1. As I said to the other commentator and thank you for stopping by and commenting Kally, as I said I can summarize all those factors in one word I think it fits. Happy.

    1. Didn´t look at the views myself, actually I don´t even look at my views or stats or nothing, anyways I thought he had some life knoweldge and not because he was a soldier. If I could sumarize the video… hard but, I would say it in one word. HAPPY

  1. Thank you for the video. 12 cigars and some whiskey. I would enjoy this life and I hope you are doing okay my friend. Hot days of Summer here in Michigan.

      1. Don´t mix me up with kids, I´m terrible with them after 3 hours, for 3 hours they have fun with me, after that either I´m trying to think how to kill the little one or how to commit suicide myself, drive me nuts those kids. No wonder I have a friend ( from the army days by the way) he called one of his two kids “little taliban” and he was right, I meet the kid make little chat chat and I got kicked in the…. my two little precious things between my legs. We both laughed, the father and me that is, the kid started swinging at me, he is 3 years old, it´s a Spanish Taliban in progress, he should be exterminated. By the way the weather man was incorrect as always, it´s 6.am at 23 degrees celcious, if you add that I live in a tiny room the heat is about 10 degrees up in this room after the sun hitting it all day long, no air at all rolling around, freaking hot, so I hate that weather man in t.v, I should put a letter for him to get fired and now that I´m thinking a bit straight I should call my friend to tell him to fire his little kid “Little Taliban”, that was funny by the way.

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