Walking in your shoes

Hold my hand
That way we can all stand
We walk together
We love each other
Walking in your shoes
Makes me a better human and not hate other point of views

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Wow. That’s a really nice one. I think people should write this on a wallet card and pull it out when they start getting upset about other people. Actually, you could sell them, with your other nice poems and sayings, like the quote you let me use. Posters, maybe, too. Mugs, mousepads… Uh-oh, better go.

      1. I think (know) yahoo has had some major issues and other people on yahoo cannot email me (sniff) – well a couple others and there is like this “block” – I dunno – but try emailing me at the email with this comment and with my blog- if that does not work – I am setting up a “contact me” page on my blog later this month! Cool

      2. I think we just need to have the very final cleaned up edited version and then get it into a version that can be uploaded to an ebook.
        So we just need to finalize the edits and order – do you still have access to the latest version – with the sections?
        but you really had most of it already to go – and that recent photo of you with the sunglasses on might be good if there is a spot for a photo. Hm

      3. Good thinking about the picture, tomorrow I´m getting on it, yes I do have the last version you sent me, hard times now but we´ll get it done, and again I can´t thank you enough for your effort and actually putting some faith on me

      4. Well it was not much effort – but I do have a lot of faith in you!
        And let’s both nuts keep doing the best we can in the day we are in – 💕❤️💕 One day at a time!

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