wondering about women

Humans fascinate me, me included. I´ll try to make it short….fuck that.

I´m not a Brad Pitt, but why do I have sex with a lot of women?
No idea and I´m thinking while blinking…sorry had to rhyme.
I have been in a relationship with a narcissist-psyochopath.
After studying her, and I won´t go into details of what she did to me,
that is that crazy bitch behaviour and she is that. Period.

Also there are women who I myself call ¨normal¨. I can talk with them,
even talking about this other narcissist-physopath, and they will say,
one thing, stop being around her. And they are right.

At the same time, I talk to these women who unlike myself have a husband and kids, good jobs,
and it seems in the outside everything is great.
They are good looking women, and also the wife´s of my old friends.
My real Friends, four that is, and I´m having sex with their wifes while they have a family.
I don´t know, is it my fault? Is it theirs? Is there a gray zone?

After spending too much time in the underworld you might say, the ¨overworld¨, some, not all obviously,
seems to be strange meaning the certain human relationships at the same time it all looks very normal
in their day to day life.

I´m just a tool for them to play, and I guess it is vice versa
we do have fun in the bar talking about everything, and then the sex.
Again, not all, but human behaviour is quite interesting obviously including myself.

Just wondering. I wrote this long time ago and just published it in this great blog.

The only exception, the only perfect woman…..my mother. That you better believe or I can cut your knee.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I lost a friend

I lost a good friend
why? you can say and do it to bend
She says I’m a drunk, true, but is not you
who has to battle every day to overcome this
addiction wich now doesn’t give me any erection.
It is normal for people that don’t suffer from addiction
to understand those who do, and I suffer ever fucking day,
I just got home from the detox center, trying and trying,
every fucking day to not have a fucking drink, yes,
she maybe right I do stink.

Here goes why I’m also pissed off, did this “friend”,
remember when she called at 6 a.m waking me up and
telling me all her life and sad stories and me listening
and giving her the best advice I can give? Does she also
remember recently that I was there for her? Nope,
I’m definitely not perfect, but I am a good person
and that I know, I do screw up once in a while….
But what the fuck girl? You could also be a bit
understanding of me, I don’t expect her to do that
so what? Do I enjoy the times to listen
to her miseries? Because my life is great and I don’t
have any problems to deal with…..
And me telling her, you will overcome it, and more
positive shit. So no, she could also be a bit more
understanding instead of being in her own world
wich everything revolves around her.

Wooooohaa! It felt good writing it down.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Did she really say that?

O.k so here is the deal that is not to steal…your minds

So here I am with a woman, and I have my Spanish “siesta”
wich in english means that after you eat you go to sleep.
So I wake up and she is still in my house, and she starts
touching me and kissing me and all those things that I can´t give
any girl any rings only drinks, well, she is kissing me and says
“Let´s fuck.”….she looks at her watch and then says,”O shit, they are going
to close the store.”
And she walks out. And it came out of her
all natural, that was funny. Jesus Christ……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Dilemma on my hands(be advised can be offensive)

Aaaaaa! fuck. This sucks I just want to throw some rocks to my roof and to the neighbours as well or drop them into a deep dark well or drop me into a….fuck, my butt hurts from sitting down or laying down for about 23 hours of the day or maybe even more because I have a broken ankle who does has an uncle and his name is boring. It´s been 26 days like this.

It takes me forever to shower, as a matter of fact I shower twice a week the rest of the week I pass by with baby wipes. Just for the simple fact that doing it apart from taking forever I tend to fall in the shower or the other day stubled and hit the glass door and broke it, so if nobody is helping me it´s a fucking mess. And like showering and brushing teeth, with all the other chores either I can´t do them or if I do them I return back inside the house as if I had ran a marathon, tired as hell. Boring, I read, I write, I watch some t.v, fuck and I like it but damn I also like to go out and take a walk or go to some bar or fuck a chick.

