How to be a mother

Only in the U.S…. I was watching Fox News and this woman came with an app
to help new mothers. It seems it´s not only her, there must me dozens and
dozens of web pages that guide you, you the mother.

If your kid starts hitting his head on the wall, you ask the app what
to do and the app will tell you what to do.
If the kid starts eating the house plants you ask the app and the app will
tell you what to do.
If the kid curses you ask the app what to do and the app will tell you.
All in the benefit that you(the mother)is feeling well and also make the kid
understand that he is doing something bad but that the mother does not lower his
self esteem.
Having an American friend that’s about to have a baby, she sent my mother,
(not me I wonder why) all the webs she was looking at
as to how to be the perfect mother to create a perfect kid.

My mother…. well if I started eating plants as a kid, she would put a cactus there
and after I ate it and cried of pain, she would say, ¨Keep on, you keep on eating¨
If I hitted my head on the wall she will just smack me on the back of the head and
ask me, ¨ You like the front of your head hurting or the back of your neck?¨
If I cursed, either I got a slap or literally soap on the mouth.
I got the points.

To me it is so un-natural. How to become a mother…Jeeeesus, what a fucked up generation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I think there in the U.S, here in Spain, and most western countries we are creating a soft entitled society. Now if you call your kid dumb, you might be arrested for child abuse. Not that is productive to call the kid that, but sometimes humans are humans and do call their kids names, and the slap on the head….good old days. You definitely got the point that you did something wrong. Now a days the parent should sit with his child and talk over and over as to why it was wrong to throw the bubble gum to the floor, before if I did that and my mother saw me…easy, slap on the head a yell ¨pick it up! Don’t be a pig and I rarely throw trash to the floor even now.

  1. When a man talks about being a mother…
    I agree, the app sounds like it’s a waste. But mothers are so eager for help, they’ll do almost anything.
    There’s a lot more to this than I think a man with no child could understand, but you’re right, some of the time.

    1. Remember the name of the blog is called Crazy Life and I’m a Priest….so take it all with a grain of salt.
      I just go but what I consulted with my sergeant a.k.a mother, she thought it was a dumb ass thing. And that was one nice word she said about it.

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