walking a thin line

I just walk along
Singing my great magic song

realise that I’m walking this thing line
is mine,
I’ll try to get out of the whores, but there is one sleeping next to me,
So I’ll just let it be…… walking a thin line

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


Just a cute post

I figured that writing about miseries all day it depresses me, so… here we go with a me crazy!

When I go I go off road
I go rogue,
so the damn animal
wich I consider a criminal
thought it would be nice to sleep on top of me
so….let it be.
But when in the world did the animals had priority over humans?
I guess we got to get back the crazy Romans.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

dead poetry society

He killed himself, I don’t care bout his suffering.
You read me so please forgive me, I tried suicide,
tried…………. that what got me in the another mental state,
I got to this conclusion.
Is not about me, is the people who love you, obviously including the family,
they go first.

This gentleman is a waste of talent, he got it all and he fucked all his talented reaches, for his own.
it may be politically uncorrect to say this, but I stand with my bit.

If you want to change the world stop being “a sugar cookie”

sugar cookie, what does it means?
you get wet and sandy and roll
like the the life of rockonroll

sugar cookie, get me out of not being there
i want to be a sugar cookie
it will push me, that is it, but…if i stop being a “sugar cookie”
i can become better
as a person without no cookie curl
so…..I can change my world
hence it is in my hands or yours or whoever i’m not preaching
but for me part in the hands of God
it makes me an O.K bad, like screwing a bitch girl
yes i did say “girl” in this political correctness habitat
i and you can change your little world without not that crap

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

reverend death

I’m a narcissist (for putting myself with a cool black dude)
And a psychologist I will admits

I’m the death row reverend
So I can obviously decide
With allot of pride
With a bunch of decide

I’m the man who decides
Assisting suicides
I am the “Charly the Priest”
I love God but also a small car like a priest

I just had to express
How these people are a mess

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.