dark poetry

The man in black

Roaming around the dark streets was a man in black,
And he shot a man in the back.
He laughed, he cursed at the dead man
He started to strangle the dead body with one hand
Roger was his name,
He got arrested and senteced to die
He did not fear “little sparky”,
He sat down in in the electric chair
He grinned at the audience who were there to stare,
His last words, “I’m the man in black and as the
devil I will be back”.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


cocaine cowboy

I have half of that white powder
and no wonder suddenly I have friends,
pretense. But eventually you might regret,
not really since it would be silly.
What is done is done, come on!
You walk through the streets with your
friends and nobody can sleep, well…depends,
so you end up late in your room a little one,
your senses are hyped up, your mind swirls
with anything that are not cool curls,
thinking…. fuck! I heard something
so somebody is watching me, fuck! it might
be the police, and you think weird things,
but at the end…it’s all in the mind, mostly,
because I’m the cocaine cowboy.

I did write this thing some time ago, now I’m cool, just
drinking water and eating like a maniac. Just in case people
think I’m talking about me now,
remember, it is called creative writing, I might as well just made
this thing up……shit, I swear to God that people are after me…
ya know!!!! love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the man that got away

He found himself in a trap
So he just snap
Got the knife
And killed his wife

Police were chasing him
But he went to the gym
He finally disappeared in to the dark
He was just a little spark

Years later….

A friend asked him why he killed his wife,
the man, looked at him as if his friend was nuts and said
“She makes terrible apple pies.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Gonna kill you bitch

you just turned a switch
you little bitch
inventing inventing that’s your life
but here we go, so it seems that people
or girls in this case read your phone,
and the bitch calls my mother who has her age,
still beautiful my mother but i don’t like to hear
some bitch for her to bother, and the bitch loves
to snitch. It never occurs to me to do that shit,
wich by the way the bitch didn’t fall to far from
the tree, gotta see the mother….and did I say bitch?
Forgive me, me so sorry in a hurry, so yesterday her job was…
tatatatatat….. fucking a guy in a trailer for twenty euros.
And that is no bullshit, since she told me to wait for her “here”
I figured I might do some inspect, and the you see the truth wich,
really I should have expect. But you stupid dumb shit bitch dont
go calling my mother and saying lies about me, quite wonderful
is so full of joy this bitch at the end of the day…..hey!
They say that the best comeback is served cold…or maybe I forgot
the saying and I’m just hanging. Little bitch saying her falsehood,
but what can you expect from a whore, and twenty euros for the other
guy to fuck her….she’s not worth a penny. So here as we go
for you to flow, your time will come after this prank that you
just pulled off, bitches laying on ditches.
But it is creative writing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the god mother

34 years old and I don’t give a shit what you told.
Quite interesting the relationship since I did do a lot of bullshit
The relationship was not what it seems to be according to plan B
I pissed her off long time ago and she said I don’t want to heare, so you go.
But, this time…. She hangs over me, wich make me sick, I should be
one protecting her, emotionally yes but unfortunately I just fight,
at the same time the emotions….
are weak in my family, so I’m a greek?
I’ve been through the ringer, but,
She will always take the time to send me a telephone ringer.
Just the God mother.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.