters kill people they don´t like. Anyways, this guy would chop the body in six parts, two legs, two arms, one head(fuck imagine if there where more)and then the torso left. In order to dispose of the body he would have a pig farm with 16 pigs and he would throw the pieces of the body where the pigs where and in two minutes the pigs would go through every bone of the body. Hence the expression, as greedy as a pig.

-It´s foolish to mourn those who died fighting for freedom, we should thank God they once lived. I´m not very certain of that, I fought and I´m not quite sure if God is liking me all that much. But still is a cool saying.

-Communication often ends up in miscommunication.

-Equal opportunity merchant of death….that sounds bad ass. It´s from the movie Lord of War, go see it.

-No matter what, when, how, every woman can be swept of the feet with the right broom.

-Depth of commitment until death….this one very few people will ever grasp it.

-For every action you must expect a reaction….the trick, measure your action and be prepared for possible scenarios of the reaction.

-Chaos has some order to it…..Read the Chaos Theory !

-Those who say they can and those who say the can´t are usually both right.

-Kansas City Shuffle…..know about this one? I make you look right while I go left and then….then there´s an unexpected reaction on your part and a prepared action had been by me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Period time ladies….Run men run!

I was just thinking it´s that time of the month when women start acting a little bit stranger than they usually do and this scares the shit out of me….and my dogimages-1. I´m not in a relationship now, which I´m actually glad. Plus I never been good at it. I do have some strange frightening memories when that day came and…..well, the shit hits the fan. Plus I still have nightmares, actually I think a lot of men suffer from PTSD after living through this month after month. Forget about wars, that´s nothing compared to my nightmaresDownloadedFile-5. Not cool. As a younger guy when I was 15 and had my first girlfriend, when she told me we couldn´t go “wiky wiky bang bang” I thought why not? Why is she so pissed off today? What´s wrong with this girl……my confusion turned into desperation and then I asked my biology teacher about it and he responded…DownloadedFile-3. But that didn´t really work. If I shut up and nod and smile at what she said  and told her she was “right” on whatever she would be saying she would get pissed off which actually confused me and depressed me even more, look itimages-4.I was miserable, staring down at my toes. No wonder I took up drinking, maybe that´s the reason why I like the bubbly bubbly Champaign. I found the answer! Women are responsible for my liking of the bubbly bubbly. They are to blame. Jesus imagine if they where two in the house…….DownloadedFile-6 Not even the U.S army could handle it. It would be a general retreat from that combat zone.

Then I figured there has to be a way to deal with this in some form, some kind of understanding. But the Eureka moment never really came up until today when I was in all places sitting in my Throne, some people refer to it as toilet, no is not, is a Throne where great ideas are born in my head, people probably won´t admit it but that´s really the place of inspiration for me and my guess for three quarters of humanity and I was so gladimages-5, maybe a little too glad. I just got carried away sorry but it was wonderful to have that revelation while sitting down doing my thing and ofcourse smoking my cigarette. You just can not go to The Throne empty handed, it´s a religion to me to bring my smokes in. So now I have the answers for men around the world, when you wake up and see her undies that look like thisimages-2 I have the solution now.

We as males have to be understanding since it´s impossible to put ourselves in her shoes. So here is my new found revelation.

1.)Make her feel good about herself, compliment her, say how beautiful and intelligent she is. For as long as that thing stays in her. Boos her morale up.

2)Help her out with small chores or errands, take some of the weigh off her shoulders and give her time to relax.

3)Comfort her, give her a message or something.

4)Make her feel loved and appreciated it. Tell her how lucky you feel she´s in your life. Call her or email her if she´s at work.

5)Don´t act disgusted. If she tries to talk to you about it, do not say ” Go talk to one of you girlfriends” That´s a real no no. You have to “man up” and go get her “girl” stuff, like tampons and pick her up some chocolate and her favourite magazine while you´re at it.


Overall……..just be a wussy if you don´t want to have a civil war.

Still love you ladies.DownloadedFile-9


Stay Frosty gents and specially gentesses.

7 lies woman tell their partner!!!

You women, you!

A Texas A&M University study, people a.k.a woman, admitted to misleading their partner a 1/3 of the time. Here are the 7 most common lies and why they do it. And this is according to Susan Shapiro Barash a psychologist, and a woman, you have been betrayed by your own specie. Go and kill her, I would if I where you. So I´m going to paraphrase this incredible woman, a gutsy woman, my hero.

