You ask me why I write this song,
when I’m smoking my bong….
you are weird
and then something appeared,
it was not the angels
it was the strangers,
they lift me up
and saw I was handcuffed in a weird not,
Fuck you I’m drunk Fuck you I’m drunk!!!!!
I will not rest until I get in bed with a beautiful and nasty skunk.
Chhers boys.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Tears are waiting

She covers her eyes with both hands
He looks her from top to bottom wondering
She ask why
He smugly says it’s going to be a goodby
She leans over
His ear to her mouth
“I’m sorry but your father and I have been having an affair”
The man drops to his knees and cries
Water pouring out of his eyes like cascades from the skies
“Whaat?!” I was the one who was going to dump you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Everything is special

what the fuck is she doing there like that? because everything is an indulgence
so lets begin

Today is earth day! … please explain to me what that shit means.
You put some more flowers in the garden I guess.

Yesterday I saw in another blog it was Poetry month,
that’s nice so it means you are not going to write more in the next month.

After the other day it saw a womens day….last time I checked my landlord is
quite a smart lady and she will insinuate very nicely and effective, she thinks,
that i pay her more.

Then is was… the monkey day, we just talked like monkeys to feel like they were one of us.

The other day was my birthday, so why the fuck don’t you just make a big birthcake,
Charly the Priest birthday punk, just have fun, enjoy and make the whole month count

by the way there is also a month called “love and peace”, google it up if you could please….
really, what the fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.