Lets lock and load it

Now, today, it is my way.
Time to go to work.
Eliminating pork, or want to eat them, hemmmm…
Lets lock and load
For your parents try to not fold.
Time to get off and literally do a bliss-off.
Too much writing and listening to youtube videos.
Reality heart my creavity with negative-e you de!
Not my manly gravity.
Sorry about what I wrote. Hard times…. hemmm,
Out we go, see ya later you animator and innovator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hard times

GP is his the name of the person that sent it,
he is hard to play the game. To smart hence I´m the dark tart.
I think it had a subliminal message for me, anyways the video is funny.

No cigarettes!!!! and a bit more

On my last cigarette and is only 7 a.m in the Land of the wild bulls also known as Spain.

I just saw in the comment section a person that liked my post about yoga, go to her blog,
and yes it is a her, then comment hopefully I didn´t insult her. Something about eating Bamby the deer
(She is vegetarian) and that my yoga clases I only went because of hot women. My back still hurts also.

What a house am I living in, people come people go, the “ex-girlfriend” fucking the Marrocan 15 meters
wway from my room. Was that a girlfriend? She proclaimed it to the airs…. polar bears.
But I´m the one paying the fucking bills. They are quite sneaky though. They are good.

Another guy sleeping in the vacant room left by the Brazilian guy who also fucked my “ex-girlfriend”,
you tell me what the definition of whore is. So they moved another guy now into that room….
And I´m paying the bills.

Humans, might as well laugh at it unless is very necessary to get serious and that is not to the advantage of them.
Humans… what else to complain about? Ha! No money, no food. But my center space is my cigarette.

Baseball Pitcher

Bare with me with this analogy.
People see baseball… one guy throwing the ball and other hits it with a bat,
There alot much smart.
Taking the time I´ll concentrate on that, letting them hold the bat,
And when time is necessary, they won´t expect the curve ball.
All this is not a small deed nor easy, but gotta make that curve ball.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

(another fucking message for the others to read? Jeeeesus, including people very dear and near to me,
forget about the others, the others are easy, just have to prove them wrong, all sides)


Look at me, in the quarantine that is mean.
Who the hell knows if we´ll be out of this house next month, and no money as of today.
My way.
Quarantine takes it´s toll on us small.
Yet…. I seem to get larger when the shit hits the fan.
I should be a ban.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.