do or die

Here..not gonna read you today,
I have to put this in the blogerrsphere,
whatever the name is called, jus for one reson,
if with these nutcases with I already did the “dance”y
It is not in me to freak out and do a no stance.
p.S´even feel beter, I kmow me, you might find.. I can and had killed
so what the fuck are these idiot dumbheads trying to bring to me?7
Sorry to be serrious…ch..sort off I guess, what a m j h, pissed off
Spanish Legión not afraid, believe that. Fudking…. they figured out I write in a blog,
so…let them be that, just watch them, not to much since I have my mothers watch,
so… out and I wil do my duty, great doty being my “half a day off and this beautey”
like thet time army “hutty!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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