Problem, my parents live in a lovely house but it´s in the middle of nowhere and you need a car just to reach the nearest town which is 2 miles away. I could walk if I could, already did it more than in 100 occasions. I was suppose to move out this month though. Had everything prepared to move out to room with some  other people in the house. Nice people, working people, not the other types I can be with. They had wi-fi, I could plug in my little t.v in my bedroom to watch the t.v in English, the town is a good town which means is not like the ones near my house which is full of fucking Moroccans selling dope, stabbing each other and the bitches that move around those circles. But hey, right now I´m about to call one of those whores and meet up with one of them. If you have money and you pay for drinks and whatever else they want, sure, they´ll meet up. Not the best, but is pretty much the people that I know around here, have known them since little. And as a matter of fact, have lived that life for quite some time.

I´m a hero anybody knows that? Yep, I was a soldier once and deployed( so that makes me a hero) so have been in worst situations but fuck me this is boring as hell. Might as well call a whore if I had my own house or if I lived in that little room I was going to rent for this month if it hadn´t been for this set back of the broken ankle, which at the same time it would be kind of strange for the other people living there seeing a whore walking in although I´d probably have some funny outrageous and semi logical explanation as to why a whore is in their house. I did get a whore to visit me to the hospital when I was there for almost two months. And fucking while you have the iv´s on….damn that was something. You should have seen the faces of the nurses, and they still loved me after that. Crazy Charly, and laughed at the incident. They couldn´t had more fun seeing that in their whole careers. I was giving them the gift of laughter(at me or with me either way was laughter) everytime they came into my room I would say  some random thing or flirt with them. I do tend, not for everybody, but for a lot of people make my mistakes funny and innocent and their quite some fucked up mistakes. But the way I say it and express myself….well, they end up dismissing it. Others just hate it, but fuck them. I´m far away from perfect but I´m quite certain I have more heart and better heart than quite a lot of those people who love flowers, animal tree hugger and kings and queens of morality.

I just need some release! Even in the army you had to release, and most of the time it was when you didn´t have to work( I was infantry), well it was going to bars getting drunk, fucking anything that moved, and when deployed, fuck me the relieve sometimes was just to shoot your gun in anger or get drunk back at base. Yep, we Spanish soldiers at that time we didn´t have such strict rules with alcohol as the Americans, we would get drunk as a skunk after a 1 month of constantly being vigilant and if we had a couple of days off when we were relatively safe inside the base for 24 hours a day without going out, then yes we would get fucked up.

Now if I do go out, it´s a also fucking boring in the sense that I can´t jump from bar to bar seeing some people. I have to stay in one unless I want to call a cab to take me 300 meters up or down the street. So that´s another inconvenience.

Anyways to be or not to be an asshole today? That´s my dilemma. Or better I should have said to act as an asshole not be one, since i can act as one but i´m certainly not one. Certainly by my standards that is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

This is for you feminist!

Ha! The beauty of having a yahoo account. Yes, I´ve been to that country and not as in a vacation, although you did get a cool tan though. I never cared about the politics of it , I did my job which at a younger age I wanted to do that kind of job. We did our job at quite an expense of human life and that´s it. Key word here is DID. We build schools,(not we per se) for the first time little girls went to school after we got there and after quite a bit of violence to get the nutjobs out of the area(in this case this would be we per se) in order to build the schools and for in this case women having more freedom.

So Feminist, stop bitching in the comforts of your own democracy which is sustained by usually young people who did my old job, bitching about little things if you look at the big picture. And believe me I saw the big picture and is not a pretty one. You have it quite nice compared to women in other countries believe me. So whatever happens to that country I don´t care anymore.

But there´s a hottie walking freely down the road! And too gutsy if you ask me. But there you go. The title of the article which will take you 3 seconds to read (the article)says it all. So I actually contributed my little grain of salt for women, at least one, being able to feel nice and comfortable and feel a bit more free to show off her body. That was neat, with my little grain of salt now instead of not seeing women there since they all wore Burkas, now  I might as well re join my old unit just for the fun of seeing hot Afghan woman.

This was great news yahoo news. Now why don´t you feminist go and protest over the right of women over there? Or do you need people in my old profession, to escort you with a rifle? Stop your bitching and keep your priorities straight!



I´m worried…

I´m worried that the evil conservative party in the U.S won by a landslide…..I hate democracy.

I´m worried that Christians are being prosecuted and killed in Irak, Iran, you name it. Most if not all Muslim countries……but always feel free to raise hell when somebody displays the Christian symbol in some public place in the U.S. And hope the moderate Muslims never say anything against that, no no no.

