Faith, you might be a believer or not. In my case I have to believe there is a higher power. Great writer Mr. Knigh, will take people believers or not into the journey of human nature. And that is why a literally have to get my credit card! Without that I can´t read all the book but you can read a collection of flash fiction stories.

Kelvin M. Knight

Dear Readers

My first collection of flash fiction stories, FAITH in a FLASH, is currently priced just £1.99.

Faith lives. Faith breathes. Faith can be not quite what it seems.

Faith. It touches the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, those people with everything, those people with nothing. Some people are born into faith, others die devoid of faith. Some people live their lives with an abundance of faith, others barely have a pinch of faith. Some people spread their faith willingly. Some people hug their faith closely and never think to share it with anyone else. Some people’s faith flourishes. Some people’s faith is strangled by weeds.

The stories in this collection contain characters like these, as well as others. The one hundred and fifty-one flash fiction stories in this collection are split across fifteen themed chapters: Flagstones; Charity; Humility…

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Chimpanzee Poetry – For Those With “Writer’s Block!” – 2015 — toritto

🙂 The laws of mathematics postulate the chimp creates a masterpiece simply punching randomly the keys infinitely sitting over them as I do now. I push the keys not randomly yet no great wisdom in the rhyme results in bright quotations, Bartlett worthy nor words that deeply stir my own self’s soul. How long does […]

No wonder me write…culzolshaflk

Great poem by the way, had me smiling.

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unfortunately i can kill(last post you care?)

I know that drinking puts me at ease,
normally people get hyped up with alcohol, not in my case.
If I don´t drink and see reality I really get mad. To the point.
If you don´t kill me?
I will. Unfortunately. I can feel vulnerable and this or that,
have killed in army, now is a new life, can´t lie.
I do have it inside me I know that, just trying to not-
be swat and a twat.
last post, 2-30 a in the am in Spania, at least i´m not living in the street.
i still got one beat, gotta.
last post for all the humans to know….fucking weird but weird is that I feel better.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My moral weird compass

You say…day?
For me is funny like the british gangster Kray.
I know what I know and also what I don´t know,
shit, might even be smarter… I´m actually smarter
and don´t have a daughter!!!!!
Army…. went quite some time
Money..went some time or not
People.. just feel amused by them, not all, just those
I´m gonna sing you a prose
Once I know that morally I´m right
You don´t have a clue who to fight
yet again this was therapy
are you that pretty?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

2:41 a.m minutes exatly! and going nuts! love mom.

Hard to be sober but,
I can still be an oger.
Fuck me, tomorrow I put the alarm clock at 6:30 a.m
to help mom
I am the fucked up son
So…. she moved to a new place, so unpaking and paking boxes,
and my guess is that there will be more things to do, and not for you!
Fuck me, can´t sleep.
But I will be there with mommy like a dummy-mommy
alarm clock
or not.
Love ya mom. I´m getting better, you know it and you too are doing better I know it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


And she calls herself ” The clumsy teenager”….. The poem was brillinat, hope I would been that clumsy as a teengager.

Three AM thoughts

A lie we all regret believing ,

Who knew such a hoax it would end up being !

The picture everyone had us paint in our head so deceiving ,

And every conception about adulting, oh so misleading !!!

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