the police called her bitch!

I can´t believe this, go to 7:58 seconds if you want,
I want specially when I have a woman troll constantly fucking with me,
hopefully it would be a fuck, acutally no. But this is for you,
having again to hear my crazy bitch exgirlfriend calling me out falsohood and not so good names,
I was glad to see this video, the woman is not even as crazy as my ex,
but they are veryg good at pretending for you to be remembering.
Have no clue how I got to this video, I did type ” crazy plice” or something,
so this came up. This is for you bitch, her blog This is the bithh. You called me a troll right?
After also calling me a “killer”, told you then and now, you hit the stop sign, now
I Will destroy you, and no, as you say that I´m following you, it seems you are the one
following since you seem to take notice of every post I post. So who is the troll?
I have your statistics and not one of them comes from me to your blog. Bitch.
I know I should be more carefull with my words, but this person really pissed me off,
calling me a killer after my time in the army, that I use women…. fuck you.
Videeeeo! Later I´ll watch a porno.
7.50 seconds is when the girl, sorry…. you want to be treated equally as men? So don´t be an asshole,
you punk bitch. Another fake dumb bitch, hitch, and if you are rich…. Your words never happened.

This was therapy, better than getting into a fight for sure, video!


    1. You work with these crazies right? So not so stunning for you. I just know now, and it took me a long time since I really thought in naive eyes that I could change people……no, just take care of the Good ones and the fake- cowardly-not good at all- bichtes-you just put them down. if not they Will put you down. You know this, anybody with a little of a brain knows it, just that they do not expose the idiots. Specially when it´s a female I have to conclude. No, she is a person like you and me, she is quite a fucker, so you call her for what she is.

  1. No real Law enforcement officers would bring along civs wearing bright yellow vest that says “Film Crew” on it. That’s why cops have Body cams.

    1. Just take it easy, I know this, but as the other comment you put and I answered, I answered! You can call me God know, easy you peasy, it´s entertainment as your brain seemed to process it, at least it did process.
      Have a great day and smile.

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