world peace

I feel overrated

I wrote a song about peace in the world;
about how to achieve this wonderful idea
leaders around the world suddenly had severe diarrhea.
Then called Mia,
President of the World, or PW for short
she send me an escort,
and here I am typing in her castle called Wonder Land
astonishingly this witch made it of golden sand.
I don´t disserve it, but I did it for you.
Now the world is more blue.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Alert! I’m on sale and is a bargain!

5 feet twelve inches in hight, blue eyes, build like a brik wall.

So, I was thinking of doing some humanitarian work, and I decided
to put myself on sale for humanity to be a better place.

foto-375 Fighting against tabacco so they don’t pollute our beautiful earth
keeping globabl warming to a minimun. You’re welcome.
images-5 No drinking policy I will fight for, thereby less drunk idiots fighting
and more love and peace in the world. Almost achieving world peace. You’re welcome.
images-3 I’m a great and fast cook. So I’ll go help the refugees from Syria.
Plus I don’t think they are picky, they won’t mind if it’s all meat, sorry no vegetarian refugee admitted.
You’ re welcome.
DSCN2834 I’m an animal lover,specially dogs. And I know how to make them not drive you
crazy. Just lock them up. You’re welcome.
Foto 366No more ipads, iphones, nothing that has wassup in it. I’m bringing back to humanity
the old ones. No wassup means no distraction in conversations thereby you learn to listen and you will be a
better human being for that. You’re welcome.DSCN2636 No more university of high
end education. Most of humanity is skilled labour so all those Harvard students majoring in economics…out,
now you go to farm class. Working the earth, building with your hands, e.t.c. You will appreciate hard work
and then you can go back to some fancy college degree. You’re welcome.
For now that is it. But there might be more to come.

And all this, for me to make humanity better….ta ta ta, 12,000 Euros for the year!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.