Homeless charly

I have two trombones, one near the vein in my heart,
the other one on my right, pancreas works 50 percent,
and if I start with all my medical problems, I could write
a thesis. Yes,there are more.

Part from the army days, I did get
shot I did see things people should never see. But that part of
my life was the best, strange right? So I live now with the social
security money, 400 bucks baby! I get by, specially when moms helps
me with the food,but she already suffered too much,me in the army,
deployed,being a drunk, drug addiction,calling her all type of names,
but beautiful wich is what she is, she does, like everyone has a STOP sign,
forgot, being in jail, not the best life I chose, except army.

Yesterday I get a call from the social security services (love the name),
telling me that at the 30th of this month I have to see Isabel, beautiful
name and a beautiful person, but it is her job to tell me, no money you honey,
so homeless, not give shit to my family, they did enough. Just happy to be
able to pay this fucked up room for now and the internet,light,water, you know,
so I got to love you people, not all, but there are some good people out there.

This turned into something strange…..stream of consciousness?

My point in short, I can survive all the shit that comes at me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. There is no sorry in this world, just trying to get up, there is an american saying
      ¨It´s not a crime to be down, but it is a sin to not get up¨….. or maybe I just invented that, the worst thing, but before I say it I have to say that thank you for the comment and concern. But sorry….. I don´t understand that word. No sorry here, but writing about it does give me a bit peace of mine instead of going out and taking out against some other person. No sorries Cindy, love ya

    1. Sorry for the late response but where I live the internet connection is not very good. Yes, I would be able to share the story of many people in general. I will email you tomorrow, since now the computer is playing tricks on me and the Like button on posts seems is not working after I reach certain Like points of post if you will.
      Appreciate you asking me.

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