fuck you mother

That was nice to say………………

You have cancer, you feel weak, you need someone to talk to,
I understand, but not all the time, so,
because I was drunk as a fucking skunk you shut me down.
Your husband is great, but at 6 p.m he is already asleep,
like bitch sheep drunk as another skunk.
So you have cancer, but never shut me down, if you would apply that
theory to everyone, you would also shut down your husband.
By the way, the other day I did another display of saving
a man that was a mess. That I didn´t know from nothing.
I call you once every two days, you don´t want to talk,
so it might seem harsh for the readers, but, fuck you,
you are out of my radar, next month I might easily be homeless,
so fuck you, for me, you do not exist. Keep your cancer
with the dark panzer. YOU DO NOT EXIST FOR ME, get the fuck out of here,
out off this world…..
like you had me once in a life,_you don´t remember?so, fuck you bitch

Stay the fuck Frosty gents and gentesses.


My love

The best I have seen…

No!!! not that one
Even if I feel young
People are not dumb
So I will let no crumb

The best I have seen….

It was her!!!! and the best one,
I was a sniper believe it or not people seen sighter
Wich is comes good to see this
just mom, I am a mama kid, even though of a tough life, she is mom.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Best football player of all times

Quite some of my girlfriends tell me ¨ He is just hot, he is cocky,he has a superman complex¨
Specially the girls, and what I think that I do not say out loud is….
¨You fucking hippocras, if this guy turns up to your house naked with
millions of dollars stuck in his ass, you will fuck him….. probably even I would¨

He is coky, he is self absorb, but people are not linear, there is other
things to this person, I only put this ¨romantic video¨ of him.

But really I do not quite actually care about him, I do care when he makes the goals,
without this one, we, the REAL MADRID, a spanish soccer team, would be……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the fighter

I know, in my mind on family time, listening to this is bullshit,
In my family time, it´s just shame
listening to this you are a weak person, but
I have a problem…..I might suffer weakness in the sense,not sensible really,
that I do not shy from hard times, but until they come up,
then the motor starts running

You freaking weirdo.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


That´s your photo.

Father you can see
The relationship between you and me
You´re not a man that expresses emotions
But I do know you love my mother
So you got that ¨kid¨
You´re suck with that ridiculous bit
I did see you a couple of times…..
Only two times when you saw your love one hit hardtimes
June 17, in 1976,
You married the woman who is tough as bricks

Love you pops.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses