about a girl

She looked at me with her dark eyes,
a thunder struck my heart,
she was a real piece of angels art.
My vulnerabilities she knew and understood,
I created her a lot of problems, just for being around-
I was a mortar inbound.
She knew how to manage me,she gave me something that I never had,
unconditional love.
It has been half a year since she has gone…. I´ll see her soon.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


when the sthit hits the fan…make millshake out of it

i have no clue
sort off trying to build your heart to a true

i do know something
i´m crazing

that two sentences or four
i`´m on an uproar!
so as you well know
life is tought ya know bro, but in the good sense yo

so this cancer of my mother made me realize something
i can do what i did before in my previous life
yes i will make the woman strife

taking care off her and ….when….the shit hits the fan
you can always make juice out of it
the cancer mother…. that shit will end up making you love your milkshake

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

spanish memorial day

Yes sirs and serees, those if you can belive it or not are the same potos…hold it!

I´m celebrating
nothing to me is very exciting
guess is for civilians to have a barbecue
and on que
they´ll suddenly become
so patriotic some
in my country
being spain
wich living here is a pain….in tha ass
sorry, i just smoked some cool hash,
here it is is the 12 of october the arm forces day
since i´m a saint for all you one babe
yep, i got arrested that day

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.