Jesus Christ…. been looking for my cool military photo
for about and hour, can’t find it. So what did I title this one?
…..warrior, then you can comprehend, this or not.

we were soldiers young
i keep repeating the same song
believe it or not
actually you have to believe it since running nose snot
it would be kind of cool to invent this shit
doesn’t happen on my cool beat
point being, forgot, sort off,
so you join voluntarily
you get a static pay check every month no so early,
and you do that kind of job,
my name is Bob
but I still have the warrior in me
although it was even easier to do the “thing”
when you do the same thing and practice the same bling
over and over and… yep,another over again,
it becomes part of you, is second nature or first nature?
You just react in that same act, no thinking,is pure adrenaline
and you react while being a rat,over over again, the rats go to
the cheese, we went into the infantry.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


four funerals

I live in a very small town.
Wich I thought I own…but not.
I live in front of a church.
I hate it when every day play the bells headache.

And it seems that in this small town.
Everybody is dying downtown.
I wake up and step to my my little balcony.
And then I seem to see.

Another funeral car for the disease,
please!! this is traumatic,
you idiots left me un static
i just saw the fourth if i count right
and is not so bright
to look out your own balcony
and see agony.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

thank you words

You are the labour of my love
please forgive me for being incompetent
i should have stayed in college and learned
instead of being in jail since obviously i was apprehend
ideas, phrases,even freaking poems i can retain in my brain
until i put the pencil to the paper, words words
you make me keep on living.
Thank you words.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Dorothy was right

Dorothy you told me something
that I relinquish to my head understanding
so what happened….

I lived in small filthy towns
Full of clowns
Dorothy said “no!!”
I said hello, smirking,
And got myself to do dirty working,
Then things eventually
Came out not accordingly…to my great genius plan
So I stood back in shock
Then hit myself with a rock

Dorothy Dorothy….
I thought you was crazy
Or was my head too lazy?

Yes, Dorothy was right.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.