Hello…why not

You father, did bring me in, or I should got there earlier,
I´m … this if bullshit´
not my, my shit,
but I can survive.
Yet it is in a way kind of sad,
You tell me father!!!!1! ” never depend on anyone”
Jesus Chrsit man, really, out of here you bullshitter,
still love you though, not the first time on my own if you remember,
you seem to remember shit in quite a …. just listen beteen the lines
holy, this fuck bitch in the bar, that the bar is behind my room… lets do it,´
did this make any sense?

Getting rediculous

In the U.S you are taling about “pro nounce”, LBGTQ? No idea about the Q,
A tuaally no idea about that shit, I had a unble, that was gay and
died of Aids, one of the best person I knew, he was there in my teenage gears,
never told me about gays, I just knew he was my uncle and loved him, I did
know he was gay but I could´t give a shit, point being it is the person.
Getting fuck out of here with this Gay rightys GMTVBGHHGGFFR wahter they call.
PUSSY Yes, as in you are pussy shit of….. ort. Tell my uncle that,
no, tell us as familly that we never gave a shit, he was my uncle I was there
till the ebd untill he died, that was one, now my mother is dead,
I myself smack you, no worries

Dad´s boy….age 37

This bitch so proclaimed girlfriend of mine in my fathers Facebook
who then created an account of me on Facebook, so I should be
Charlie Priest on Facebook(look that one if you want, I´m not but I will not
hide her falsehood, although I should, go figure what this girl has there on me
I do know she had one cell phone dedicated to videos of me and photos)
even when I only know WordPress, just stick to wordpress,
a mean nasty bitch. I can call that to guys, ge into a fight, and that´s it.
No more deep, twisted things, get into a fight and that´s it.

She said something the other day, since she still calms me with false,
she obviously will be the victim, but she is quite smart, at hurting….
or she tries, she did call me day before yesterday to tell me I´m a “daddys boy”,
well, yes I am for now and I never been close to my father but I had the luxury
for my father to step up and cover my back. I can handle myself, did do it since
I got kicked out of college at age 19 and joined the army, where was mommy then and daddy?

I did my things in life and reunited with my parents at age 30, spent months with my dying
mother, saw her died and then call daddy, how the fuck is this bitch call me “daddy boy”,
I struggled more than you bitch, yes you have been homeless, yes you fuck for money,
and seems yes you are just a mean piece of shit. Just take out of this rant,
“piece of shit”, you have no future aspirations, you fuck, drink, take cocaine,
fuck you little piece of shit, more to the story but don´t worry,
I´ll be good. Call me a dummy but don´t accuse me of your crazy shit.

(I did write this yesterday and forgot about it, just saw it)

A life story

The name of the blog it is called Crazy Life,
I wirite crazy and this story for normal people is weird,
got this girl, that she herself proclaimed in my father facebook account,
really weird if you think about it, not really, she did text me I had her
pergnant…. my late mother (she died the mother on 14 June) mother told me
don´t´you cry bitch, she is just messing with you.
Now, still now Jeeeeesus, still keeps going with her threats,
not normal in my mind, but it seems to be normal in her mind.
Now you did create a person that will not tolerate this shit you are spouting,
it is all registered, literally, and this is no funny.
If she can´t win this way or that one, she will try to to a third time at this point.
Do not get me serious is my suggestion, if you go aganist me with false accusations
you will pay, as you already done by the way, so no wonder this person is mad at me.
She lodt for false accusations in a criminal court, only reason she lost is because
I told the the truth.


Probably whatching
Too many Youtube videos

Here is the thing
With Corona blig

Watching ex-soldiers bitching about
In the political and personal doubt

I was lucky then? Got a hen,
I remember the “Pater” in Spanish
Spanish Leghion that is and he was an actrual priest.

We, me and 100+ guys, sat in a room, wordly no room,
he asked what would become a friend from Colombia,
he asked him ” What are you doing here?”
answer ” for my country!!!! He yelled.

