Living with 3 roomates

From Peru, from Marroco and the third……..Charly the great?
Hey ladieees! I´m straight.
Read you later you people alligator, why?
I had yesterday a “litte talk” exchange of opinons,
I actually told him I would through him out of the balcony,
I was just horny!
I read you latter you alligator why?
The guy has access to the internet reuter,
and he is just fucking me since he knows I spend most of the day with a computer,
so who knows how much time this time will the internet be available,
unless I´m not stable and put him under the table.
Fuck! It does piss me off, either I demand or actually take my money back for the internet
or I can and will put him in a dark net.
I was going to say sorry, but when I believe I´m morally correct
then I have no regret.
So read ya later if the internet is on, this was cathartic.
Sorry though, I have no t.v, living in a shit town, because I´m a clown.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

PS. If Internet is up and running tomorrow I just love to read you, really.


  1. Too many rats in the internet basement, Charly. Don’t worry, I hope your fears are groundless, but if he cuts you off we’ll still find you someplace. Yours is a voice that should never be silenced!

    1. “Yours is a voice that should never be silenced!”. That is why we got into a bit of argument and told the so called landlord it is going to be him or me that leaves? Is he paying constantly like me? I don´t respect that, and in my world respect unfortunatelly is based on putting fear on poeple. The so called landlord is an illegal imigrant, she Works and the rest, he too is illegal, I´m Spanish I work less than they do since they get my Jobs, who do you think when a job pops out in guardening like this guy says he Works in is doing it? me, in construction? me, so go and fuck them. Specially if they do realice I do have the connections with the Spanish Police, likke the last time they came to this house and basically told her to shut her mouth. So you can argue and hit-fight, but once they really see the Spanish Police telling them to shut the fuck up for them it seems the internet is on……
      My mother has a quote, my mother, ” It is best to be feared than respected”- Al Capone, so go figure that one out. It is true in my mind that being respected comes from a bit of fear from the other side so they are not excluded..

    1. Actually you got me on that one, in the sense I should write a short story(obviously make it funny creative-sarcastic), you gave me a Good idea.
      Appreciate you guys taking the time to read my nutty things.

      1. Hey charly, I used to follow you from way back, before I had another blog about divorce and getting thru it. But now I’m married and super happy, and so glad I found you again, because I always loved your posts!

      2. First of all, I´m glad you are now happylly married again. Say ” heeeeeello” to the woman you are married, and thanks for the overall comment, I really appreciate it.

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