The devil will set me free

This man
I didn´t wan´t to become
Devil talked to me
Hence I let myself bite that so called-e
(I´m just a piece of good hearted… think so) Bo! Don´t be to surprised
when the bo can make you a little mess in your body. Sorry.
Read you all lator you innovator, have a great life. I´m, out this dumb shit,
did serve me for a purpose for some time, time is up.

Planet of the Apes video

Baseball is open? Fuck! The most common word in this video,
always liked that word. Plus I had a lugh, might as well laugh
at this also after a day or running around with a freaking mask
to this the other, the bank the no bank, the no town hall, the no shit,
but baseball I can watch baseball videos for now.

Anarchist talking about caviar

Go to 46.49 minutes, the whole thing is weird, or normal now a days.
Got a famous, I guess he is famous talking about.. just BS and hypocrite this one,
why do these Anarchist tell the rest of the people to be what they want them to to be?
I just haven´t seen a succesful anarchist person not telling me for example, how to
be succesfull. Just hypocrats these ones, bunch of A Holes, in the holes which if
they are in the holes is more dangereous, but this guy interviewing did set him
up at the end, quite smart this one obviously, but why does an Anarchist is talking about caviar?
44 minutes and 49 seconds. Check that one, funny or interesting or just scary funny

Happy Birthday……

I´ll get my ADD in check, at the very least at this point.
It is my birthday, lost mother on this year and obviously I was
very connected to her yet if I think about it? in a selfish way
yet I did love her in my own way, she knew it, she knew me… so that
can tell you what a great person my mother was,
and now with corona and seeing that not even the pharmacy is open
I do kind of wonder of certain things people have said throughout my life.
I just got an email from the Social Security Worker or as I call her, “the agent”,
trying to be funny most important I hope she is in my side.
Out goes ADD and post.

Some of the Covid virus effects

Don´t know about you, just talking for myself. I´m just brillinatly unique.
Forget about others….
1-Homeless next month-check
2-Dead-not check yet, for now at this exact time would be.
3-People are going a bit nutty-check, did bring out the worst of us
4-Can I rebound after all my shit-Hopefully, at least try it.

I should have gotten to 5 and more specific. Sorry.

2008 U.S Financial Crisis

You got all these people, or elments that as citizens of a country will
say this or that. Ben Bernankie for example, there was two other key players,
but who really are the players?
You, if the bank tells you I give this loan for very little money on interest
and YOU accept that, well YOU are the opportunist and later the sucker.
YOU the citizens are the gready ones that made the 2008 financial crisis happen,
having said that, it is normal for humans to do so. Just don´t blame that shity
situation on banks, or wall of the street, politicians, whoever you want to blame it on.
But no YOU.
Blame yourself, that´s for sure.

I just made a hour long documentary of that crisis seem simple, since it is. Just humans.
Now feeling more dummber. Quite interesting this documentary by the way.