I´m worried that in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and probably left some out, that women are treated as basically second class citizens and in some they are literally stoned to death…..but hope the feminist in the U.S or for that mater here in Spain just start screaming about the real important issues like the so repressive societies that they live in and how men still put them down, lets focus on the real important things, poor Oprah Winfield.

I´m worried that gays can be killed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and probably left some other, my recently diseased uncle couldn´t have gone there to see the dunes, fuck that is a freaky thought my gay uncle in some dune……..but as the Christians lets not give too much thought and the media outlets even less. Let´s stick to what Christian sadomised some poor kid and lets roll with that for eternity. And the gay activist I hope that they keep raising some hell about gay marriage. Hope they don´t focus on those unimportant things.

I´m worried that girls are now going to fight in the front lines…..so lets lower the standards to become an infantry soldier. Might have done that while I was in the Spanish army. Sure would have made me a much more efficient soldier.

I´m worried….I forgot what I was going to say.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

I had sex… ya who!!!

Freaking nuts, yesterday it was Friday right? I was drifting in the night……..might as well write a poetry on the fly hold on

Friday night
gonna be fight
since I´m right

See, that was deep, who the hell told me I was a shallow person, don´t remember but you kn0w what I say to that?

I´m not shallow
i  go wallow wallow
and then hit you with my…….
never mind the why

I might as well still be a little high from yesterday night though, should´t be writing today and putting up in the internet but I do have a problem I do suffer from being shameless so if you want to help with my foundation that is regarded my the U.N as one of the first 5 in the world that actually helps people with no shame, the first one is in New Guinea  and the rest I forgot.

My eye is hurting, actually my mind is hurting to, what the fuck am I writing.

H0ld on going to take a picture of myself, I´m a narcissist so……Foto 290 fuck look at that face, that´s a face of……..don´t know you judge but the weed was quite good though. Why would some one put a face like that? Forgot, no shame no pain and no brain as of right now.

Forgot again. Yahoo, hasn´t contact me yet, hence the title and hence the sex part, yaaaaahooooooo!

Once in a blue moon, not really it happens to me regularly, which girl doesn´t love Charly? None, and those who don´t like him what can I say, they are weird.

Anyways the stars lined up and I got up, to see my ex girlfriend in the town. And not the crazy ass one but another one. And had been about 8 years I hadn´t seen this girl, now a woman in all it´s forms. I think this one knew me when I was in the army, but don´t take my word for it since I was high as a kite, in the night.

Came across her in a bar yesterday, didn´t even remember her, she was the one who actually approached me and said, hi!  I look at this girl and it took me, I was going to say it took a  second to remember her face but actually I said hi back and started talking to her thinking to myself this is weird that a girl walks up to you and with a smile she says, hi who is everything going.  I just started rambling on, and of course with some weird shit I was spitting out, sort of what your reading right now, that is if somebody is reading, if not think of yourself´s as human beings and your fellow humans and be empathetic towards the others. In short just donate some money to my account, it is for a good cause. Hold on taking a puff hereFoto 291, so that sucks, I mean these cigarettes. They taste like shit, but they are cheap  . I´ll probably die of cancer….or of something else who knows.

Back to yesterday, I´m going all over the place here. So this girl, whose name be J Lo. Well J Lo said hi, I kept rambling on thinking am I this lucky? Eventually she starts laughing and tells me ” You don´t even remember me?” Then I went into a little shock face, since I had no clue why a girl would first approach me and second say something like that. So in my stunned stupor I managed to say something to the effect that……no, I have no clue as of right now who are you. You might think that somebody, a.k.a Me would remember a girl that you have been with f0r about 6 months is my guess, at least is what she said. Anyways, she´s doing good, hold on, about 8 years so this one might be the one after my army days now that I think about it, which I´m not thinking to quite clearly to tell you the truth.

haha, anyways, she was with her group of friends I was on the bar stool making time to later meet some guys, and eventually ended up with her and her friends. The whole night, and in that nigh as we had more “water” do drink, she got a little kinky so as me and ended up making out like wild animals, like dogs and fishes combined in the middle of the dance floor, and I couldn`t find a door to my pour soul. That lead us to go to the park and had sexual experiences like those of a bunny. That´s not funny, by the way I did step on a dogs shit while walking with her in the park. I do hate animals, that didn´t deter me, I kept marching on like superman and wakamoly holy Ja Lo had some moves on her. Actually I´m not quite sure if she broke some vertebrate in her neck,those where some moves.

