I refuse

Foto 313

I refuse (that´s a cool picture)
and i will go on a short fuse
nobody, bitches, nobody is calling me on
to that tan tan, wo han han,
that was a great piece of literature, l
like the rest….
calling me on pólice?…fuck you, they didn´t say shit
i should permit, wich is the the reality,
to tell me that he didn´do say this or do that,
so no way is over my God´s  dad,
you risked it
i got the witnesses
i got nothing to increases
just my morals wich for me is to stand up
up up, jus fucking stand up for your self and do what
you have to do when…. in my case and is not in the insanes
i just get up and jump and fuck him up, specially when i´m writing
in my strange minding…do not fuck with me,and then came the pólice
to see what? I got not charged.

You got me in a fight, or i should stand down?….
nope sir, you will be all clear, since i do not refuse
since you idiot or me maybe, i do got a short fuse
for that shit. But….ha, no pólice charges bitch

that i said you creech, snitch, nitch, haaaaaaaaaaa, fuck you

play with the best and you will get a mess.



Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


The military
I´m so sorry?

The military, hummm…..
yum yum,
not trying to avoid
actually got a kick out of those situations
in those nations
fucked up people there
they got a taste of good Spanish flare:
lost some, but we pulled together and added some….to our belts
so the military
kind of scary but get used to it and is not all that worry

pro war
anti war
stupid are those two last

you volunteer
and if you got your period like a girl
don´t be a bitch about it later in your fucked up mind swirl
get help, do whatever you need, (if you can that is)
after all that shit,
but do not blame the government, is your fault, don´t enlist then
you are not in a cozy red cross tent…so
that does pisses me off, the bitching about,
while i´m at it, i too was sleeping, and freezing in a homeless
world that i got myself in, i say again… i got myself int to that world,
but got out.
got it?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Modern cell phone

Foto 366

Hey! gents and gentesses, I got something for you,
what you are seeing is the new cell Apple that just got out,
which maybe is a bit unknown and even smells like cologne.
It has internet, it also dictates verbally the alphabet
and even more it pays your debt.

Even more, since it´s a brick
and if you feel threaten, you can throw it to the guy and it will stick,
to a guy or a gal, and she doesn´t even have to be small.
It comes with a prepaid phone cared with 10000000000000000$ in,
eventually you talk so much that you end up in a spin.
People say… I pads, I phones, I…. IIIIII!!! I what? Idiots.

Screw those systems, they are some real germs.
You people really have to look to the future so, venture
and buy me this one, so you can be in the “in” modern technology.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You got to love the woman


That is her, my woman
although i did had more hair….what happened….
that is my mother,
brother i kill for her, not kill since she wouldn´t like for me to say that
but i say this is a incognito fact,what i guess i´m trying to say is……
fuck these whores that i surround me with, fuck the males that i surround with me.

She is what i live for, or at least she is the one that i can make her life, for….
and by the way, hell baby i´m pretty cool myself when the shit hits the fan,
so the road goes both ways. i´m cooler though…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Honey, are you mine?

The world seems to revolve around you
You leave my open mindless space to love you
And all that makes my heart surrounds you

You´re a silver lining
And a lone ranger riding

Honey…..Are you mine?

I guess what i´m trying to say
Is for you to stay
Since if you don´t I can go into the deep end
And not only for just a weekend

I can misbehave since I will be lost
In crust

I need you honey!

Do not let me down so you make me misbehave
That is not in my part brave….Honey! Are you mine?

Staay Frosty gents and gentesses.