oooo……johnny boy

Mama had only one son
He had the nerve to carry a gun
Johnny was his name
Violence is what he claimed

He never thought twice about using his gun
Which it turned his life upside down

Mama told him one day God will save him
He looked at her and made a grin
The destiny he choose was the outlaw life
And he was good and he did strife

But he got caught and ended in San Quentin
He busted out and got caught again ending up in Sing Sing

oooooo Johnny boy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



What an ugly dog, thank goodnes she, the dog, is with a nice person.
Nobody is perfect but compared to other people I choose to associate with, it was fun and enlighiting, same goes for her husband, nice man.

Kruti Mehta

“The Future Lies in Our Hands”

The future lies in our hands.

We strive to do our best, we strive to achieve success.

We all have hopes and dreams, despite what it seems.

Three years have gone by, like lightning passed by my eyes.

We have all grown up, we have all matured.

We all will become somebody.

Some of us will become the next doctors; next lawyers maybe even the next Barack Obama.
The future lies in our hands.

What we want to do with it (the future) and how we want pursue it (the future).

For some of us, the future is still a dream, still a fantasy.

But for us in Pathways, we strive to do our best to make it reality.

We make the chose either to live it, dream it or regret it.

What do you choose to do with your future?

By: Sheron Brown

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a war hero

Is that me? Hell, I find it surreal,
so you got the deal.

Point being,
that was a strange Charlie

Other point,
when the shit hits the fan I don’t know why,
but my pulse goes down, I detach myself from
people that are likely to go underground.

little things like going to the supermarket or
make the food, for example, I go nuts, I’m pissed off
over the above if I don’t get it right,
it seems the world comes down at me, you beeeee!!!!

The point being war hero, I don’t know what people think
the word hero means, since you do train and train and more training,
to do something that is counter humans. Wich instead to flee
when people are literally shooting at you, you don’t run, you go to
the fight.

So hero, I like to dispel that dumb word, I do know a bunch of guys
that they did a lot and put themselves in positions wich they actually
died, but some are crazy fuck heads, like me, and some real decent guys,
better said. I guess, and more I know, that getting into the military
specially infantry totalitary the guys are not saints, we actually don’t
like each other in quite a lot of cases, but you do know that he is doing
his job and I’m doing mine, so we can get out there alive and shine.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. And having said that, now the war hero
is gonna fuck a girl. Read ya later you animator