I tried to masturbate (over 18) I guess

Shit, that was a weird face I made
it was a mate,
I saw this girl,
…………I won´t put up her picture, shit already, the ” add media” does not respond,
Now it does…
but as writer listener-singer,
i tried to masturbate,
with no effect yet,
she sold me that picturesting,
didn´t work, it is my ending….
I already diid much work pretending.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

Jeeeesus F….king christ

Out we go with……well, now for me it seems like a bang. Out off here, see how mommy is doing,
better be alright, na, she is the one who tells me ¨no crying, no bullshit, be a man!¨.
Go figure in todays politically correctness, fuck… I have to sue for millions my evil mother.
Just fucking do your duty as a man.
It ended up with a nice song,….hummm, fucking song, but it suit the theme…not really sure.
If someone reads this shit and hears the cool over cool song, yep, I did serve in the Spanish Infantry.
But I´m half American though.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

love of a father

Sorry, I don´t know why this picture appeared.
He does seem to have a grand day.
It was my mother who raised me, she took care of me,
now is my job to take care of her.

When I got basically kicked out of college and the US, yes, I did study there.
I got home at age 19, but not to my parents home so I jumped from job to job,
is not so bad being a bartender…. ya know girls!

I got bored so I joined the Spanish Legion.

My mother couldn´t handle it.
But who was there? The father.

He was born in a family that is not family oriented,to say the least.
You can´t expect more from the man emotionally, but he is truly a genius in his work.

conversation with me and him goes,

ME- ¨hello¨
HE- ¨Are you good?¨
My answer is always that I am good.

Just people. Except this one is a genius. And the fucked up son, he will protect me
and knowing him I don´t know why. Being deployed in the army, I talked only with him,
no emotions as I said before he will just say ¨Everything good?¨, just my dad, a great man.

Hopefully he doesn´t read this pussy shit.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,.

Everything is special

what the fuck is she doing there like that? because everything is an indulgence
so lets begin

Today is earth day! … please explain to me what that shit means.
You put some more flowers in the garden I guess.

Yesterday I saw in another blog it was Poetry month,
that’s nice so it means you are not going to write more in the next month.

After the other day it saw a womens day….last time I checked my landlord is
quite a smart lady and she will insinuate very nicely and effective, she thinks,
that i pay her more.

Then is was… the monkey day, we just talked like monkeys to feel like they were one of us.

The other day was my birthday, so why the fuck don’t you just make a big birthcake,
Charly the Priest birthday punk, just have fun, enjoy and make the whole month count

by the way there is also a month called “love and peace”, google it up if you could please….
really, what the fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Poor imigrants…I fucked them up.

Pissed off, didn’t have a drink but still it was a pissed off this
thing, in my hometown, is SPAIN, and here I’m living
with Muslim Marrocans and to the south part of the town
I got the South American boys, and they dominate.
They sell drugs, that is the only thing they do.

So as Spaniard I got into a fight with the
“chief” of the Marrocans, that was nice since
I was in the Spanish Legion and we fought, leave it at that,
so I got into the fight of the guy who contr0led the other idiots
whos sell drugs, and after that I went to the other mother fucker
who is from Peru, fucking punks, the idiot thought he could fuck
with me throwing me little rocks, I kicked his ass.

So here we go again, this is my country, I don’t want these
fuck nut jobs selling drugs in my town, pisses me off and when I
go off is really quite the extreme.

By the way, I just have a bit of bruises, but noses is not broken
or other parts, so I came pretty much on top, not trying to make myself tough I know me so that doesn’t flee since at the end I did
went hunting for these mother fuckers that sell and steal and are
fucking criminals in MY hometown, SPAIN.
They know where I live, better, I don’t have to look for them
they can just ring the ring in my house and a knife will end
up in his neck.

D the Trump…I was gonna get to this point, well…he has a point, about imigration.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses inside your white picked fence or something…

YOu got to be kidding me

Don’t hit like just for the like cool thing, if you hit like you better hear me
and see this thing.

Just a few names that were said, you got to be kidding me…
Although I can understand the man after he received the
United Nations shit for Peace. Even if he wasn’t still president
nor have done anything for peace since life is life.
Just listen to two minutes, if you want that is. Or actually I will
make you do it, yes, the ex convict I can too be a critic.
And I will loose some people or not and I really do not care.
The only guy there that has made some difference in the world is Bill Gates.

And this is the exact example of socialit populism.
I should add that as you might know, when the president says,
“these people have gave a lot to charitable conditions” I agree,
but the bastards don’t have to pay those charitable conditions for the IRS,
they got a bunch of lawyers to make things better for the rich, and I have
absolutely no problem with that. I do have a problem when these people that they
feel that their own morality is better than the rest of us all. And you get a medal for that.
This was interesting……And I should go back to my Crazy Life blog, to make it craaaaazy!

I got to run now, got to make some shady deals, tell you next time….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.