1. It sucks for me to be addicting at writing? You are saying me?!!!
      o.k then, I´ll go back to the alcohol and drug addiction, Ame, addiction is great if you focus it in the right direction. By ridght direction meaning something that is healthy and hopefully enjoy the process and also another hopefully I can make money out of it in latter times. As the Spanish grandma saying…. ¨ patience is the mother of all sciences¨ And she was right. Patience, it has took me 3 years to get 12 local pólice out of their job, and they don´t even know it´s me. But I do have one tool, connections in the media and what better than to write about them for the upcomming reporters? I can give you the link of the paper that published it, https://www.madridiario.es/465322/valdemorillo-perdio-casi-la-mitad-de-sus-policias-en-lo-que-va-de-ano
      Yes a local newspaper but of today, this freaking month it has been 12 so called officers of the law that have been dismissed or sent to jail. Thanks to me, 3 fucking years it took for me to prepare for this, probably they are not very happy and they will not get into my house with the excuse they are looking for drugs, when I saw what happened then they did hit my stop sign. Then you become my enemy and I will destroy you, that is a bad addiction since it takes me a lot of thinking, timings, knowing who is who and then to whom should I report since these idiots are a mafia, but they don´t scare me, contrary to what others told me to stay away from them, I can´t, you LOCAL pólice fuck with me, the best one was not to go through the lawyers, just tape them while they are not wathcing and trying to fuck with me since they see I can become a potential threat, they think…….Little they think these ones, so instead of lawyers just throw it to a small local newspaper, and let them do the final job. 12 so called officers out, and I believe the town has 12 people. So I just gave away where I live……don´t care. 12 fucked up pólice that it took me 3 years to get rid of them, only 12 in a town of like a big piece of a rock, so small town, so only 12 of these idiots. How come my great Friends who are selling drugs love me? I didn´t say nothing to them, I just drop one line here and there, through time……….time………time….. there they go the corrupt pólice. I have been 4 years plus in the army, Spanish Legion, these local pólice are not going to fuck with me, and the results are there.
      Addiction is obsession, channel it in the right direction and it can be a bit jumpy to say the least, but a sense of accomplishment at the end, you got it. A healthy sense of accomplishment that is, unless these nutcase police shoot me, which eventually it´s a better pociblility than getting shot by my¨ friends¨ In the fucking Spanish Legion me, these local pólice are not going to run the town while I ´m alive here.

      1. CP – i stand corrected. you are absolutely right. good addictions are good. bad are bad.

        i tell my daughters that if they’re going to be addicted to something, choose well 🙂

        btw – good for you and congratulations. all your hard work and patience paid off (see, you ARE patient, after all! 🙂 )

      2. I don´t care about your daughters and your bs….kidding, sorry for the late response, seems the comments are quite a few plus I have to deal as I´m talking to you with some shady roomates to say the leas, but they do know one thing, do not touch his PC, if they do there are consequences.
        Now, Patience you said…..love ya

      1. Love back at ya, my “crazy life” friend ❤ Keep fighting the bad guys!
        Oh, if you're referring to my comment signature? I've been ending my comments with a condensed form of my name+blog's initials… Thanks for asking, sorry for any confusion! 😎🙃🤔🤗😍💜 Jackie@KWH

      2. I´m Superman of ofcourse i Will be fighting the bad guys, and now that I think about it, it Will be my true, not a conquistadore, nor a seal team 6, although I know how to handle myself, who else? Just fight them Smart, no punches, smarites with martinies!
        You´re comment signature is jus weird just leave it at that

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