Cecil Cecil !!!! the lion rant

America is angered they are staggered they want blood and revenge for the act
of cruelty of killing poor Cecil. Agreed, not something I would do nor think is right,
I know it´s a big industry and the rest.
if I hunt, and I have, I do eat what I hunt, gut it and fry it. The old way.

Poor Cecil , by the way aren´t there other lions out there that are killed by their own
or lions who kill the little cute puppies of their own.

Point being, I´m fucking tired of hearing people moan about a freaking lion. Yes, it was
not a good thing to do but get your priorities straight will you. What about those videos
that has surfaced that show Planned Parenthood literally dismembering fetus, you know
as in little human being where they discuss how much is the heart going to cost, and a leg,
arm, e.t.c. They say is for advancement of science….well you have to admit then that the so
called fetus is a real person since they´re chopping of his or her little parts to then make a profit
from it. And that is fucking disgusting.

What about all the problems in the middle east with terrorism.

What about the great deal with Iran, I think they Ayatollas or however the hell you spell the name of
those nutcases, they are rolling in laughter. Came out the other day that neither American nor Canadian
inspectors will  be aloud to go into inspect, also the UN part that is suppose to monitor these idiots have
an independent agreement with Iran than what the U.S a.k.a Mr. Obama, has made. Lifting sanctions giving
them billions and I´m sure they will use it for health care, gay rights, and humanitarian aid. What a joke.

What about hunger in Africa, how can we help  other humans live a better life? But nope
forget about all those things…..Cecil.

And here we are, everybody mourning Cecil. And my theory is quite simple. It´s morally easy to do so.
But when faced with issues like you see with Planned Parenthood or issues of terrorism and how to deal
with it let alone letting a bunch of nutcases that after the deal was struck to lift sanctions in Iran so they can get easier the A bomb the same day they are shouting in the streets ” death to America” Great deal this one.
But nope, forget about that, it´s poor Cecil. Since it´s morally easy to do so, and not so morally easy to face
the others. And that is cowardly, which I fucking hate cowards and also hypocrites, that their moral compass
is a bit to say the least screwed up and priorities are up their ass.

Did I piss anybody off? Maybe I loose some readers…what can you do. My father always said “that if you don´t have
enemies, then you are doing something really wrong with your life.” Like for example in this case not to write
what I think is the real problem.

R.I.P my dear Cecil, you have the whole planet with you. And ofcourse we should hang the hunter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


      1. What can I say…. I think they get into that profession just to see people squirm in pain, in my opinion they are actually professional tortures, yes, they scare the s..t out of me.

        Haven´t been to a dentist since, I can´t even remember.

      2. Just keep eating apples.
        PS How the hell did we get onto this subject after your great piece of writing? I blame you for your thought provoking article.

      3. I just got wired up after reading so many posts of people mourning the lion, yes it was not a good thing to do, but common lets get a bit of perspective here.
        But the what I said about the morality and the cowardness of that morality to focus on the simple and not face the hard things…that was good,you have to give me that one.

        I don´t think much people will read this nor I care and if they get pissed off, hey, they are usually the same that talk about freedom of expression and if it´s not the expression they want to hear they will call you all type of names, f them, but I just had to get it off my chest either that or I was about to scream at one of my roomates and that wouldn´t be wise since I´m using his computer.

    1. Don´t get me wrong I love animals, but I just named a few things that I think are quite more important than a lion. For example human beings, war, terrorism, e.t.c. But as I said, is morally easy and convenient to focus on the lion than face the other issues.

      1. Me too, I feel the same as you 😉
        You know I love animals, but as you say, it’s “easier” to focus on them, and ignore all the other issues that we humans must face.

  1. There’s a whole lotta truth in what you wrote Charly…
    But much as I hate the hunter, I cannot hate the dentist… That was my Pops profession, and he was a great one! 😁😁
    But pyres, a bit of perspective would be good!

    1. You got I was being my silly ironic sarcastic me with the comment. I actually love dentist, parents spend a fortune on them so I have the teeth I have now, and interestingly enough something good the dentist did apart from lining them up, since in all the fights in my life they have never knocked out a tooth. So I guess that dentist made them “bullet proof”.

