smile charly

What happened between that me and the now weird me?
Just life,
There is no wife…. don´t care about that.
Getting played too much….might be.
For me,
Why? I ask myself that before that I was aware,
I could handle that share.
It is not a sin to get knocked down, it´s a sin to not get up.
I better fucking start smiling, and not drinking.
Fucking being drinking and depressed…..I have to clean that mess
I believe and hope that you don´t care
That would be a scare.
But I feel better writting it out and worst in public,
Let´s go Charly Brown out and about.
(This shit is turning into a diary….so be it)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Going out on a limb

I had all this great poetry stored
but I don´t want to get bored.
Fuck! What a nutcase this one and the other one,
just talking about my criminal roomate and this other bitch,
I call her like that since it is her job.
There is much to the story, don´t worry,
important thing is why I feel sorry,
actually since I was with this bitch I had to tell my cool criminal
Brazillian roomate….. I´m sorry for you, gotta get out and about,
but I hate bullies, I know I can destroy them, part of my life it has been,
just gotta love their faces when it comes. I´ll get hit before…for sure
but at the end I don´t want to but I´ll end the war.
Didn´t start the war, I just do end it.Have to, not being brave behind the
computer, I just know it. Sheeeeeeeat!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


At age 37 going on seven,
I overthink too much or…. I´m a nuts
tell you why, first off I´m actually writing about me,
so maybe a narcissist ge, (doubt it though)
I see, I hear,
the thing is that what I see I hear then I just write it,
I´m “loco”, or crazy since I´m lazy.
Words and phrases stick with me,
that is,
the words and phrases that I find interesting,
Yet again….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.