Wonderful life

The life you are born
You make or not make the big horn
Trying to pretend
You end up in a deep end
But in my case- a wonderful life
Good, bad, ugly, and silly just
A wonderful life.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank you very much, appreciate it first that you actually read my crazy thing and second that you share it in your blog. But more grateful for me is that you took the time of your day to read it, so I do very much appreciate it.

      1. You yourself are 6 cups of coffe so …. although I do remember when in the U.S the Starbucks and me… Capuchino, almost 4 dollars if I remember correctly, but damn it was a good investment

      2. Hold on…. did you actually put a little face of an alien? I still wonder where you people get all those freaky faces, a mistery for me. And yes I will pay only if you agree to go to a MacDonalds with me since it´s been long time I haven´t gone to one, I will pay then.
        Please stop with those creepy faces, I can´t sleep with that in my brain.

      3. I wake up, look in the mirror😎😎 and laugh at myself is the first thing in the morning I do. Then I go running, and who am I ? I´m just me, each to his or her own. Although I don´t drink coffe, I like herbal tea, or whiskey depends on the days.
        And who are you?
        Don´t get mad, I was just being “funny” with the comment of the faces, just me, a dummy. Although not so dummy and I am a good person I can tell you that. But if people try to cross me, then those people entered into a gladiator arena and they will eventually loose. But I´m a pacifist at heart, at least is what my mother wanted me to be, so better not piss her off.
        Take care, and don´t get too mad at me.

      4. Don´t be sarcastic and smartass, I just replied to my so proclaimed girlfriend in my fathers FaceBook, kind of weird this one, my father had to delete all her crazy messages, poit being do not piss me off you dumb shit, feeling better now after the curse words? Probably is my guess, you are looking for it

      5. That is why I wear my mask Charly… I want to protect my senses against chaos. The masks are the beginning of what is to come. More isolation, food delivery, no internet and more hell than now.

      6. By the way, are you this dumb? Now making me angry you dummy, actually …. out of here, do not reply will be my suggestion and trust me on that one, you fucking dummy, being a smartass with all the shit I have going on in my life? No way Mrs. You are done, again I suggest that you don´t reply

      7. We definitely have to be blessing than swearing. If you could only see the demons hanging on to swear words, you would be shocked. The demons hang around to build up more garbage to put us in bonds of anger and unhappiness, rob us of our true selves and peace. Demons make us sick and old, too.😞🙏

      8. Charly no! I am so sad to learn of your Mom’s death! You did mention your Mom earlier bu not that she had passed. Prayers for your beautiful Mom are being sent up! 🙏

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