The press alwas express, Military guy.
He did stab and killed a person.
killing a agrresive person and the others that are threatening,
When I was in basic military basic training
the ” leaders” would actually tell us to not go out off the base alone,
I did anyways, they Leaders told us you encounter this type of situation,
plenty of fights we had, and I was the point man.
but this ma inthe video…..
He obviously knew where he was heading and the so called “antifascist”
wich they do have knifes and other things,I know it from experiece it.
They just got their ass kicked. Ass they should.
And now I´m listening to the fuck head Brazilian roomate in the bathromm.
MY Point- It is self defense.
P.S. The song is good, I myself didn´t even have to hear it, it is good propaganda
for nazis, but I myself as an idividual stay-kill-killed, here in Madrid. Believe that.


It does sound better in Spanish,”incautos” (proobably spelled that one out wrong)
My story, My and my and look at …..
you and me,
we love free,
but my, relative did what he did to get the money
keep this shit short

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.