tell them the truth

This speech for me translates to all affects of life, including the prayer, wich I need.

Going to run now to see if the place you can call on “locutorio” in spanish if it is open, since
first of all lets see if the phone booths work…it seems I live in a great town, everything is perfect.
Going to call…yep, mommy, she has cancer
and I’m not even there to help, shame on me.
Can’t sugar coat it, so the another reality would
be her, wich she actually reads my blog.( I think I fucked up helping her with this one)
Hey mom! well, this is what she will say ” You are full of shit, you have no feelings and stop with
that bullshit on your blog, most of it is a lie, you put yourself in a pedestal!”. True.
Hey mom! Well I don’t yell at her, she scares me, hello mother is just “creative writing”….most part.
It’s my reply.

(hope you got the double meaning of the title, is not only for her, she knows me)
Hold right there…forgot, kidding, I know my mother she hates this kind of dramatic
scenes, this “self motivation videos”. You people really think they had back in the day this stuff?
actually I gess,no,since most of you are older than me, shit, I’m just calling you OLD PERSONS….
being a wimp, doesn’t run in my parents DNA.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


climb out of hell

Read ya latter….you….fornicator!!!!+

Hold on, lets put my cool me

I do pray every night and day
Nobody knows me really,
You should be silly, then,
Mother is with cancer
My father is a master… of keeping cool,
My mother too, but I was the one than with talking….
with her I was the one that told her ¨stop crying woman¨.
Sounds rough, but for her the ¨kid¨was enough.
So I guess, In one two sense, I got two of those parts,
Father…..when the shit hits the fan I got it together
Mother…..same, but I have that part that is people in general have something in partners.
So you obviously know what it means to climb out of the hell
Hence thank you for teaching me not to be in a shelf

Love ya dad and mom.

P.S. You got a crazy writer,also a fighter….haha, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The eminem woman

Come on mother,
you are something that is another,
of thinking
you are never sinking
even with cancer
you are a real panzer
i did get something from you
easy, not be a little sissy,
and i know you looooove the M in M’s,
your “kid” will bring them to you
when you later feel good
lova ya, and try to forgive me for my screw ups.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

thank you

I would like to thank you people
For me saying that, is not that simple
Specially some
Which I get a response
Thank you for reading my crazy, obnoxious,and I can add more adjective to the floor.

Without the rhyming I truly appreciate that you pass through my blog once in while
and read my dumb thing. I feel you people give me some type of purpose to keep on living,
thanks, Gents and Gentesses.

I don’t run away

As many people who read me have figured out, well, I’m just weird.
My mother is not in great health.
And there is when I come in, I’m usually a fuck up when things go well,
I get into fights, drink, I do have anger issues.
But, I found this while my time in the army that when the shit hits the fan
I’m calm and focus( I stay Frosty),and if I have to walk to the North Pole and back that is
what I will do. No drinking no nothing, just thinking of the welfare of those
who need my help. Specially being my mother. So went to the hospital with her,
back to her house to be with her beloved dog and feed the dog, back to my rent
shitty room to pay rent and do some errands my mother needed to do in the town,
and clean the house wich is a pretty big one by the way is not like cleaning my
shitty room I rent. And when talking to her always calm, my father gets more annoyed
so she prefers in this cases only, that I be around plus even as a fuck up I end up
making her laugh, and laughter is one cure, plus since she can’t walk too much obviously
take care of whatever she wants while she is lying down.
Now I’m back at my mother’s house. I thought the doctors where going to tell her
to stay in the hospital bed, just got the call that she is coming home so that is
good news.
That is a strange dichotomy of me, I’m usually a fuck up and when things get hard
I stay Frosty.

So Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.