Black racist! (video)

I did´t know about this Candance Owens that you were married to a white guy,
and he is Brithish!!!
There is a interesting dynamic there. Apart their political views match most of the times
not always. Their own personal history is what I have not experience, but this woman
and I actually nick named her “The girl”,( I always nickname people including my mother)
This woman is tough as nails, she is where she is because of some reason and she married
this guy for some reason. A good reason that is, smart strategic move, smart love move
which is more important, and just overall. See the video if you want and can.

You need my pshychology! (269 words)

Actually you don´t but it should be interesting some parts of it.
You can´t change people, you might be able to change this or that a bit but overall
no. The change has to come from within one self. Nothing new there. This Corona thing
is making me watch too many interesting videos and read too much interesting books.

What happened yesterday? I do live in a small town literally full of criminals. You got
to accept it and be prepared mentally and physically. These idiots do go to gyms and practice
fighting techniques. I don´t. That was only in my army days but it seems some of them stuck
until now my age of 37.

I got this guy suddenly talking smack at me, I literaly visualized what was going to happen next.
I gave him a upper cut to the chin. Not his right side not his left but the chin. If you know a bit
about fighting you hit that chin quick and hard and most likely the guy will go down. Which is what
happened. I stood back, and told him to get back up. His friends were watching this. He got scared,
point being if you do not have that respect in this town you will get abused.
I actually feel bad for the guy now, but at the time it had to be done. With these people you
can´t walk away if you do next time you will get seriously beat up.

And it coveres pretty much everything in life. The word RESPECT.

Read you all you alligators and innovators.

The Spy

It is a fascinating world
Since my mother died this last month
I have been talking more with father
Nothing deep bother
Me making him laugh about my idiocies
So, anyways
Tomorrow his is meating with the Spy
About his work, about everything, seems a good relationship with a former Spanish spy,
My father is not new to spies, and when we talk I obviously don´t ask his name, nor much really,
Yet my father when he said the Spy was retired, I asked him why? He works around you,
He added that spies do not retire. So what better form of information than a high level spy?
Information for his work and his security and his health and his income,
Who the hell is this freaking spy, not kidding about that one if you truly knew my fathers history,
and is a mystery, maybe my own father worked as a spy, no clue, or is a spy, no clue,
just came out the blue

Read ya´ll later you animators and innovators.

SAT scores

Believe or not, SAT scores got me on a good U.S University,
then I fucked it up as a reality,
Why do I have a follwoer I have, won´t name her nane,
yet I do have copied your comment on another blog?
Yo a hog?
Just watching over me or some weird thing in your mentality.
My comment to that other person in the blog is giving her praise
so how you turned that into a dismay?
I don´t know, have your agenda and your other little things,
I did make the mistake to call you bitch, oooooo! I call bitch to guys,
actually is worst with guys, but do not trample be a jagoff really,
to see all the comments on that blog, mine being appreciative of that womens graffiti art,
or pictures, and you try to make my commment look bad. You are a bitch,
You think trolling around with me is …. actually making write of you,
Yes I did use the B word, you like to be considered like a man right?
Here comes the might in more ways you can possibly think off,
you dumb shit. A perfect normal comment you eventually made a conclusion or dilusion,
the fuck out of here, Not even giving your name, you think this worpdpress is my real game?

I got the solution!!!

I got the solution for Corona Virus,
people already are doing it so is no Einstein solution,
You have my self proclaimed girlfriend on my father facebook,
i got that hook plus others got your book.
Just see all the hookers! If she fucks for money by definition
without edition that is a whore, so the new venture is to sell them to guys that want to have sex
during this period of time.
They should make me president of the universe, hit the like button bellow please.

Condition for death

I could care less about me,
so be.
Lost mother the 14th of the past month
and still haven´t cried
saw my father (superman) almost broke completly
maybe is because of my military experience
or born that way, until today,
I just haven´t cried about any tragedy in my life
maybe I should live with a wife
or I´m a psycho
A great mother I had
It is sad
But I can´t fucking cry and there is the big why?