I’m a hater!!!! Dumb Jews….

I don’t usually get into politics, but what’s with the Jews?
Have you ever met a dumb Jew? I haven’t. This guy would be
the typical guy that in highschool I would punch him,
now I’m thinking that I should have paid more time and attention at these
type of people. Smart as hell. I know it’s a long video,10 minutes.
So don’t see it as time permits for you or see it if you will.
I have seen quite a lot of videos of this guy. And this guy is smart.
Try to argue with this man. I should add I’m much smarter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


I’m showing my cool teeth,
the problem is why I do so,
the problem is that I got an answer
wich is a disaster.

Why do I write this shit? That would be the first question,
actually the reason is to get out of trouble, really is the answer.
I got my own power to be a starter…
fcuk the rhyme thing, I’m not a poet or a writer I’m just a cool white dude
that is an orthodox Jew, kind of scary that one………..

I just like to express myself in this case is wordpress,
is just like Sexmass, where you talk to God wile having a sex in mass.

Loooove you from Tina, what’s with idiot, he onlly tells me to write for him.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

Shakespeare in love

O, Lord please give me your sword,
They gave me the frame to shame.
How princess displays then her powerness in battle,
and I just thought it was the Kentucky Shuffle…
Oft we died Scruffing from
scathers in numbers,
And me be the one ho lost the appetite for burgers
since I put them in them on top of the womengeers
O, lord give me what is needed as I was in my room pleaded,
I’ m in love with a giraffe.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Sorry it just came out that way, no bullshit, I love reading the normal things,
I just go a bit off the grid.


Hey ladies, don’t get all excited
you can be shortsighted
or not, that is a good looking man
standing,I don’t know
but you can bow…to me.


Is all on me and you and all of us
that, you can trust,
as a very special woman didn’t say
just showed her way
nobody or anything can stand in your way

this special person said,
if life got rough
you go one more mile until your tough

i know and know and …well there are the bad parts
depressing and is quite a mess in the head
but eventually you might as well get your head out of your ass
and do what you have to do.


That is a phrase that stood with my little me
so thank you to she.

And…happiness, not all happines but a better living life
will come to you for one to strive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Heroes…the meaning

I don’t know, look it in the dictionary if you want.
For me, one lady said it,
people throw the word hero a lot
but the point is when things happen
either you do it or not.

I can tell you three stories in my civilian life
that I actually helped until the police and ambulance
came I just jumped off and treated 2 guys and 1 girl.
Apart from the army,
either you wake up or do it or you don’t. Funny, kind of
those stories, and I’m not saying I’m a hero I can tell you that,
I’m a fuck off, alcohol addiction, drugs, homeless plus convicted
of robbery although there was nobody there it was 4 a.m and me homeless so I
saw a chace and things developed.

Heroes…..I turn my life around, sort off, I stll screw up quite a bit
but I was watching this….

A college kid, but his friends they were in the military, funny thing
one of them just came from Afhanishit, so here he is celebrating in
Amsterdam, wich I have to go there…point being is the sentence I said.

You either do it or you not.

Most of the people freeze, they don’t react and that is understandable
since is not in the human nature to confront. So you talk about heroes,
not much to that word, as I said before two times,
either you are gonna do it or not.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


one plus one is two
did you knew?
they say two times two is four
she actually was on all fours
one up in my belt to have several scores
you sound addicted
to my thoughts that are sporadic
that is why you act like an addict
comming and reading
what’s the meaning… of all this?
I will let you in limbo
for you to think of the reasoning
that actually has the key to the uiverse meaning.

Stay Ftosty gents and gentesses.

shifting through pictures to give me an idea as to what to wirite

I’m almost falling asleep,
i just ate a sheep
and my beeber jus beped

I’m hungry
and angry
plus in a hurry

I might be high
as a kite
and a knife….go figure.

I’m just that cool
I sit in a stool
and i play the fool

So, here you go as it comes to my head, so fuck no writers block.

Mama Mama don’t you see
This kid is quite screw off
Mama Mama don’t you see
This kid will stand with his bluff
Mama Mama…. I just got the news in panorama and it said,
no drinking, but smoking, and in the meantime just dumb writing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.