We´ll be alright

Holy shit, this woman came out with her…switch.
I don´t know if it working good for her, maybe or maybey, yes.
She eventually kicked out two ot the other roomates, but not me so figure that.
Now with this great person that happens to be a woman, yet she has his her boy,
out out, I could care less, but no wonder they wake me up at 2.a.m to say the
least, now is 10 p.m here in Spain, next time would be 2 a.m and then…
go figure. So no wonder I keep a little journal of this fuckers.
Don´t worry sirs and seeeerisses, I can handle myself that is why I still live here, idiots.
I just called you idiots by the way, Iiiiii bored.
( I should have to specife more with who is who but I think you know, so go the so)
Quite interesting, hope you don´t live it, I take it as a joke as you might read. hey read!!!
What is the is. Is….. Period, you and you do death, quite leterally but I´m funny.
What a fucked up situation I in, cry me a riveeeeeeeer.

the glue of the familly

I think that phrase in the title is actually true. Never thought about it,
since a kid my mother was always around, don´t have a recollection of
my father showing up to my soccer games, tennis, whatever shit it was.
Which is more than fine, who the hell paid for my time in the U.S, daddy,
but in a much overall theme and I dhouldn´t say scheme..sorry for that one.
Each one has their part. Yet, mother was the glue to that dynamic with me
and father. I´m just noticing it now that she is recently gone,
it just doesn´t work the two of us, just can´t really.
And I still haven´t cried for the loss of that woman, mother, I have
maybe but then I forget and I already lived more certain “crazy” situations than
most things that you people have lived, each to his own on that one.
Just two great people mother and father, both of these people are not fine,
they are great. I might even go to sleep after this
one by the way. But yes the glue of that familly was mother, kind of weird
thinking about it now at my age, I might have discovered now America like Columbus.
Just a weird thought.

My story

Where is privacy? At this point could care less,
even the fucking Marrocan criminals have a video of me on cell phones, so sell the phone,
just happens that they are actual criminals and from Marroco country,
Pisses me off by the way, we the Spanish paying for them? Fuck off
you shit rastafaris or whatever name came to mind, shit face for example.
Quite interesting the video so you might go and tell them to sell it to you,
don´t know, whatever you want. It is ironic though, maybe sad too, or just B.S could be.
Who gives a fuck. Going to watch Mr. Laffer. Yes, the economist,
the Laffer curve. Quite interesting this guy.
(The shit can´t get weirder, still will fight but it is just a bit weird)

3:16 a.m thought

Can´t figure this guy out. Watching Youtube videos of my father,
he a spy? He is this or that? Probably blindness is better.
I just know his personal life, quite intriguing also, yet
he paid for my time in the U.S that I fucked up and still helps me out
in certain ways. Lost the mother two months ago at exactly 3:44 a.m,
I stayed with her until she passed and then called him to his house.
What a pussy did I become now…. fuck me, how he still calls me is beyond anybody
but he does, tries his best. I´m a lucky man because of this great man or MAN.

Just a thought, but I did get the hour and minutes right.

Are you O.K?

Paying for the groceries and the manager now also a cashier asks me “are you o.k?”
I actually was not even looking at her, so I lift my head up and asked her back
“talking to me?”, like the Robert De Niro taxi driver movie. Just a dumb question back.
I said yes and thank you, I was just very surpriesed,
paid, went out and as I´m walking back home I get teary. Lost my mother 2 months ago,
haven´t seen friends months ago, nor father, quite lonely. Live in a shit town I have
to physically fight through certain people and this woman out of nowhere and she doesn´t
know me asks “Are you o.k”, with our cool masks on. Fuck no it seems. She might have seen
something, I don´t know. But taking the bad with the good, don´t even know if I´m able
to pay rent next month, I´m alive still so I might take that as a good and thank you
the lady from the supermarket, we never talked and she seemed a bit down also but she
asked are you o.k. That restores a bit faith in humanity, probably is why I teared up,
in my way to home since I usually very rarelly really depend on “are you o.k?”


What fucking joke, she will say this that and try to get me riled off.
It did function her tactic, kind off really. But it did sort of function
her obviously reasons talking to me, about bullshit, she eventually laugh at
the end. If you talk about toxic persons, Jesus fucking Christ. I have one,
Legally she can´t do shit, I actually feel bad for her since that is her purpose and lost,
mentally for me… I can switch it off.
Sorry that was the last post about this girl having her JOKE, the bitch laughing at the end?
JOKE, but keep in mind I will fuck you up, legally, for your dumb shit.

I´m with a friend….

Ring ring the phone…
“Hi father how are you?”
“Good and you?”
The father ” talk later I´m with a friend”
The son “O.K”
Click, end of conversation. Freaking sneaky this one, I think he is CIA or something,
still had that debate with mother when she was alive the past month, or maybe she was
in the CIA or the Spanish version, I just don´t ask since if I did I will get BS,
just freaking weird, great person he is for sure, but as mother said… he is who he is.
What a fucking conversation that one, like always really. Kind of funny if you ask me, kind of.

Read ya´ll later you alligator innovator.