my nice nighbor

I call him “loco de la colina” (to much research to translate in english) Crazy he is.
But he did stumble upon another crazy. That was his bad.
It seems he had a problem when my fathers Jaguar was stoped for a few minutes for him.
He actually got on my fathers face in a threatening manner. I can´t put up with that.
So today I just fucked his car up, then I go to my little room and write,
but I still have ears,so I do hear him yelling, The landlord, which by legal means is
not the the one who owns the house, to make it quick I got her, and the actual landlord
who was the Major of this town who did a bad job by the way. And his crazy son wich I´m talking about living in
the house next to me, the one that threaten to take my head off, really? I kill you in a second.
And after you threatining my father maybe quite less than a second. Just talk and Yell…
Point being- Know as much as you can know and if ncessary the information you got, use it
against them, with people supporting you is best.
What a fucking story… Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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