      Here in the South of Spain is quite the norm to hunt, just tradition plus the South is one of the most poverty regions of Spain and there I have no idea but hunting is quite prevalent, I guess it´s family tradition, grandpa did it and down goes with the tradition. And after a good hunt, then you eat it. We also have “la matanza del cerdo” which basically you hang the pig by it´s feet and with a butcher knife you open it up, quite noisy the screams and quite a lot of intestines, but later on when you´re eating it you forget about it. It´s just nature at it´s purest form, not going to the fabric nor anything, the pig thing is actually a festivity here where the whole town,again usually in small rural and not wealthy towns happens in the middle of the town square with kids, mommy and daddy, grandpa and grandma go to celebrate. Plus the food then is free so you can eat and drink of course a lot. I remember my grandpa taking me there since I was a small kid so for me is normal, although I can understand that for other cultures and people is disgusting. Hope I did disgust you though 😉
      Just kidding, just explaining some of the customs we have here in Spain, and why? I have no idea, guess I´m bored after a whole day of staying in and writing…..I need to get out.

      1. Lol! No , I do get it!!!
        My parents were born and brought uonin Kenya, and the tribes have these different gory ways of slaughtering goat for ceremonial reasons, but then they go on to feed the 5000… So yeah, I get it!!!
        I’m sat here in the park, watching over my kids… Being inspired lol!

      2. It´s still amazing to me how people can blog and interact whenever and wherever. I can only get into the internet if I´m sitting down in a room. And you at the park with the kids…. You´re a multitasker !!

      3. I’m a woman!! This morning I packed, for a few days with the parents, then did the lunch needful… Took pics that I may or may not use for posts, then after lunch, the park beckoned!
        Sat there watching the kids, inspired a post, so wrote it, scheduled a few others, and wrote my challenge haiku, all while making sure kids were OK! Oh and videoed their achievements in between!
        It’s just how we’re wired I guess! Oh, and the fact I may be slightly obsessed with my blog lol!!

      4. True, you are a woman so you gals are better at multitasking, and true, you might have an addiction to blogging. You might have invented a new addiction, the blogging addiction. Which is better than going to A.A meetings that´s for sure. So your meeting will be BA meetings.

      5. I´m one, but now I have to get my but off the chair and go out.
        Have a great day, and do not loose a kid !!! Stay focus 😉
        Read ya tomorrow.

  2. I think that the media will focus on stories that distract from other things that are going on that they do not want people thinking about or looking at. It is like the slight-of-hand technique of a magician.
    So whatever things they are not focusing on are the ones that are more important, more dangerous to us, or how some ureaucratic system is screwing us….

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Of course it’s a bad thing thing that the lion was killed but it’s more like a first world problem. There are much more grave things happening in this world that need our attention 🙂

    1. This was quite the surprise, you agreeing with me and you didn´t even poke fun at me…..this is weird.

      Yes mam, as I said I don´t agree with the killing of the lion but if you put things in perspective I do believe there are much much more greater problems in our world that we could pay much more attention to than a lion.

      1. Well don’t get too used to it though, This was just one time affair, me agreeing with you and not poking fun.

        But just because you called me mam, just this once I will let you go and not poke fun. YOU ARE WELCOME! 🙂 🙂

  4. Sure you don’t agree with the killing of the lion. I hope that people who united in protest will realize how much they can achieve, and move to the other good causes. We all have to start from something.

    1. You´re the pope killer, you do it, but I´ll watch though. By the way kill who the lion or the dentist, the lion is gone already, we could go on a double hunt, we can kill lions and kill dentists, there´s to much overpopulation of both species. We would actually be considered humanitarian people, revered by humanity

      1. If in doubt, get the condoms out?
        General rule of thumb in these instances is to just keep killing. Kill until you reach the dizzying heights of “overkill”. Kill insects, kill conversations with kind people, kill the fucking planet. Kill Bill for fuck sake! Kill the fucking killer bees and God damned killer fucking whales. Kill time. Kill a rapper in a freestyle battle rap. Kill your speed. Kill the Ozone layer. Then, dig them all up and kill them again!
        Kill the dead. Kill an idea. Kill yourself before somebody else beats you to it. Kill today and wait for tomorrow.

      2. The condoms are always at arms reach.
        Hey, it´s too tiring to kill so much. I can do it for half a day but I have to rest until the next week not the next day

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