charly delincuente

Yes sir and sireeeeeeeeeeee, that should be a woman
or something, that photo is a blink,
fuck me, how the hell did i got that into my in the box….
seems the criminals are not that abnormal
shiiiiiiat, i´m one of them
that park is not one to fuck up
or you can fuck up but better you know how to be
your own back up, basically just go nutty nutty tooty fruty
and smack the the shit out of the other
fortunately and also unfortunately
i was good at that, but, it is more unfortunately that´s for sure.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Out of the top

Right now I´m saying, gonna give me 30 seconds and see
what i can get out of my top mentality

Hit it,
crack a bottle
inside my rubble
you want it
to be the snit
i do got wit
so you
you know
this is heading to sex
i could get a burlesque
so this shit
is my beat?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

That was actually 28 seconds, not kidding, i did have fun though.
I don´t need friends, by the way it all turned out to sex things….
I have a problem, I need help ladies.

coffee? Or crazy me?…hell both


Coffee time
near my bedtime
fuck me, if you could see the situation
wich would be kind of weird and should put me in probation,(i´m already)
but that is not here or there for you to stare in my rear door
and here is my, o why, hell Charly, that is my good morning coffee
even better than french toffee,
what the hell?
i´m just writing this shit to put my beautiful face up
cause i look like a real “thoughtful sexy artist”
no other reason
hey ladies
you want me to see me in prison or with the Simpson?
went there
wasn´t scared
also went into the military also
and deployed in Oslo….Afghanissssishit
so this poem
cause is a poem bro yo ho,
i just started writing and here is what comes out
a trout,
by the way leave me a message, the women!!! or a dude also, what the hell
lets have variety in my naivety
i´m hot right? RIGHT?!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Say it, saaay it! “yo hot”
damn, i´m hot di di hot beeeeeeeeee! is me
spanish brad the pit
so the writing started here—🙂 and ended there😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentessses.

Producing Literature


Producing literature it can be so magic
as well as tragic,
now a days a person can make internet traffic-
which can be quite amazing
words on paper
by the creator
makes him in cases the grand orator
for people to laugh,cry,smile,whatever
but if it´s just a bit clever
it can influence in some way
to the reader dismay.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

In case you forgot

I write this while my eyes swell up with tears,
my heart is beating to the rhythm of the tears drop.
I have never been one to express,
but now, I have to say;
that you belong inside my heart
and I will treasure you like a great piece of art.

I stare and absorb all your beautiful features, your heart of gold,
your angelic face, your sweet voice.

I hope this letter will find you
and although is to late now
I still feel you belong inside my heart.

I will always be watching you from above,
hoping you have the greatest of life´s without me,
that is what your beautiful soul deserves.

In case you forgot: my heart was rot and now I can
only love you from above.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The terminator


Women call me the Terminator
their pussy scream ass I do the penetrator
pussy wussy flapp flapp it goes
they just can´t help but feel the wetness in their pantyhose
i ram ram
bitch likes a slap that sounds “pam!”
she screams
but by all means
she comes on my cock yelling “Fuck me again Terminator!!”
i smile and spit on her face yelling “you slut don´t you see i´m a traitor!”
i get up, she looks at me with confusion on her face
i say “you bitch you´re a disgrace.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.