The lies may come from a place of compassion, or may just be an attempt to please or placate you, you men! We have to watch out, make a cool group, the United League of Man in the World that´s the title I chose so we stick with that. We have to fight fire with fire. So listen to these seven common catch phrases, get you B.S detector out and call her bluff.

1) This dress was on sale. No it wasn´t, it was probably half off!! if they negate spending they will reduce the odds that you´ll blow up at her about blowing the budget. Often taught by the mother to always down play. They´ll do so because often they think that we men will judge them for their spending habbits(and we do) and think that it was silly or frivolous. So they´ll lie to make you think they are not a liability.

2) You have the biggest penis I´ve ever seen. No you don´t, you´ve seen bigger. This is what psychologist call an “altruistic lie”, they say this to shield you from embarrassment. (Although I don´t mind this lie though). But most woman have at least one ex-boyfriend that was hung as an elephant. So unless you are seriously packing some serious sausage, you probably aren´t the top dog. They actually may convince themselves that an inch less is quite similar to the other sausage. The thing is that it doesn´t really matter to them all that much(I doubt about this one) but it matters to man so they will just stroke our egos.

3) I´ve only slept with two men. Yep, sure, more like four. Most woman can spout off their past partners as fast as us men can spout our fantasy league roster. So no, the chances that a few guys from college just don´t accidentally get lost in the shuffle. They will minimize how many sexual partners they had, mostly because they want to see pristine. By doubling the number of what she says will probably give you a more accurate of her past. Women will say that that one didn´t count because it lasted a few minutes and they where drunk, o.k, but you still fucked the guy.

4) I don´t want anything for our anniversary. Sure, and you also don´t want to win the lottery. They don´t want to seem needy or demanding but inside ofcourse they want a dozen roses or those expensive shoes or purse or whatever else. They expect us to read their freaking makiavelan minds.

5)I´m not in a hurry to have kids. Guess again, maybe she´s not gunning to get pregnant ASAP, but somewhere in their brain the clock is counting down. Since they know the majority of us men don´t like to be rushed that if they try to push us we´re going to be turned off she will act like everything is cool that the little biological clock is not ticking. I believe the best thing is to buy her a dog or cat something she can take care off. And remember gentleman, always always pull out at the last second.

6.) I´m totally cool with your poker nights. Lie, the guys night out…it may give her permission to see the re runs of sex in the city of hours but her biological nature want´s a committed partner and to be around him a lot. Problem is that since they know we relish our freedom so they don´t want to seem needy, they won´t be totally honest about your commitments or what she expects from you time-wise.

7) I wouldn´t change anything about you. It´s her mission in life to try to change you! If your partner starts sounding like a Hallmark card, she genuinely is expressing her love except with a little exaggeration. Since when it comes to the big picture women will rarely rock the boat especially in a committed relationship, but the fact is she does wish you shred off those 10 pounds,maybe 20, have a different job, do different things and maybe not be so cheap. But these creatures are smart, since their mental calculations will tell her that is better to keep her mouth shut since she has more to gain by doing so rather than if she bitch about everything every minute.

So this is what happens when you have a yahoo account for email,you stumble upon great yahoo news. What a creatures these specimens are. Still love you though. And men, you know, beware. Thank God I´m not good at long term relationships, very good as a past time though. Just like fast food. But after stumbling by that article, I´m actually quite glad they just use me for the sex part and having fun. Getting deeper than that…pain in the ass, don´t know how other dudes do it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Mr. Patton…where is your head?(intelectual!!)

The great American stand up comedian, actor, writer, Patton Oswalt once said ” So when you spot violence or bigotry, or intolerance of fear or just garden variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think the good will always outnumber you, and we will always win.” Great quote, I´m going to deconstruct  it just for the sake of it.

The premise is that good will always win over “evil”.  The premise is…fucked up.

