6 word story

There’s always an answer to everything.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesess.


The man

There is a man, wich as I a grew I could understand.
No sentimentalism, no hugs, no “I love you”,
man of few words and you would think he was one of those nerds.
At age 16 he was on his own, he made his little town that is
unknown to be known. Times were much harder in Spain
with a cool little dictator as a shame.

As I grew older I saw a pattern from people that
achieve “great goals” or are in the “1 percent”
when he started with not even one cent.

The pattern, smart, working day and night, he hits a
brick wall over and over again and he will still go on.
For his mentality is not uncommon, fear of failure?….
o yes, he has been broke, but he was a man
you can obviously call a man-stoke. He will get
back again and again and again and keep on fighting.

He believed on his ideas to make them work, and
as he said as I was a young kid “always do something
that makes them happy (meaning the ‘top 1 percent)
or do, what the british accomplished
in the battle of Waterloo, they provided a service
to the Queen that no others could.
That in essence is what this man does.

He would get up early,very early in the morning and
say “Lets lift Spain up”. There was failure in his
life, and more failure and more, and a bunch of times
he was broke, but he got up the next day after
failure and failure and mumbled to himself, “Lift Spain up”,
and he was so sure of himself to add….that is my dad.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Trust me

Trust me babe
when I tell you I love you
and the sky is blue

Trust me babe
as your heart is in my hand
and we are creating a new brand


i promise to God
wasn’t sleeping with that girl
you know i’m not a fraud


i promise to God
i wasn’t using you for the money
you know you are my honey


you really believed my bullshit
then you are the creep
you make me spit and go nicely to sleep

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

for king and country

Yes in Spain we have the king

Then we got this

Four letters, for king and country
is so patriotic
makes me stoic
fighting for king and country
was a mission to be not a centric

and the other version…

Bullets are flying
people are dying
friends are yelling
does the first though that comes to you,
is King and Country?
do it to try
end up in a box
got the mission to do
we’ll do
but not for king nor country
staying alive and keep the rest of the other nutcases
alive is what keeps us going without any braces

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.