Pulling the strings

I have no idea how the bank gave me money,
long story so to make it kind of sorry
father pulled the strings
get a phone call 15 minutes later from mother
“go” that´s it.
I am the black sheep of the familly, I walk and talk dummy,
i can always mentally and physically fight you,
but how the fuck did the women( they are all women in the bank)
eventually gave me my money that I worked for. How the fuck it happened?
I don´t know, I just asked mommy… not even that, never asked her nothing,
for everything in life actually, just curious when I went back to the bank
and they treat me as a weird royalty, they did pay me though, my money I earned
working. But why? I know you know that this shit should not be in public,
looking out long term it has to be. And no wonder this idiot criminals hate me,
apart from me kicking their ass, they do seem to know to read in … just google tranlsate,
for them to hate. Not a bait bitches, never called on the police on you idiot.
I handle me.
Back to the bank, under quarantine, father made the phone call to who? Guess it would be
quite a lot higher up in the ranks than the so called president of that specific branch
for her to give me my money I earned working, working you fuck Marrrrocans.
No worries though, I can go back down and kick your ass like yesterday. Punk.

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