Billy the Belasio.. New York!

I don´t even know if I got that name right, he is just Italian….
Nice people I met in Italy and in Amercia, that would be the 3rd generation of them,
point being Mr. Warren Whilhem de Belasio Jr( I guess that would be J for Junior)
What a mouth full that name, but I just hate hypocrites.

I´m imperfect to say the least- check
I do hate (sorry God, but He has humour) immigrants-check, well my check money is going for them
I hate.. I just hate the hate
I hate that there is not stature of me having pacience
I hate no statue of me saving people
I hate me I
Point I guess: Apart from watching youtube the videos, not good, but my other option is to
have fun with criminals, my option that is.
Point- Major of New York Mr. Belasio, you are full of crap.
(I feel better now, why? no clue)


  1. Hi Charly, missed you so I’m back. I see your book published, I meant to order one before they are all gone. I had notifications turned off believe it or not no wonder never heard from anyone.

    1. Hello Mrs or Miss Gradmama….weird name that one, the books are all gone! I have no idea how it was published. I literally sent it to a person that I won´t mention, a person from wordpress I sent her a rough draft, 4 months later she had made the book, edited and the rest. I, like the wizard I am, completely forgot about the freaking thing, so out it goes in Amazon it seems. Buy it, do a favour to humanity since I´m not getting anything, not very smart to say the least.

      Notifications…. I just stay in my 2 by 4 room I rent and forget there are things called humans.

      Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

      1. I was a grad student and a grandma when I invented the gradmama handle…10 years or so ago, been around on WordPress since 2011. Been sulking for a long time, now I’m back…I had email cut off on my bloggers…no wonder no one emailed me. duh

      2. I have no idea if they are gone or where the hell are they. I sent a rough draft of the book through email to a lady, then she edited made the book and made the Amazon account, I even forgot about the the rough draft I had sent her, so I basically forgot I had written a book and several months later she contacted me saying the book was up in Amazon. I have no idea how to get into the account.No idea where the books are or if I made a dollar on them. Could care less by the way. The story can´t get weirder. For now.

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