Baseball Pitcher

Bare with me with this analogy.
People see baseball… one guy throwing the ball and other hits it with a bat,
There alot much smart.
Taking the time I´ll concentrate on that, letting them hold the bat,
And when time is necessary, they won´t expect the curve ball.
All this is not a small deed nor easy, but gotta make that curve ball.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

(another fucking message for the others to read? Jeeeesus, including people very dear and near to me,
forget about the others, the others are easy, just have to prove them wrong, all sides)


Look at me, in the quarantine that is mean.
Who the hell knows if we´ll be out of this house next month, and no money as of today.
My way.
Quarantine takes it´s toll on us small.
Yet…. I seem to get larger when the shit hits the fan.
I should be a ban.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Catch me if you can

I just woke up to that phrase,
although in me is normal to waking up and some phrases or words just stick.
You do have to train your mind to pull the trick.
Hence my “battle field wordpress funny”, is he still trying to comment on me….hold one,
just checking the comments section didn´t he hear for from.f
If I myself surprises me, how in the world you think you will know how I can react-act?
No act, not even for my lovely mother.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Foote Note. Me just making friends.

Mi diario en Español!

“No le pidas peras al olmo”, Grndam´s Spanish saying. Basically the translation to english would be
” don´t ask more than what they can give you”… hence don´t be a dummy.

Mi diario en español me siento que tengo el control…that was off the cuff.

Internet seems to be working today, my landlord lady is the one with the appliences of the intricate
system in her room for the internet to work. So she basically slaps the cables off just to fuck me.
No cables in the reuter hence no internet for me, just to clarify.

I got a bit mad, the fucking fucker who is the ultimate fucker, “Una puta de primeras”,
That fucker girlfriend of mine..they read it so lets not be scared. Even the police reads my shit.
I´m that hit.
Local police that is. So yes, a bit mad hence this bitch girlfriend as she loved to say she was my
girlfriend and even got into my fathers Facebook proclaiming she was my girlfriend… Jeeeus with this
nut head, but not a dummy. I do call her bitch since her job is to fuck for money. So by definition that
is a whore. Anyways, a bit pissed off since she is fucking the Marrocan that lives in this house and his
room is 15 meters from mine, I am not pisses she is fucking, I am pissed that they are trying to maneuver
to get me out of here and now cry me a river. Holy shit with the bitch, smart as hell and a devil.
I should be wiser when choosing the people that surround me.

Last and not least…. I forgot what else to complain about. So that means you should take life as it is
with a smile when necessary be appreciative of the little things and also be prepared for
those that want to do you harm but always Staying Frosty (Stay calm, cool collected).

Last and not least, thank you people in wordpress for reading my crazy things. It is much appreciate it.

Staaaaaaaaaaaaay Frosty!