world war two

Hospital, Hero…that´s it.

Tried to come with a intelectual title…simple it is, reality.
After the effort and money and love love love we put on her and she responds to us,
(mother), she´s strong woman for sure…
It is my mother who the fuck you thought made me tough?
Just watching this, and it the black duuuuude, sorry politically correct,
that person is my idol, in quite a lot of senses, not all but a lot.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My little tribute

For GP.

Curse him out on a post, probably drinking and writing so not a good idea.
I also know how much work he puts on the research of amazing-sad history
for the tribute of those who served on WW2.
Found this video. Hope GP enjoys the tribute and Smitty…gotta love that man.
If he reads this he´ll know what I´m talking about(Smitty),and all the people that read him.

anne frank

I just finished reading the book. I have some thoughts on it if you want to hear them.

I thought she was a saint, but no, she is just a human. A little 13 to 15 year old girl
when she wrote her diary in the clandestine house, so the German SS didn’t kill her or her family.
Quite the story since you are reading a day to day diary of a person that you do know that
eventually her ultimate fate is death.

She was very feisty.
She would not conform with the traditional ways of the time how woman should behave
wich eventually got her in quite a bit of trouble.
A very introspective person.
She loved life, and you can see that in her eyes.
Outspoken she was, and obviously that got her in some trouble….yet again.
A survivor, and a very strong little woman.
As many others, what a loss for humanity, she could have been a great writer,
and the rest, quite some to say the least, that perish also could have
contributed to humanity.

I can keep on going, doing a dissertation paper, but it is a post.

There are a bunch of quotes from this 15 year old kid, I just thought to share one.

The one who is happy will make the rest of the other people happy,
and the one who has valour and faith they will never be drown into their own despair.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.