I had it all prepared…

I had it all written on paper, true,
it was white at the begging
just came in wordpress and do a new beginning
writing nonsense yet there are some sense,
her we go just writing on any type of flow
military, scary, worry, motherly, love her..
so I actually love my mother, no other women, for me
which what that is wack
so here it is my poetry with infinity
kind of pretty

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Radio Man

I see, better I hear..
and only with one ear.
So here it goes… I´m used to or better said trained my mind to listen,
to different conversations, some had their rational creations,
army days,(walkie the talky)
translate that to civilian life then:
Let us begin
I hear “Hey”
I hear “Way”
I then listen
this or that, o shait, this is more important
and not redundant nor un-important
it´s a mental trained constant
I can talk with several people
about whatever, duuuude,
was this my joint
that got the point?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Priest lesson on politics

Hello my flock, your shepherd will guide you today on this Sunday mass….

Politics 101.Always play to the emotions of voters never let them think rationally.

The left is very good at it, they actually have a “think tank” named
Game Changer Labs (Google it if you want),and these people who work in that left think tank
their names are not public. You have no idea who they are, and they specialized in going
from country to country all around the world and give the candidates of those countries running
for President the “line” they should follow when it gets to the message, it´s all about the message
and they are the masters at selling the politician. I´m not saying is good or bad,
each to his own. It´s just easier to rally people when you play to their emotions and
not for the politician to expose their real policies-intentions and how will he get them done. They are also involved in Venezuela amongst others with that cool dictator Maduro.

I even feel smart…going to Church later on, and you should too. I demand it as you are my flock.
Not kidding about going to church.
The Priest that must have around 200 years is a great guy by the way, very funny man, good man.
Who would have thought me making friends with an ancient priest…

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The unbecoming mother

Johny yelled, “is mine!!”
Sara grabbed what she saw as an apple harder she thought she was smarter,
Johny yelled again “miiiiiine!!!”
The hand grenade exploded evaporating their mind
The mother came out….She smiled, her dark eyes,
Turned blue for a while she then called the police
Telling them she was now at peace and going to live it up in Greece.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


In the first floor
You open a new door
Skinny people want answer

White walls
White “capes” of the doctors
White answers they provide
White is the paper they cannot decide
White there´s nothing written no answer given

Hospital it fights
The cancer criminal
But there is an uncertainty
And that is mentally taxing not so subliminal

Hospital is the second home of some
Yet it is a necessary crumb
I feel like punching that idiot
But that won’t solve this period.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Addiction Please

Diction! Hates my writing friction-Anyways,
a person of extremes
need to do addiction things
have to write
if not i go more nuts right?
it´s my mental delight to write
writing is a way to keep my own sanity
expressing to others my insanity
and feeling eroding for a period of time
real life’s profanities on my mental,
out the window those sentimental-
hence creating, playing with words and wording, and phrasing
Robert Frost i thought i was paraphrasing
i´m in my own world, creating my own world
at least that is what I have been told
by my one last standing neuron that’s even on hold

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.