Wyatt Earp


Another good prompt by https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/sunday-photo-fiction-january-10th-20

There was a loud knock on the door which jolted Billy from his bed. It had been a long and frightening
four day horse back ride acroos the wide open pastures of Wyoming until he had
reach the shack. Green pasture that now were drenched in blood.
He was the only only one of his gang to be alive.

He quickly got up from the bed and grabbed his gun and the rifle that was laying on
the wooden chair.

“Open up Billy, and come out with your hands up!” A booming voice came crushing through the

He knew that voice. His hands started to sweat, his heart was pounding hard in his ear
and his mouth was dry. But he managed to pull all his strenght and yell back, ” come and get me Wyatt!”

A barrage of gun fire is what came through the wood of the shed, later on they checked it out and
and there where fifty holes in the wood.The man ouside after a couple of minutes started to move
from behind the trees.

The next day, newspaper headlines accross the country read “Wyatt Earp kills Billy the kid.”