You spot violence, yes just look the other way. Tell the perpetrator who is committing an act of violence towards another person or towards you…”Hey idiot, the good will always outnumber you and we will always win!” You have to say it with energy for the violent person to stop though. What are we in the world of Alice in wonderland. In my mind that´s being a coward, you see a violent person hurting some other person,(it all depends on the situation if two gangsters are going at it, good for them or two drunks) but if I see a man hitting a woman, a man being robbed by another man, a woman being rapped, and you do not do anything….you´re a coward in my mind. Not saying that you have to get involved physically with the violent man,(I would but I´m a bit nuts) but you can scream at him, and maybe some  passerby will come to the rescue, dial 911, there are options that don´t require you to just sit put and hope that suddenly this guy will stop for the grace of God.

Next bigotry, according to Merrian-Webster(the cool dictionary online) is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, et.c. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group such as a racial or religious group….. O.K, that´s freedom of speech, may like it or not. The irony is that where it most happens is in a democracy. Yep, and my guess is that in a totalitarian country if you say something that is against the status quo you´re head is chopped off of you go to jail. Tell the Mullas in Iran, “Allah sucks I don´t like him” That would be bigotry then since I can´t tolerate that religion. Then the Mullas say “akjakjdkajfkalj chop off head!!!” And then there is no bigotry anymore, since other´s will probably think twice before opening their mouth. So in this case being able to be a bigot I will argue is not all that bad, because that means you are living in a free country. You can then respond or ignore the bigot, but at least you are free to choose. So  the word “good” is irrelevant in this case.

Intolerance of fear, this is basically the same as bigotry both have the common thread of intolerance, and when Mr.Patton says “the good will always prevail” it seems to me idiotic. Again I´ll revert myself to the argument I made for bigotry, except with the added value that this intolerance is not unlawful like in dictatorships, and like it or not, someone or better said quite a lot of someone´s will always be intolerant. So that´s not all that bad considering you can only be intolerant in a lawful way in a democracy in a free country. Or do you prefer the intolerance of some countries like for example India comes to mind, where women are treated let´s say not as good as they would be treated in the U.S, by the culture at large and with the wink wink of the government. If not they would pass serious laws giving women more protection and freedom and not having to be so submissive under the males or the gang rapes that seem to be their national sports game over there. So yet again the “good will always win” I find it stupid, if you want the good to win then you have to impose some kind of laws that are going to infringe in the freedom of speech, and in a democracy there are a lot of people with different ideas who think differently and don´t tolerate certain things from others. But at least you are free to say so. I can say “I love meat” And an extremist PETA nut job will jump at me calling me animal killer and say that I´m the worst of the worst. O.k, fine. Try to do that with another argument in some totalitarian country, seems to me is not going to go very well.

Misogyny , hatred of women or consider them less than man. Again is a belief some people have, personally I don´t know them but there they are. And again women can fight back in a democracy. And if you wan´t to argue about women making 75 cents a dollar compared to man, I can argue a good why of that. But lookDownloadedFile-4 this only happens again in democracies. Don´t think they are doing all that bad. For crying out loud most of the jobs I had, except my time in the army where women who wipped my ass every time I screwed up, they where in higher level positions. And I did like it by the way, hummmmm.

Hatred, ignorance, I guess that when he uses these two words he is reffering that ignorance tends to lead to hatred. Which I find it not to be true, there are plenty of smart educated people who are quite hateful. So one thing does not correlate with the other therefore the part of “good will always win” is completely irrelevant.

Summing it up, life is not fair, we do not live in the twilight zone nor in Alice in wonderland world. So just deal with it, and be accepting of what you got, because like it or not here I am blogging, writing about it without the threat of death as could very well happen in some other not so free countries. And I know those countries first hand I should add. Not fun living that way.

So what kind of quote did this genious said. Sounds great when you first listen to it as when they gave it to me, and after thinking for just a half a second I thought Mr.Patton, where is your head? Probably in the twilight zone.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Has to be legal to kill my personal computer.

By the way why in the world do they call them personal computers. They are everything but personal. It doesn´t hug me, doesn´t kiss me, doesn´t help me out making my meals, doesn´t do shit except fuck around with me.

Why where computers as we know them today made for? It should be to make my life easier. I don´t have to go and search through pages and pages in the dictionary to find what the word idiot means. I just type it out. And that´s my out.(Couldn´t help it, had to put that little rhyme in there) Hey, meeting girls through the internet, don´t do it myself personally, I mean in those chat rooms or sex chat rooms or things of that nature. So that should be a plus. You want to see how the world is going, what is the temperature in Mesopotamia, just type it out on google. Want to learn the truth about something just go to Wikipedia. Although I see that they tend to the left, which I´m not saying is good or bad it´s just the way it is.

