Just me not knowing what to write about……

You have been....busted!

You have been….busted!

You drive I pay….it´that simple !

As an old wise man said (a.k.a me)…….so?

As a great Spanish Stallion said to a lady ” You look like art, no the Mona Lisa sorry, you´re a perfect piece of art
and you know why? Art isn´t suppose to look nice, it´s suppose to make you feel something.” She looked at me like I was just let loose from a zoo and almost ran away. Then I went and had a couple of shots of this beauty right hereimages-1 but I came back to charge another lady, hell to me they all are beauties, that´s wrong. Anyways I came back with this faceFoto 290 and said “Sweetheart,never forget you´re a miracle”. She just laughed, but I think it was more because of the stoned face I had. I did add a couple of puff puff the real magic dragon into the ecuation.

By the way my family tells me I look like a criminalyo delincuente, well that place I´m at is not 5th Avenue for sure, but criminal? How the fuck doe a criminal looks like….I have no idea but if that is so then look at this I´m a smooth criminal, a mastermind really Foto 146, a little secret from the picture of me in the black shirt. If you look closely to my left or to the right of the photo right where the white jacket is, there´s  one of these images-2right next to me on  the bench but rolled up into a brown paper. I´m just smooth, told you a mastermind.

I even have made my dogs drink what a drink normallyIMG_1044she has good taste.

So I have decided to dress always nicely a buy a yacht to sail back to the U.S, I´ll have my friend over here smuggle in a bit of  you know whatimages-11, and don´t let the stature fool you. He´s a mean S.O.B.

So my hero? You ask, I answer, my friend Aly boy al-capone-quotes.

Now, I have just killed thisIMG_1460_2 that little bastard had me running around the garden for almost two hours so her death was slow and very painful. I´m just inhuman. And then have a great cigarette outside this beautiful house of …. not mine with the two beautiful farting pissing shitting beast that are…not mineIMG_1364 while I talk with my “contacts” back in New York, you know what I mean?

Damn this is random…..

I´m a narcissist
hanging photo´s of me to exist
you can´t resist
this beast!
Yahoo, news, they said it was going to be sunny
that was a crummy idea to put out, I´m freezing my tale off
and can not keep in a cough.
I´m a smooth criminal…lookDSCN2410
Not being to subliminal here but I just feel like…hum hum hum
for me, I´m kinky even without my whiskey.
I like to do now the funky chicken dance
screw the tranceDSCN2511
there you go with my flow there is no snow yet,
so let´s forget.

Am I that bored today? Foto 330Let me think…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


  1. I liked the quote of Al Capone..and I liked his title..”American gangster” :-)..and the first pictures of you on top of the blog?….really nice…

    1. Well that quote interesting enough it was my own mother who had it downloaded from the internet to the computer and had my father print it but instead of putting Al Capone´s face it was her face next to the quote, she said she felt reflected in those words….fucking scary!

    1. Yes mam, I certainly was. But now is 8:30 on a Sunday I might add, who wakes up at these hours on a Sunday specially in Spain….but C-boy feels rejuvenated to start writing.

      1. What´s with this señor thing, now listening it in Portuguese is my guess. By the way you do have good taste for music, and varied, didn´t you put up a video of Good Charlotte ? in another comment.

        Well then I went looking around Good Charlotte music and found this one which I hadn´t heard in ages, does say something about my mentality at least a bit more back then….hit it!

      2. Forgot, that song tells me… I´m a rebel !!!!

        And take a look at this song, first heard it when I lived in Palma de Mallorca and I actually know one of the guys who sings it, one of the last ones with a bottle in his hand. Quite a nutcase by the way, and likes too much the party so here you go a taste from Spain…..hit it !

      3. thanks for that amigo – and I only could make out sausage and banana (kidding) but appreciate the culture share….
        and with the song señor – I actually did not hear it – but my blogging friend TC Connor shared a different Dylan song – and then that one scrolled next –

        anyhow, here is the one TC Connor shared – which is one of my all time favorite songs to hear different artists do –

        and there version has some decent harmony

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