“Time is like money, the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go.”


Art of Quotation

“Time is like money, the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go.”

Josh Billings, author, humorist

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reverend death

I’m a narcissist (for putting myself with a cool black dude)
And a psychologist I will admits

I’m the death row reverend
So I can obviously decide
With allot of pride
With a bunch of decide

I’m the man who decides
Assisting suicides
I am the “Charly the Priest”
I love God but also a small car like a priest

I just had to express
How these people are a mess

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Crazy soldier!!!

Yes, believe it or not that is me…. but loooong time ago.
So here we go!

I’m in a room freezing my ass off
and that is only one half
my testicles
have become balls of snowflakes particles
No wonder I was feeling easy pease in my momma house yesterday
wich is not today, today I have 5 sweaters over me
and I can’t even feel my cool knee
O yep, the photo, yes it is me, but I was in my early twenties,
now, forget about it, I might as well
go to hell, hopefully is not freezing like heare
do you nails in the errr?!!!!
Or, write
so you can taste a bite
of this Shakespearian
that is always right
but I forgot, not really you silly,
so army, deployed with friends in a honeymoon
things went occasionally “booooom!!!!”
and thinking back
I have no clue how I could still walk around
in my life compound.

So I’m a hero!!… gotta have a sense of humour.

What the fuck is wrong with wordpress, now the “proofread” doesn’t work,
so I’m also a hero of words wich I think I’m worst, infantry, Spanish Legion military,
and hold it cause we are crazy as the shit we can spit, or just me, since
i’m the writer in my cool computer a fighter…….

Stay Frosty gents and since I’m a anti woman I won’t say gentesses, fuck, I already did,
see? You evil.

Everyday Poet

And I feel related to Mr.Sandford, except I don’t even know what a lymeric is! He’s certainly not the traditional poet, and that I like.

Graeme Sandford

“But, your ‘Everyday Poet’ I’m not!”


I write poetry every day

“But, your everyday Poet I’m not!”

Before my first mug of coffee in the morning

I’ve written a Haiku, a villanelle or verse free,

A Limerick with lines rhyming AA, BBC;

About the Motorists’ AA or the British BC.

And sometimes my Limericks have only 1 line, or six lines or, sometimes, just three.

“Can I interest you in a rhyme scheme, sonny?”

I write poetry, it’s what I do;

(And this is how I write it, too)

It’s ‘diary poetry’, just catching a moment

That’s happened to me

In the course of my living –

For posterity, d’you see?

And ideas are given

By all kinds of things;

Listening and watching;

Travelling in cars;

Walking along, feeling emotion;

Or sometimes I swig of an illicit poetry potion.

Whatever the cause,

I write poetry every day

“But, I’m…

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