Mask alert!!!

Mask alert
You pervert
Yes you the government
Starting tomorrow if you don´t go out with a mask the police can arrest you
So mine will not be blue
The power this virus is giving the Spanish Socialist-Communist government
It is unprecedented
Yes put on the mask, so the virus sticks to it and you breathing it all day
as of today.
Forget about letting people go to work, no, the government will pay you
a shit pay but maybe you don´t end up in the street next month
for at least once.

Have a wonderful day.


    1. I should add is not being angry, I already knew this, but tell ” I sense some anger…….” to people that the Chenesse government and now the Spanish government taking advantage of them. I´m good to go knowing my own personal situation, but tell the other people what you jus said, they cut you up. Not kidding on that one. Just saying, I´m good to go yet your comment it is an insult to people that are seeing their whole lifes´s are going down the hill.
      Hello Stine, are you wake up or what? Punck, now you made me angry but not for me, for the other normal people that are really suffering, you shit face.
      Now I´m good after you insulted me and me now doing it to you, might be me doing oppertly… yet I feel good, out of here you punck.

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