Spanish proverb

I do promise that I will read you later, I want to. If you don´t mind.
That is not the proverb, I got it from ¨The new writing from the new world¨.
It seems my roomate lives it in the doorway go figure that one out Charly.
Proverb- Listen my son to the discipline of your father and, to the law of your mother.
What a nutcase this book.


the chineese proverb

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one

Keep that in mind while I write,
day 22, and i have no money
so no honey! I shouldn´t have paid te wáter and light…
I´m just that bright
I sight
I might
I…shit, I think I own one idiot my idiot I bought some thing from him,
I think he might be a bit angree, hence hungree.
Why I don´t read a cool Spanish proverb? Only Chineese proverbs,
Domininant phylosophers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


wallow wallow, the smart people it looks to me shallow,
not really, but I do know how their mind works,
in my behest,
I shoud stop with the rhyme
I know,but debate me, sice I´m getting fucking tired
of criminals, yes, that´s their job, I know it since I was one,
getting fuckig tired of no smarts, so can people debate me and
then the two neourons I have left go think?
GAYS SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH …debate me, fucking bored
Wallow Wallow I saw a shadow.

P.S. I did have sexual encounters with this new roomate.
P.S two. Why?