countaracting human instincts

Either I am that unconscious
or a jewel precious
I can tell you after my military experience
no difference
it has always since the day I was born, to help,
i don´t freeze. I just react to numerous of times in civilian world
to help the old lady passed out in the bus, to the drunk guy
on the floor and me giving him mouth to mouth until he started to get a breath at least
so he was good by the time the ambulance got there.
You do train in the military to do extreme types of jobs, but I was thinking (it´s rare)
that it has to be a good part of a person born with that.
I don´t know, just rambling upon my experience. I´m good to go though, see mommy tomorrow.
Quarantine uplifted, out we go. In this house which did turn into a whore house,
Getting cleaned, all the precautions bebore I enter moms house, I do have to see her
before she dies of termimanl carncer. I checked with dad, he said o.k,
Anyways, I do actually think that in my day and actually today, but in that part of my army day
I would smack you and I would die for you also, military training did help obviously,
yet I had to have something in me from the beginning, if not why would I safe 5 lifes in
the civilian world? Not to throw my flowers but it is the truth. Whoever read me for
some time, I do really hit the shit dime.(that was a weird commentary by the way, kind of yoga for me)

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