He would kill
As his will
call him the iceman
he was a deadly nun
the beast had fun.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I know that I´m Shakeepearian, In life, or fuck that.
Talk about you,
Things go bad and people fuck you up,( I should fuck them up but no, only necessary cases)
I have and never lost it, the word,INTEGIRTY, pisses some people off.
I can be a half off the shit let me spit,
Never lost that wit
Making this in to a poem, nice.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Blue Angels part 2

I was actually paying attention to the video I, IIIIII, posted.
These guys are funny, gotta make it funny. And who better else to sell it than the Americans?
I thought it was brilliant the show they put on. Looking at it better on video than
hearing them pass the whole freaking day and afterday,and the training these ones have and
Seattle and San Francisco are their choices to harrass people, no wonder I went infantry.
Just a thought to share with…my mothers dog is listening.

A blood story(300 words long but funny.. I think)

I was cutting my head with the cutting perfect hair cutting machine,
Machine goes ” puff puff” so the cutting perfet hair machine is not operational-
I have this so called meeting with the dealer,
“Hey! You know where I live so come on up!”Dealer says,
I know is bullshit obviously, but let him bring the deal to me,
I have a point…..
the fucking cutting hair machine is no good. Point I might be a bit high. Point
Another one, Point. Might try to put a hat on before walking outside
with half the hair cut but at this point seemed it didn´t entered my mentall process,
and then the cut in my finger from trying to fix the no-cutting-hair machine Point.
Yes! I did try with the “blade”- other people just call it ” the thing men use to cut the hair on our face
and women to cut the hair on other parts”- I just call it The Blade, sounds cooler?

This one is cooler, so I walk down my house since he knows where I live and really checking
on me, hi local police, it is the locals…so what are they going to do with my stupidity?
Quite some if they wanted really,
I´m getting of my great topic.

I thought it was fun at that moment when my “friend” did the transaction and he suddenly says
“What the fuck?” But in the South Americana style….
Looking at my “new” hair cut and my thumb finger rolling with blood.
So that´s a weird fucking story and how not… I just put it in public.
This can be a total reck
Or a heck-hecking, I invent words, and invent myself, I should have a camera to put a photo of
my great face but a really weird haircut, on my deadly! Cut on my finger
I lost too much blood, nurses I need (that was plural)(. Point.
I accomplished something. No?…. No sayers you people… He is a funny dude the dealer,
He looks at my face-hair looks at my bloody finger and says ” If I see blood I faint please
don´t show it to me”. funny man specially the guy goes on about the corona virus…. fuck me.
Hope some bithc ex girlfriends we both have and shared, translates this to him. He cool sista!
That was gangsta!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

They murder with a kiss. — By the Mighty Mumford

Powerfull read

Originally posted on Lucy’s Works: Written for the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #61 Our lightless fire This love is fair with keen appetite Acidification Our magical hyperbole We avoid and clean in the scullery Of faint stale smells of beer Sanctified by an ancient skull Seized, penetrated by anguish Fever of the jaguar In…

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