I´m a white racist

These exist
like me that I´m the beast
……………..quick sotry
In another town I lived these communist actually forced the working people to shut down,
there small shops,
so I went down,me, I, that is one I and that is only me, so I did get into a big fight,
with at least 4 maybe 7, and pólice? Let them see, my face fucked up, yet I kept going up,
they are a bunch of clowns scaring what they say they protect, ” working people”,
for me that is evil.
Once I see that, I will shut you one, at least I know I got two on the floor,
so it seems they needed more.
Hit the video Alfredo!


Up we go!

I think the song was talking about me
7. a.m. Couldn´t sleep and the last post was nearly 3 in the m, hemmmm…..
Time to go to work,
no drinking
I´m king
Go to see mother
Have to there is no other
Fuck I do really want a drink…
Can´t so I´ll just smile and wink

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Have a great day! Smile.

I love you

Hey! Don´t take that as weakness,
But you are my princess,
You do give me a purpose, I learn from you also, you read me also,
That is you people in WordPress “caloso”, I even invent words,
rhyming, dumming, nerds me, for you to read, a bad writer,
but a loving fighter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
P.S. Always appreciate what you have even if you think it
is little, it is not. You gave me a purpose to live. Thanks.