Work Hard, Reap The Benefits, Then Relax & Enjoy

ShaNu Water

  Is There a Mentor in the House?

By Ja’Nala


How many times have you worked on; or studied something to the point that you thought you had it down pact, but when you tried to implement it – it did not work? So you try it again and think, “This has got to work this time,” and it still doesn’t. This is when you are in need of a mentor, one should never settle on the words “I can’t.”

There are two types of personalities in the world, those that know they can, and those who believe they can’t. Confucius says, “They are both right.” Which one are you?

We all have talent and skill, but we have to work at it, it takes work and fierce dedication to be successful and there are people just waiting to help you on your journey. “Too many times we see those…

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