Ever been fucked around with? Probably yes, everybody has at one point in their lives. But have you been fucked around by a non living ecstatic machine? The way it does to me? I guarantee you not. First off, sometimes it takes one second to load a page and the next second it takes me two minutes to go to the other page. This Mackintosh, I´m telling you it has a mind of his own. Then it will let me get into certain pages and other times I can´t, if I´m chatting with someone suddenly it starts making this gurgling sound like a person is choking on their own vomit and the little arrow that´s the hand of the mouse makes itself a round ball of all type of colours. Not kidding, from red, blue,yellow,green, and I´m fucking staring at this stupid little ball waiting for it to stop because I can´t hit anything when the ball appears. I´m starting to have nightmares about this magic or tragic ball. Some mornings I can work on the Mac and other´s I can´t, so I can´t read the e-mails, the important ones on time so I have to wait to the evening to see if Mr. Mac is up to something good or no good. And is usually both!

Freaking bastard, and also, what is it a girl or a guy. It doesn´t specify in the manual what type of gender it is. Probably a girl giving me all these headaches. So since it has a mind of it´s own maybe just maybe here the crazy Spanish government with their political correctness stuck up their asses as far as you can possibly reach they will consider it a living organism and if I kill it I´ll end up in jail. So I´m stuck with this evil thing. But I will kill him or her, just have to read some good books on how to commit the perfect murder and that´s it. Because my self esteem is non-existent after being duped by a computer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

10 Things that give me brain sneeze.

The earth, round and majestic the kingdom of God. But there are days that I get brain sneeze from practically everything and anybody in this kingdom of the Lord.

1-Mother why in the world will you be running around the kitchen with a piece of cloth swinging it in every direction as a mad woman trying to hit the damn flies?!! Jesus, buy some of that killing spray and spray it in the general direction thereby preventing me from getting dazed by one of your un human swings that tend to end up hitting my head.

2-Woman, why the hell are you so complicated. This girl gave me her number, I didn´t force her. I called today and noooo, she can´t go out this Sunday, she will call me she says. So she says. She says bull sh…t. I´m gonna become gay. Go fags! Woman should be second class citizens, just sweep and clean and get a bean so we MAN can eat healthy, add a burger too.

3-Why do I get pancreatitis and I´m walking around with a freaking tube protruding from my stomach all the way into a little bag I have attached to the end of the fucking tube. It looks strange, I look strange, I look sick like a junkie. Fuck me.

4-Why the hell does my next door neighbour dog starts always barking at 4 a.m? What a bastard, just stop it and let me sleep since that´s the time I normally go to sleep, fucking asshole.

5-Can´t it be legal to kill some people that piss you off? There are a lot of us in this planet, who cares if I get rid off a couple or dozen.

6- Why don´t I fuck more, I use to be quite the fucker, I was good at picking up girls. I lost my freaking mojo. Fuck me.

7-Why don´t I get published. I´m the new Shakespeare in town. Fuck the publishers.

8-I´m tired of the stupid Spanish t.v programs, their soap operas and they last for the hole evening and late night. What´s wrong with my country? Fuck the Spanish t.v.

9-Why don´t I have enough money to buy a a computer that won´t take 2 years to load each page, why did the government fucked up so bad that we are at 27,2% unemployment and that´s the official number they put out go figure what´s the unofficial one, guarantee it´s higher. Fuck my Mackingtosh and the government.

10-America, or Mr. O bama, wama paronama. Just bomb the shit out of Hassan or whatever the hell his name is out there in Siria. If the Iranian´s get a little cookie about it, bomb them too. As a matter of fact Just carpet bomb the whole Mesopotamia who cares. They can´t seem to get their act together. They´re either bombing the infidel of the western modern world or their chopping each head´s off. Fuck´em.  I´ll re enlist back into the army at age 30, with a fucked up back, pancreatitis, tube protruding from my stomach. Won´t even need a rifle this time,I´ll just hit them with psychological warfare when they see me. I´ll hit them in the head with my little tube. What´s wrong with these people?Fuck me.