the dog


but you will see
that i actually like the dog
go figure that one out, and you can shout,
my dog
or my mother
i don´t have no brother
keeping in perspective is not creative
loving…it´s a freaking dog, but it is
mine regardless some family say is her for
me to stay.
Or not really, i can barely trust myself
and there goes the mother that is for me in her shrine shelf.
*that´s for you mommy, and don´t get mad…or do, i don´t care,
not really cause you do scare so i care*
and this is myyyyyyyyyyyyy

dog,plus i´m a narcissist so i include myself
by the way i did came out pretty good there
after a 3 hours of sleep and then the clock goes “peeeeeeep”
and i smoked two joints before i went to that venture
to see my mom and doggy doggy pony tally…… ha😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Pissed off and unafraid

Hero I go on the flow
making the bitch snow
pissed me off right now
and that is a, how?
tell you,
bitches and gentlemanbitches
stay frosty cause at the end of the day
i will cause you stitches
believe it,
and i don´t want to go to jail
so for me it is do or not do and then
come with the consequences wich will
not very pretty.
Fuck this shit pissing me off really now
theh bitch, wich is my fault to take her here
i´m about to bite her ear
yet again,
it´s my fault for calling this person
and i will tell you why, like a fcuked up sky,
thunder is what is what i want to wonder,
so point being i have no money, no fucking money
until the enth of the month, so that is why i call
this girl, i swirl, i know is a great fault of my
curl, but no money no honey, then i get this one
to bring some kind of ping pong,so it does not
say a lot about me, and this……
I do have to change.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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So here I am, in the morning
working the cigarette like a zing zang belive in what i stand
smoking is good i stand after in a bed that´s grand with the woman that i stand
Foto 313
as you enter the door or my room you see this, except without a dog usually
i am the normality
actually that is the woman
wich to tell you the truth is sort of superhuman
to the front of the entrance door
is my cool little nuke, as in nuclear where i do
….whatever i do there, i think it was writing but
go figure a picture, do you see anything strange there?
To your right as you enter the door is the..the this
after i get the girl and give her a kiss
Holy shooot snoot and and as you come out of the window you also see the
great church, and is great since the bells start ringing from 9 a.m every
freaking hour until 10 p.m so i might as well smoke dope and then eat ham
She came over and that was a great Discovery for her
the little freaking bear!
She wanted to see the priest and i did insist that it was me
she wouldn´t belive it
She wouldn´t believe it the little rascal
and thankfully she´s not a US Marshall i send her to sleep

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.