I´m thinking like every one is thinking, I need money, it´s a cool job at that time
so that went behind like all of us in the military in our younger ages,
fuck with this trying to make this a poetry with structure,
the Priest told him ” This is a job”, so fuck those (making friends) veterans being sorry,
you chose to enlist, I did too, specially infantry, what the fuck would happen?
You are going to do and see abnormal things, but you chose it, don´t bring it to politics. Punks.

Too many Youtube videos, but it is great…. that they will track what kind of videos you play with
so I mix them up together to see what the youtube algorithm hiiiiimmmmm would “suggest” , gave me
something to think off, in not this only aspect by the way so lets heeeeeeeeee!

SAT scores

Believe or not, SAT scores got me on a good U.S University,
then I fucked it up as a reality,
Why do I have a follwoer I have, won´t name her nane,
yet I do have copied your comment on another blog?
Yo a hog?
Just watching over me or some weird thing in your mentality.
My comment to that other person in the blog is giving her praise
so how you turned that into a dismay?
I don´t know, have your agenda and your other little things,
I did make the mistake to call you bitch, oooooo! I call bitch to guys,
actually is worst with guys, but do not trample be a jagoff really,
to see all the comments on that blog, mine being appreciative of that womens graffiti art,
or pictures, and you try to make my commment look bad. You are a bitch,
You think trolling around with me is …. actually making write of you,
Yes I did use the B word, you like to be considered like a man right?
Here comes the might in more ways you can possibly think off,
you dumb shit. A perfect normal comment you eventually made a conclusion or dilusion,
the fuck out of here, Not even giving your name, you think this worpdpress is my real game?

Who the fuck are you!

Whowç are you
Had in some moments dig down
A Tçugh Motherfucker according to my father,
sing me operate when mom was dying, oprate I mean spending
9 days she was in a comma, plus add 6 other days she went obviously bad
but stil able to laugh at me. I literally saw her day to day descending into death,
who the fuck am I ?
I wanted to call my father 2 hourss ago, just to hear his voice and in my head said a goodby,
I live in a shitty town full of Marrocans I do call them out and not only call them out for their thefts,
they did steal one of my friends bar, so I will call them out and then goes the fighting, I told the idiot
what was he planning, since I don´t care I´m already dead, my mother hopefully she does not has acces
from heaven to this weird platform, point being, you fucking idiots as the day before yester could
make me a bit off if you physically to attack me, you know it. Going to teach you… Yoga?
Maybe a toga goes better in the neck, little dumb shits these ones.

You´re a tough motherfucker

Those where the words my father told me when mother passed away this
past Sunday the 14th. He is the real tough motherfucker, I think I´m tough
because apart from having been in the Spanish Legion and all the fights I get in
this shit town, no I´m not tough. This man, my father was born after the Spanish Civil war,
obviously poor, and he made his journey to greatness. That greatness would include being married
for 50 years to my mother. Although as my mother told me, but there is a descerpancy on the story
from what my mother told me to what the “official” version of my father, he basically was
driving in a shit car of the 60´s and just went off the little trail and ended up in the
bottom of a little pond with my mother, and then mother married that guy!!!!
Just little details of their life, now his life since he doesn´t have the support of mother,
(I did stay with her in the hospital 9 days until she died, at exactly 3. 44 a.m,
she probably died earlier since she was already cold, no rigamortis but cold, so it wouldn´t
be that long that she expired) but it seems this tragedy came out some remedy, we talk often,
which is weird talking to my father to tell the truth, I know he loves me but the conversations
where this
Me calling and him answering “You o.k?”
Him-“good, I pass you to your mother”
Thats about it, and you can´t expect a man like him to give you more. You do know he loves you,
that´s the bottom line.
Now…. I do believe my mother knowing she was going to die, did give hime instructions,
“this is who your kid is and this is how you are going to treat him. That is my law”
Maybe not the exact words but she probably said something to that effect I´m sure knowing these two.