So there it is, might as well just share my experience with the world, or whoever reads this, which I know one for sure which is me.
Forgot, we did exchange phones, which I´m quite certain I´ll be  another one in her sack of smash potatoes, but no worries I always said I´m like fast food: easy to get, a good fun for a while and easy to dispose of. Nice if you ask me, some people might say that´shallow but you know? wallow wallow. Kinky sex, that girl had improved if I remember correctly. Can you actually believe this shit? I know it sounds strange but my middle name it is strange.

Now I´m going here with what I hateIMG_1384what a bastard this one, but he´s a nice bastard. Too big if you ask me, and farts like there´s no end. So I´ll probably suffocate and be dead by this afternoon.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



From Spain with love (pic´s)

My countryimages-9 does look kind like a face doesn´t it? If you add Portugal into us that is. We should invade Portugal and make it Spanish just so the face is complete. And we would be remembered in history as doing something great, invading another country just so our country has a nice look from the sky.

The land of the wild bulls, right now the festivities are coming up, and my town is one of the first that has the bullfights. And what they call “encierros” which is when they let the bulls loose at 9.a .m and they run through the streets and ofcourse if my body lets me I´ll be in the mix. I´ve been seeing this and doing it since a young kid so I know bulls and they know me…..I should stop actually in the middle of the run and have conversation with one of them. So I´ll probably be one of these dudes this monthimages-10 and after the early morning running of the bulls we´ll have some great “paella” to recuperate our mangled legs and bodies and minds, that´s itimages-11 how in the world can people not like this type of food? Bunch of weirdos.  After the paella which we eat here between 2-3 p.m ofcourse it´s the traditional cigaretteFoto 286 Now that I´m looking at the picture I do have a boyish face, and I´m going to be 32, always get mix that I´m turning 33 and it probably has to do because 33 was when Jesus died, so since my life expectancy I´m not too sure about it ,I might as well check out at 33. Same age as Jesus that might help to get a ticket into heaven. Fuck, what a stupid face. I actually don´t look at myself a lot in the mirror. This is weird. I look at my teeth when brushing, at my face when shaving(not in this instance though) but not really really look. Freaking strange again. I´m actually promoting smoking, there´s already a bunch of ads anti tabacco so it just seems fair to be pro tabacco. Have to have variety in a democracy. And after by glorious cigarette a well Spanish person goes to the “siesta” or nap time so light out for an hourimages-12. That´s the Spanish way, no hurries no worries. And you should see the southern part of Spain, Andalucia, it takes out about one quarter of the map up over there, I know this place since I bounced quite a lot during these daysDownloadedFile the 24 year old version of me of I´m too cool to go to school and I´m a mean tough bastard. Well I was posted in Viator to the south east of Spain over hereimages-13 so I did spend some  time around there, or here images-14 in the Spanish Legion and not a lot to see to tell you the truth, it´s hot but the Southern girls of Spain are also very hot. And Andalucia, this southern region of Spain is the poorest one that´s probably why most of  the guys in the Legion came from there, not probably that´s just a fact really. So hot days, surrounded by men almost 24/7 and that´s not counting the deployments. So you can imagine the conversations what was the most talk about topic….pussy. We actually had some quite interesting philsophical debates about what type of vaginas where out there like  taste, colour, dimensions, the flaps of them, we covered everything. It´s all part of breaking a routine and the conversations got even worst if deployed. They should have gave us the Nobel Philosophy price for our understandings and findings. Good old soldiering humour when violence is the norm and death is real possibility. So what if the casket didn´t fit you, did they brake a leg, or cut it? There was actually a guy who said that if his legs where blown up, this conversations happened usually after some days passed after on attack that took half of the leg of one of my guys, which I still see once in a while and he´ll tell you that no regrets but we don´t talk about that, now he´s married and going on with his life working in the shop of his father. Anyways this dude, funny bastard, well he very seriously said that if his legs where blown off and he died he wanted the casket to be a small one in order to save money. Money? For what you idiot is the government who´s going to pay for your funeral not your family, but it seems we didn´t convince him. So bunch of dudes, put in a bunch of strange situations to say the least you might as well have fun with it, keep morale up. And sex, girls, the southern girls of Andaluciaimages-15yep, beautiful women down there. It is true that most of them are dark hair and skin, probably since the Marrocans invaded us some centuries ago they left a mark in the genes that has passed down. Plus at first when I got there I had no clue what the hell they where talking about, just the accent. It would be like a guy from New York to go to the deep South and try to understand every word of a tick southern accent. But there they are with the traditional flower on the head, it´s the traditional customimages-16 there you go, now as we say here you have to say….Ole! Although you don´t have to put your palms up like her if you don´t want to but the Ole! shouting it is mandatory. So from Spain with love I leave you with a little bitty of my country.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Confession of an ex bartender.

