Sir! we are surrounded

Sir we are surrounded the scared soldier said. The General looked deep in the kids eyes and said
” good, then we don’t have to look for them”

So I wrote a post before, that I was actually talking about me.

worrying won’t stop the bad things from happening,
it will only prevent you from enjoying the good stuff

Just two sentences. That post, and that is true to all aspects of life really.

So getting to the point to not bore people, I live in a very small town full
of MUSLIM marrocans, and they just sell drugs and steal and the rest that comes
from being a petty criminal.
They know where I live, they actually through some
little rocks into my window so they basically are harassing. I find it quite funny in the
sense that specially one of these fucking idiots he thinks he’ s the KING, the king of shit
that fucking punk, by age 19 I was killing these idiots, legally that is. Sanctioned by the State,
so I don’t really worry if they know where I live and talk about kicking my door down to steal, the
only thing they are going to find is a very pissed off SPANIARD with a knife.

Yet again, I dont look at my knife,I know it is in a certain place for me to grab it quickly and use
it if necessary, but I don’t stress about it.

Almost forgot, the title, that was some American who said it, who else would it be?
Definately no the Spanish army that took the headlines, thank goodness, we just snorted some lines
and rhymes.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Forgot that is me believe it or not
So no, they don’t scare me and these guys will get the knife or pistol and shoot you wich has already happen in this town.
Yet again, why stress yourself for it. Forgot to say that I did kick one of them guys ass not too long ago, so
they are on the hunt, lets pray for them they have two balls and want.


  1. If they were Muslims of faith they would not touch drugs. Or steal things. They’re just like any thug criminal sob’s I guess. However, why would anyone get refugee status from Morocco? That’s odd.

    1. These guys get here illegaly and stay pretty much the rest of their lifes here illegally. The immigration laws in Spain are zero.
      And you are right about the word Muslim, and one of my best friends is a Muslim, he is the only Marrocan that I know in this town that is a damn hardworker, he actually is the one that takes me to do little jobs here and there, mostly gardening type of things and cleaning and the rest. But just one out of I have no clue how many they are in this town, too many, and those too many are dealing. And what agravates me is that I will actually see them in the social security services where I go that is design to help Spanish people to get a bit of help until they can stand in their own two feet, and then I will see them in the park selling dope.

      1. Sounds like the perfect job for ICE! Selling dope is to destroy the society. Should be hadled accordingly. 🙂

  2. The US had a general in WWII, Lt.General Lewis “Chesty” Puller, that was reportedly told that news and his reply was, “Good, then we can attack from all sides.”

    1. I had to smile, yes I do remeber reading a quote from some general either it was WW2 or Korea that basically said that.
      There is also a quote from a Korean general when he decided to retreat and he says ” the marines do not retreat, we are jus attacking from another side”

      1. Listen, if my superior at that time in time, being my time, had said that…. we would have laughed all the way to the grave because a person that says this he is a good leader

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