She’s a silver lining


She had a weigh on her shoulders
And was quick to snap on other riders.

She also is a nynmphoniac
And that is why I turned my back.

Anyways, this goes my ways,
won’t say nothing more about this
Stopping giving me a kiss! Women…. and this one is handful to put it mildly.

I actually don’t believe in silver linings, wich brings to my point…go figure

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


The man

There is a man, wich as I a grew I could understand.
No sentimentalism, no hugs, no “I love you”,
man of few words and you would think he was one of those nerds.
At age 16 he was on his own, he made his little town that is
unknown to be known. Times were much harder in Spain
with a cool little dictator as a shame.

As I grew older I saw a pattern from people that
achieve “great goals” or are in the “1 percent”
when he started with not even one cent.

The pattern, smart, working day and night, he hits a
brick wall over and over again and he will still go on.
For his mentality is not uncommon, fear of failure?….
o yes, he has been broke, but he was a man
you can obviously call a man-stoke. He will get
back again and again and again and keep on fighting.

He believed on his ideas to make them work, and
as he said as I was a young kid “always do something
that makes them happy (meaning the ‘top 1 percent)
or do, what the british accomplished
in the battle of Waterloo, they provided a service
to the Queen that no others could.
That in essence is what this man does.

He would get up early,very early in the morning and
say “Lets lift Spain up”. There was failure in his
life, and more failure and more, and a bunch of times
he was broke, but he got up the next day after
failure and failure and mumbled to himself, “Lift Spain up”,
and he was so sure of himself to add….that is my dad.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I need your heart

Beep Beep goes your heart
It is a real piece of art
I like laying beside you
And hearing that heart inside you
You don’t even know how much that means to me
I know it sticks me like a bee
I just want to have it all for me
But obviously I can’t see
I’ll just stay with the beating
With your heart singing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Because you are mine

I keep an open eye
So I can see
is what you stick up my ass
sorry about that, it should be a love poem…
Because your mine
I walk the sensitive line
You’re the only thing that is real
And making me spin like a wheel
You can have it all
My empire of dirt wall
My heart says this
Is what you like about my nation
My heart sinks
When you tell me I give you the stinks
But I’ll find the way
So you will come back and stay

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the two girls

Personally, I might be silly,
I think the dog is much more pretty
in my eyes that is, so please
have the respect to my dog act,
the other girl…love ya, even if she’s mad
at me, I tend to screw up so that is …wasssap!!!
But my other girl that has no fucking curl, the dog,
gotta love that thing, every time I pass to my mothers
house she’s waiting for me, a little pain in the ass
if you might ask, but a cutty…..holy shit I was going
to end there, and the other girl, well, she’s a women
evill!!!! Kanival!!! But over all she is a good person,
wich I don’t know how to treat her, me the crazy criminal
so on one side she can be my adultery…. or just give
advice with my money you you you…. little honey.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I lost a friend

I lost a good friend
why? you can say and do it to bend
She says I’m a drunk, true, but is not you
who has to battle every day to overcome this
addiction wich now doesn’t give me any erection.
It is normal for people that don’t suffer from addiction
to understand those who do, and I suffer ever fucking day,
I just got home from the detox center, trying and trying,
every fucking day to not have a fucking drink, yes,
she maybe right I do stink.

Here goes why I’m also pissed off, did this “friend”,
remember when she called at 6 a.m waking me up and
telling me all her life and sad stories and me listening
and giving her the best advice I can give? Does she also
remember recently that I was there for her? Nope,
I’m definitely not perfect, but I am a good person
and that I know, I do screw up once in a while….
But what the fuck girl? You could also be a bit
understanding of me, I don’t expect her to do that
so what? Do I enjoy the times to listen
to her miseries? Because my life is great and I don’t
have any problems to deal with…..
And me telling her, you will overcome it, and more
positive shit. So no, she could also be a bit more
understanding instead of being in her own world
wich everything revolves around her.

Wooooohaa! It felt good writing it down.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.