It´s five a.m

Five a.m
what a  scam I am
and worst, as I write I´m listening to Eminiem
can´t sleep
I´m so deep
and also a recovering alcoholic
not really recovering
it is my disease from early morning
so five a.m
damn, I have been through the life ringer
war, whores, homeless, and now with a computer….
that should make you and me say, what a fucker

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Are the responses flying in after such pique let me know what your decomposing flesh might think/thank

    1. yes sir , the inner voices, pain in the ass……by the way how do people wake up at that hour? when I become president of the world I´m going to make that illegal

  2. Hey, try 430 AM lol. That’s my rising time.

    Charly, just know my prayers are with you as you struggle with your addiction. I’m not clueless on what you are going through, as my own father was an alcoholic himself.

  3. Hi Charley. I’m Clivey and I’m a recovering satirist and I’m winning my battle against being funny. You only have to read my shit to see that. Keep up the good work my frosty friend.

    1. in that song the Little nutcase was talking about killing the girl…..that´s the good songfor you,,,,, i prefer forgot it now, but i will teeeeell yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaay 😉 love ya and yes I do know I am OCF, so Ossessive Compulsive Flirt, but a cool one though

    1. did you just put a middle finger up ??? you wierd my beautiful gril,
      by the way, I had to re lead that and did think.what thef…k am I putting out on the internet, though I am shameless and have nothing to loose, but yes mam, that was a a strange read, my read I mean, but still strange I was `probably higher than a skiter when I wrote this shit, by the way, gonna take you to Sevilla (in spain) when you marry me

      1. Tell you? no, as they say here ” tu seras el amlma de mi vida por que das vida” which means, look it up if you want or get the kids out and run away with me and …….it means – you´re the soul of my heart since you do give me life-
        love ya cali girl

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