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He was walking down the street, staring at an emptiness of a future. Just a black hole
were the light had been transformed into darkness, were the angels had come demons.
It was his hole, his future, his misery for him to deal with until he couldn´t bear
it more and decided to strap a noose around his neck and end it once and for all
the suffering.
It was a sunny day and the rays of sun hit his pale face, he didn´t care. He walked
to the corner wich was relative a quite one, just enough time for him. He took out
the rope, he hung it over the fence and..

“Excuse me young man.” An old voice said to his back. He turned around and saw a little
old lady. He just stared at her, furious really. “Would you be so kind and get me that
sunflower over there next to the rope please? Is my daughters birthday, she is fighting
terminal cancer.” She laughed to herself, “Fighting….you can´t fight that right? But
she´s living every moment and loving life…..Sorry young man, didn´t mean to bother you.”

The young man saw she was tearing up, he grabbed a bunch of sunflowers and handed them over.
He smiled at her and said life was beautiful, it truly was. After the old lady left, he
unrolled the rope, shrugged his head and said out loud, “Am I stupid! I´m just going to loose
my job.”

Staay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. It was a miracle that the little old lady came around at just the right time. Getting our heads out of our own problems help us get a better perspective on life. I’m so glad he was able to do that and realize that his lousy job wasn’t worth losing his life over! Great story, Charly!

  2. Well written. Interesting how the old woman’s daughter and her fight with Cancer put everything in perspective for the man. He can find another job.

    1. That´s how I think. Every time I get into a mess or a mess comes at me that is sort of how I put things in perspective and keep my cool. Always good to have a level headed when times of stress. Not good outcome if the hand starts shaking. So yes, keep things in perspective. If like that womans daughter I too almost died, loosing your job can be a bitch and a lot of hardship but certainly not the end of the world.

      1. Whatever you want to read, nice photo of my guy with the beer bottle you saw it? I would have been good Friends with him, have a cold one with the guy and then shoot him

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