Black racist! (video)

I did´t know about this Candance Owens that you were married to a white guy,
and he is Brithish!!!
There is a interesting dynamic there. Apart their political views match most of the times
not always. Their own personal history is what I have not experience, but this woman
and I actually nick named her “The girl”,( I always nickname people including my mother)
This woman is tough as nails, she is where she is because of some reason and she married
this guy for some reason. A good reason that is, smart strategic move, smart love move
which is more important, and just overall. See the video if you want and can.

I got the solution!!!

I got the solution for Corona Virus,
people already are doing it so is no Einstein solution,
You have my self proclaimed girlfriend on my father facebook,
i got that hook plus others got your book.
Just see all the hookers! If she fucks for money by definition
without edition that is a whore, so the new venture is to sell them to guys that want to have sex
during this period of time.
They should make me president of the universe, hit the like button bellow please.

My life (very short version)

I´m 37, lost my mother on the 14th of last month. The woman that literally raised
me by her own since father was always working and providing for us.
I don´t recall a so called “father figure”. Now he lost his wife of 50 years,
who he calls? Me. More glad than ever and I strangely find myself in a position
when I feel like I was 25 in the army in Afghanistan in charge of 4 guys.
My father is obviously not a cushy man, I have always thought he was superman in my eyes,
now I see his vulnerabilities and I hate that for him, like in the army days with
4 guys in charge I was at age 25, so I keep the conversation light, to the point,
keep his mind off our tragedy and move on. I actually told him to move on, apart from other things.
And I am talking both about the person (my mother) that raised me and I could always call her
laugh at my crazy things. Now the roles seem to be reversed, and I will reiterate again that
my father is a tough motherfucker. He called me that by the way. But he is human it seems,
seems now to me. I only say that if I have something good going for me, is to put the tragedy
of my mothers death behind of my head in some black box, (like army experience) and the way
I talk to my father, the tone, the things I say, are reassuring for him.
Kind of weird thinking he was superman and never had a real conversation with him.
As I told him, we have to adapt.
If he called me this afternoon I inmediately knew he as a human has to talk to someone
about other things that is not work.

Who the fuck are you!

Whowç are you
Had in some moments dig down
A Tçugh Motherfucker according to my father,
sing me operate when mom was dying, oprate I mean spending
9 days she was in a comma, plus add 6 other days she went obviously bad
but stil able to laugh at me. I literally saw her day to day descending into death,
who the fuck am I ?
I wanted to call my father 2 hourss ago, just to hear his voice and in my head said a goodby,
I live in a shitty town full of Marrocans I do call them out and not only call them out for their thefts,
they did steal one of my friends bar, so I will call them out and then goes the fighting, I told the idiot
what was he planning, since I don´t care I´m already dead, my mother hopefully she does not has acces
from heaven to this weird platform, point being, you fucking idiots as the day before yester could
make me a bit off if you physically to attack me, you know it. Going to teach you… Yoga?
Maybe a toga goes better in the neck, little dumb shits these ones.

How to deal with real threats

There are quite the variables but I can stick with two or three or just fucking read and hit like,
de-escate the situation when the guy gets nervous by just changing the subject that he feels comfortable in,
Two- let them see you for who you are, but you don´t wan´t to get yourself to that point,
and that point is his death point.
Three-Is not in me, but you can always run to … church, or the police, but is better to make aliances
between those groups with some, and they will literally fight between them for me having to pull a
knife out on one of them.
Just a curious thought, a real one, stil curious to put it mildly, but in my small town
very bad people, at the end of the day it all comes to word, RESPECT. They know that if you fuck with me
nothing good is going to happen, then others in that group will ask me and ask questions to see my response
and I will give it to them sincerely, at the same time I am establishing a relationship for good in that
moment since the moment can always change in a second, not these past months though after I basically
stabbed one of them when he tried to rob me, not even a stab was it was a quick slash on his forearm
when he went to hit me, plus two other guys next to him. I just thought that take the so called leader out
and normally as they did, will run. Today back to see the situation…. all good.

Where is my dog?!!!

I don´t even know were my mother is, my guess it would be with the “company”,
now the fucking dog has to be operated… what the fuck,
it´s one after another, and I would make the comparison in some strange way that is,
that now is my father alone in the house, and as much the dog drives him nuts who is
the one taking care of the dog? My father. Obviously no comparison to loosing his wife
of 50 years,( and my mother) but that little devil of bulldog will be one solution to a lot of other problems.
My crazy Tina is her name

yes she is a pain in the ass but I do think (if my father is paying who knows
how much amount of money for the dog to be operated, not going to ask him)
She will be a pain in the ass but it our dog. And once in a while make dad smile.

Who would have thought….

Now that my mother is gone, I have my father as the last family member.
we never had a cushy cushy relationship, it´s not in him nor me,
we do have in common that we both would be cushy cushy with my mother
but between us it just doesn´t happen, until now.
The poor man now has to take care of the house, now the freaking dog has to be operated
as of right now, so he told me he would call me later to give me uptades. Meaning if the dog
is alive or not. Seems it´s tragedy after tragedey, I know he is a tough man,
who would have thought that these tragedies would bring us together. I do know he loved me
even being the fuck up I am, but I did good things in life to support mother, my country having
served in the army and now writing poorly. He does appreciate all those things so now it seems
I get calls every two times a day from this man, my father, and I really appreciate them and
now the roles are reversed, me telling him to be strong, take a walk like he always did at a certain
time since it is something he uses to clear his mind and since he told me that he wasn´t taking the
walks I just said ” get up and stretch your legs as always”. It is a tregedy to loose a mother,
and his wife that they were married for 50 years
now the fucking dog lets see what happens after they operate her, but if you want to not
go crazy and depressed you do have to think about you and only you, keep life moving, I told him that.
So now the roles are reversed, I saw his vulnerable side and is not fun, I always thought he was superman,
seems he is not and now he does need a bit of support, just a bit he is a strong motherfucker as he called me,
But who would have thought….. life

Statistics don´t lie, liars use statiscs

That title is a perfcet saying for this whore that tries to put me in jail,
sorry to say this Miriam Lorenzo Calero, sorry that a good person like me
will expose you. Not sorry really, you keep on sending e-mail messages?
And you think you have the upper hand, maybe since now a days the women are all saints
it seems, but is not going to fly with me. I could be in jail, but knowing myself
if I do commit something wrong I would be the first one to admit it. Not you obviously,
you´re way of thinking is: It´s his fault that this happen to me, o no is not his fault is the
fault of the other person, o… it is the fault of the society as a whole.
Good to see your email message, I did told your bullshit, your are that, a bullshit artist, a punk real,
as much as you want to prove your false point, you already did by the way,
I do still have the papers saying “not guilty”
just for a simple reason they say “not guilty” because I´m not, and your bullshit nobody can believe,
unless they have an agenda like alwas, you are good at what you do, seems it is waking up and thinking
how to fuck somebody, not me only by the way. I will fight this, you do will not tarnish my name
with your dumb bullshit. I´ll send this to your email now that it seems you constantly send me emails.