I´m not homeless so…. happy new year!!

Yesterday I was sweating bullets, no money to pay rent, literally 0$ in the bank.
And the part of sleeping outside when is minus 0 degrees celsius is not very appealing.
But family came to the help. So at least I can pay that shit hole that I live in which is
is only 130$.
I have, as you can see a computer, a screwed up one but at least something
is better than nothing. That´s for sure. I´m not too sure yet about food and cigarettes, yep
almost homeless and thinking about cigarettes…go figure. So does make you think about
the people out there that are not nearly as lucky as me. Already been homeless and certainly
is not very cool. It is cold though. So lucky me that I have the family that I have.
Hope you all had a great, party party party! surrounded by people you love, and at the
end,that most important. Money too, but like family there is nothing.
At least in my case this time, other times….alone alone alone no money and freezing cold.
So I´m quite happy this first day of the new year. Hope you all are happy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentess.


  1. Life is not a box of chocolates. Fuck you, Forrest Gump.
    Priest, you’s a gladiator, do not stay your sword, or you die. One more day of life, is one more chance, to conquer the arena. Stay strong.

  2. Happy New Year Charly!!! I’m glad you finally got your computer and I’m glad you still have a home. xoxo Ash 🙂

    1. Hi Vonita, indeed I am blesses with a great family. This bad string of luck, the luck that I created for myself will last until the end of the month, so next month will be better. Maybe even a decent computer, and more.

  3. I wish you a very happy new year filled with cigarettes, money, love and a comfortable home and anything you want. I am glad it worked out for you and I am sure it will only get better from here. I wish you only the best. Ohh.. I also hope you get a new laptop this year. Hang in there. Take care of yourself.

  4. It’s already started, so my good wishes are a little bit late, but sincerely felt. I’ve not had much computer time over Christmas this year – too much travelling around. I’m glad to get back and catch up at last. Glad your not on the street, though, Charly. You’ll have to start crowdfunding!

    1. Thank you Garfield, I just got a new laptop! How things work out…. a bit or quite of work, some help for sure and luck. I´m getting used now with this new laptop, she seems to be doing good

  5. Your family really are your life’s blessings. A very good year for a start…because of the many hearts you have touched. This post is nice and raw Charlie, trust me this year is going to be great! So fasten your seatbelt and hit that phenomenal ride.Happy New year!

    1. Thank you, it has to be a better year than last one if I keep everything in check which I´m doing for me, and eventually the better I do for me that will make the people around me at least a bit more proud and happier.
      Although now is a back braking labour starting at 5 a.m in minus 0 degrees celcious and your pretty much on call 24/7 to do any kind of chore, which thankfully I´m able to do, not the first time, but it is a long time since I had done these kind of work. You call it I do it. And I feel blessed to be freezing outside since I do know at the end of the day I have money in the pocket and money to repay those who have helped me, makes me feel cozy while today freezing my ass off in a construction site. Plus I have a freaking new computer, two meals a day, and for cigarettes every other day. More than enough..

      1. At least you got work. Mine was a temp agency. Wake up at 3am, bike to work 30-45 mins, wait all day, and don’t get put to work, and don’t get paid. Bike home 30-45 mins. Then they lie and say blank stretches in employment are due to not being available, when I sit there in their faces, day in, day out. Welcome to the club! Thanks for comisserating about the misery, bro. Gotta do what we gotta do.

      2. Problem 1- I have no shame
        Problem 2- Whatever people say I really don´t care
        Problem 3- I can kick ass and take names and that is no bullshit
        Problem 4- I forgot……

      3. we accept YOU for who you are faults and all….that’s all that matter, Charlie.I don’t have a perfect life too so I don’t have the right to judge you for who you are or what you’ve been through . You are brave and honest and I admire you for that.

      4. i love playing this little game with you, Charlie. I’m serious now. Really, I wish that all your dreams will be realize this year and you can fly as far as you can.. you will reap the rewards of your hardwork and get richer than you are at this point.

      5. This sounds like you are a girl, tell me you are a girl!!! Cause I was thinking I was flirting with a guy. I do have OCF ( Obsessive Compulsive Flirt) 😉 wink and wink.
        And thank you for the comment, doing better, no drinking but a lot of smoking (wich really is much better than the drinking) and now I see life in another light, actually….. I see the light!!

      6. So are you telling me I´m actively contributing to global warming? I don´t care really, I´ll be dead by the time the earth reaches temperatures of 45 degrees celcious in 100 years

      1. Damn, it has to be early there, if you are in the East coast that is 6 hour behind, so it should be there 2a.m and if it in the west coast is 9 hours less so it has to be then around 11 p.m.
        So yo at a party!!! Give me the invite

  6. I’m glad you’re safe. I remember how addictive cigarettes were for me, so I understand that you were thinking about them along with everything else. Someday, maybe you will be able to say goodbye to them, but I get it. Thanks for following, “Anything is Possible!”

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