Thank you all

I just had to say it, thank you people for one time or another crossing path with this little crazy blog. And also special thank´s to  a specifc group of people that I suppose who you are that we have emailed or with others not, but you have always had kind and encouraging word thrown at me, which is rare. I´m writing this shit as I go, nothing prepared and have little time to write so it comes from the heart.

All you people are a greate community. And I truly appreciate it. I sound like a wussy.

Gotta run, for certain personal problems I will have to be out for a little time though. So don´t think that I´ll stop stalking you, just for a while I´ll stop stalking you………..until I resolve certain things.

And why do I have the neccesity to talk about it? I ask myself. Just because I do. I´ll write it down though, just to get it out of my chest.


And have a great Christmas!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Always stay Frosty


  1. Well, I speak from my heart when I say that I love you, in the way it’s possible to love through internet.
    I never mer you, but apart from my boys, you’re one of the persons I hold closest.

  2. It is good to know these tgjngs. I miss people and wonder why Ihaven’t heard anything…take care of yourself. It will be good when you return! Merry Christmas and blesings to you in the new year.

    1. Thank you for your kínder words and putting up with my writting! Seven days at most and i will be bale to use a Computer on a more regular basis, see what kínd of beautiful pinturas you have posted, have a great Christmas!

    1. Hello Steffy, everything is good. Just in the South of Spain in a little town where internet is not very accessible. Be back on the 29th so I´ll have to recharge myself on the blogging world and my favourite blogs, which you guys are a lot !

      Big hug, and you too have a great Christmas

  3. Thank you Charly for all your wonderful writings and for being you. I will keep you in my thoughts I hope whatever problems you have will be resolved. Many blessings and Happy Holidays.

    Blessings; Amber (Adam)

    1. Blessings to you too……. Adam? So your a dude ! and I thought I was corresponding with a woman. That was sort of funny. Anyways, don´t care. I love your writing and love your comments too. And I still don´t know how you put up with my crazy ramblings or post´s as some people call them.

      Problems will be resolved, just takes a bit of time out of the internet world for now but be back on the 29th of this moth. Vacationing right now and problems actually will come later on when the sentence comes in, I´ll write about it then. Until the 29th of this month I have one hour to get on the Internet, but be back to stalk all of you guys by the 29th of this month. Muuuuuch more time with the computer.

      You too have a great Christmas!

      1. Dear Charly, I will be thinking of you. And will miss your writings. You always manage to brighten up my day.

        I think I too will be offline for a little while. I suppose it will give us a chance to write without distractions. I hope things are okay with you. It’s a funny time of year Christmas. So many emotions.

        Keep smiling and being your wonderful self.

        Many Blessings, Adam

        xx God Bless you

  4. I am so glad you are my blog bud!! You are not a wussy – just genuine, and that is of the utmost importance!! And thanks to you, I try to Always stay Frosty 😉
    Hope your time away was relaxing, fun, and full of adventure!

    1. Indeed we had, a good happy family Christmas. Long time it was since that happened so it was nice to see the people that are the ones that really count in your life be happy. That´s all that was important for me, to see them healthy and happy.

      And how am i not going to pass through your blog, come on diwanna !

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