the essence of being human

(might get out of this, did try….. not really hard actually, but before this other computer
goes off on me might as well pontificate)

The essence of being human
Sometimes is to be un-human,
You will, and it is an actual military drill
But most of the times there is a small percentage of times
That you have it in you, do not need a military drill
It is your God given thrill,
The essence of being human is to give your life for others around you
You might have to take a life though or several, but the essence is to be able to
be able willingly to give,
your life for those who are important for you,
I just notice my mothers bedroom is blue.
Had to rhyme something, it´s my everything.
The essence of being human, not only my little part of life in the army;
It fucking comes out you or not, you either safe the life or not.
And pat me on my chest or back,
I did save the lifes of 4 civilians when I was out of the army.
Now lets go paaarty!( I know I fuck it up a lot but something I have to be doing right)
I know I can deal with death and save lifes from experience,
but do YOU know what the essence of being human is?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

pure love

You know it, you feel it,
the love for a mother is a blessing
for me that is, now I also have my computer
broken so I´m actually writing not pretending
from the computer of mom. I might have to go later
to the hospital and check how things are going,
not boring a bit depressing,
but gotta have that smile on your face,
so read ya´ll later you animator!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

watch this video!

It is actually a metaphore for our lifes.( you can get out of bad situations if you practice your skills)
The soccer player doesn´t even touch the ball to make the scores.
By the way, now my mother with terminal cáncer loves him so she is
the one who got me watching this videos, you evil!
I put it to hear her laugh, she loves this guy. And actually who wouldn´t.
The more important point is that mommy laughs and for a certain time she
gets her mind out of what is her thing and enjoys the moment.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

fucking drug dealer(diary!)

They all know me (unfortunately) and where I live, it is a small town plus I got another
drugdealer pedlling his shit from the room that is about 15 meters from mine. Anyways this
other drug dealer named Enrique says I owe him 75 euros. It might be true actually, but I still
remember the time when he had a big ass guy getting me from the back closing my arms and Enrique
is going through my pokets and got 25 euros from me. So today at 8 p.m I walk down to the supermarket
I hear a yell I turn and here comes Enrique. He is the bad sheep of the family (like me) I know
his brother, great guy. Hard working guy in the world of selling (legal things that is) and he paid
for the whole nigh the party. Now his little brother Enrique….Little 27 he has, so I go up 10 years
up on him, I walk down to the supermarket, I hear his voice, I turn he comes we talk…..
Suddenly a punch in my left cheek I didn´t even move it was a weak punch. I just look at him and actually
told the guy ” go again”.
Lessons learned for me, the next time I´m the one that has to act first, I know how he fights.
Although I don´t want to go to prison now when my mother is cáncer ill.
Lessons for normal people- quite obvious you know it, don´t get drugs and specially get in debt with a
drug dealer there is consequences. I can deal with this nutjob, phisically that is,he gave me a punch
and when I just looked at him and calmly said “go again” he knows what my true reaction can be.
And I actually smiled at the idiot.
Another lesson-smile at life! And never let people bother you,
your choice how not to let them.

Stay Frosty gents and gentessses

my nice nighbor

I call him “loco de la colina” (to much research to translate in english) Crazy he is.
But he did stumble upon another crazy. That was his bad.
It seems he had a problem when my fathers Jaguar was stoped for a few minutes for him.
He actually got on my fathers face in a threatening manner. I can´t put up with that.
So today I just fucked his car up, then I go to my little room and write,
but I still have ears,so I do hear him yelling, The landlord, which by legal means is
not the the one who owns the house, to make it quick I got her, and the actual landlord
who was the Major of this town who did a bad job by the way. And his crazy son wich I´m talking about living in
the house next to me, the one that threaten to take my head off, really? I kill you in a second.
And after you threatining my father maybe quite less than a second. Just talk and Yell…
Point being- Know as much as you can know and if ncessary the information you got, use it
against them, with people supporting you is best.
What a fucking story… Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


i seek adrenaline
why? Have no clue, guess it is in me
I don´t actually guess, since a kid I made mother nervous:
so I was good in the army
in that case especific when they make you in charge of 4 people
you had to manage the adreline so you Will tell the guys(fuck no girls) this and that
i actually know to me to find it hard to not “go off”
And I´m 37 and left the army at 25
say……. hi five! Plus a goodby.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.