When I returned from the U.S, I worked as bartender, yep. The dude who´s behind the bar pouring drinks to hot ass girls and getting free drinks and getting hot ass girls. I was in my  late 19 to early 20´s . I was young, had hair, was quite fit and could stand for 8 hours without collapsing. Not the case now in either of those traits. And this was in an island from Spain and in a club which was a chill out bar with a lot of rich people, beautiful girls, and their money was also beautiful. I just returned from a failed scholarship in the U.S, so this was quite a cure to my state of depression. Got the job from a friend that had moved there some years ago to find job, and he had worked there. After the first week of training to know where, which, and how to mix different type of cocktails, not that easy I might add specially when the club-bar,whatever you want to call it got filled with people.

I was just watching “Cocktail” yesterday, I have a man crush on Tom Cruies,sorry ladies to disappoint you. I´m gay, but only gay for Tommy boy. I´m a one man gay if you will. So watching that movie, I though, what a bunch of shit for the most part, and started writing things I remembered, specially the things that pissed me off.

1) Waving….what the hell? I know you are there. That´s my job to serve, search for bottles, mix drinks, take orders talk with people at the same time making them feel comfy and nice, specially the women….I don´t need a fat ass bastard waving at me like lost wife that his husband is going to some far away land and she waves and waves even when she can´t see the bus and expecting that for some miracle the bus turns around. I can see you!!! That is part of my job,to have my head on a swivel. I´ll get to you, you are not the only one. Stop waving at me idiot, I´m not a taxi.

2)The loud mouth…come on, I´m not saying that you sit put until all the stars are line correctly but if you see I´m taking an order stop with the shouting. I already hear you, and there is a sequence to this, certain people get first in line or I see them coming first and then I see you. Don´t sweat it, specially if I make eye contact with you, wink, or nod my head as in telling you, I got you. I´m not superman.

3) Getting orders when I have my back turned to the bar….If I´m not facing the customer it was probably for two reasons, either I´m searching some bottle that God know´s where it is, or I´m recording a sale. So although I am able to do multiple things, stop talking to the back of my head. Is of sno help neither for me nor for you. You are not going to get the drink much faster.

4) Asking my name….Happened rarely, but mostly with girls. The opposite genre I didn´t care, but a guy….I don´t want to hear a dude screaming his chest out, specially when he is already drunk my name every two seconds. Pisses me off and drives the customer out.

5)The personal questions…Pissed me off when some stranger asked them. What does he care if I´m married, how old I am, I know that I look young are you an idiot I have a mirror in my little studio. Get to know  me and me you for some time if you are a regular then we can talk a little more private type of things and even then I´d probably lie to you. But a stranger, a one stopper…give me a brake. Don´t bother, tell me about the weather or something.

On the upside, the drinks for me where free, although I didn´t have too much but sometimes if I got caught up with the ladies and had a couple of shots with the I sometimes would end up  pouring a Margarita to a guy who just ordered a Jack and Daniel´s.But I made up for it . Made some kind of joke about pouring too many drinks to women “over there the single ones” and winked at him. You learn pretty quickly to read people, I think this was the time when my two neurons worked at it´s best. And of course the ladies….aaaaa, still cry about it at night. Me, with my young face and fit body, childish charm, some liked it so when the shift was done, she was about to get started. Still don´t know what´s with the ladies and bartenders, but there is a sexual attraction. So that was the good old times, I think my Tommy has nothing to do against me at that age. Now I don´t have a man crush.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.