white privilege!

Going political on you, should I make it rhyme? Na, fuck it.
Quick story, my best friend is a Muslim Marrocan guy called Omar,
which I tease him for his name, and he alway tells me that he is going to cut my balls.
Freaky the guy. Story continues…When I got to the U.S at age 14 my White privilege
has the norm to be in a school, obviously not cheap. The first day, still remember, I got there
there was a big black guy ( that is also my white privilege) standing on the entrance door,
and he did say something about these lines, ¨Where yo going bro, not for you¨, I´m literally half
a meter from him looking up at this idiot, he smiles after giving the bullshit, and at that age
he was a good kid compared to how I was with that age.
He did find the time to smoke cigarets with me at
his own time, funny guy by the way. If not we wouldn´t sneak out to smoke cigarettes.
But basically he didn´t want the other black guys seeing him going with a White Spanish guy.
Hope he turned out good. I never saw colours, I see people, and not because of how I was raised,
it´s just natural for me, I judge the person, good and bad, but a person. Have a little nice video,
I like it and she….is black! I probably like it since in my dumb mind she thinks like I do.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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