Stage IV cancer

Three and a half years since mother was diagnosed
It was a hard punch in the nose
Back in the hospital again
Only difference she won´t walk out this time
I sit next to her all day and watch her decline
Talk to father he has to move his own things making life keep going for him-
My mothers wishes for him within
And I´m watching a corpse pretty much
My head has wrapped around the idea such
She rarely has her lucid moments
Today it briefly happened they were my omens
Not easy to watch your mother becomming a cadavre slowy
Yet surely
But I´m unable to cry

Got internet now in the hospital so read ya´ll later you innovator.


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, we as a family did all we could, now is just me sitting and waiting for her end and making her as comfortable as I can even though she is unconscious all day. I just wrapped my brain around it, me and my father. We got to move on. It may sound calouse, but it is what she wants also.

  1. This is so sad, especially this sentence”Not easy to watch your mother becomming a cadavre slowy” that’s very, very painful.
    Please hang in there. Mental hugs to you.

  2. Siento mucho lo que esta pasando tu querida madre y todos vosotros los familiares y seres queridos. Te lo digo de corazon porque del 1980 al 1988 pase por lo mismo, hasta q murio mi madre en agosto del 88…no ha pasado un dia que no pienso en ella. Un abrazo colega.

    1. She died this past Sunday, we all knew the end was coming so when I checked on her at 3.44 a.m, she had expired. Quite weird to see the person that litearally raised me by her own deat, checked her pulse and saw that she was cold, not in rigamortis yet but she was cold. Went to the nurses, anounced the obvious and then the procedures start happening, thank to my father he had it all ready. Appreciate your comment.

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