I´m the future

I know (fucking hot here)
that the snow
brings me hotter
hell yeah brother!

I am the future,
if you can see it in your mind
the other shit goes behind
just focus on ¨that¨ and the rest goes behind.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,.I´m the fucking future!
What a photo for the future……..


Repetition carries conviction

Do what you do
be the Scooby do
or a male that screw
not going to go all political correctness
and say princess
repetition does carry conviction
i can name quite a lot examples that would carry a brainstorm

another day
do you hear ok?

Stay Frosty Gents and gentesses.

the brotherhood

Young men full of pride,
cockiness is one word they can not hide.
They train intensively for battle, wanting blood inside,
that cage that they will rattle.
Then, reality hits them when they get to experience the real mortality,
but for most,
the training is so ingrained in them,
they take pride(some) and find a place in their,
their minds are set in neutrality
working and working with that mortality.
People from all walks of life,
really putting their life´s
in each others knifes.
That small group of men, a young one normally,
are the brotherhood, you don´t really like the guy next to you,
but in most intensest you can bet your life that he will do his job
to protect you and me goes to him….I think I lost a ring,
that is brotherhood, not friendship.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.