Key to love

I just discovered at my age of 37 that there is no specific key,
my stories are just fuck and go, that´s about it.
What really interested me after talking with my father about my mothers
situation was how this man is handling all that and why he does it.
I do remember as a kid that he would and still does make my mother laugh,
with him and at him(mostly the latter). These two have been married for over 50 years, up downs
like normal people, but maybe the key to love is being apart from the lover( I only know that)
to really have a friendship and in between in that friendship make the other laugh.
Seems like I just discovered America like that guy named Colombo.
A very interesting dynamic between my father and mother, if it wasn´t for the quarantine
I wouldn´t think about it.
Cute story….. and hit the LIKE button now.


    1. How you dare to pick that up after I punished my one neuron?
      But is true, how many of those have I got, too many, did it make me happy? In the short term yes not in the long run.
      I can´t stay flexible, according to my body that is.

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